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Why Everyone Is Doing This Smart Methods For Trimming Cat Nails and You Should Too

Why Everyone Is Doing This Smart Methods For Trimming Cat Nails And You Should Too

Clipping a cat’s nails can always seem to be a stressful experience for everyone, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow some simple tips for how to restrain a cat to clip nails BestLifeTips makes taking care of your pet easier.

How to restrain a cat to clip nails is always a headache for many pet owners. Is it really necessary to trim a cat’s nails? How often you should trim a cat nails? Read on to let BestLifeTips guide you.

How do you know if your cat’s claws are too long?

Usually, overgrown nails will curl back and not look like they should. You will easily tell when a cat’s nails are too long by her expressions. When your cat gets their nails stuck in carpets or other soft surfaces, or if your cat can no longer retract her nails.

Specifically, if your cat’s claws are too long, you may notice them clinging to the carpet or knock on hard floors. Especially as cats age, you should definitely monitor their claws.

Or if they have arthritis, can’t retract their claws, or find it painful to claw things to keep their claws sharp and short, they may need a little extra help.

In particular, long-haired cats need to be checked regularly because it is difficult to know if their claws are too long because of all the excess hair! You may also notice that their claws are quite long if you play with your cat and feel their claws sharp.



how to restrain a cat to clip nails

Source: Catster

Can I trim cats nails?

Yes. You absolutely can. When your cat’s nails are too long but for some reasons, they can’t shorten their nails, you can trim the cat’s nails. You can use specialized nippers to trim your pet’s nails.

Is cutting a cat’s claws necessary?

In general, it is unnecessary to trim your cat’s nails. Cat nail clipping also depends on many external conditions, such as whether the pet’s lifestyle is outdoors or indoors.

This also helps detect their expression, and how to restrain a cat to clip nails. If she lives outdoors, her claws are essential for self-defense, hunting, or climbing. Then it’s very difficult to figure out how to restrain a cat to clip its nails.

In contrast, for indoor cats, scratching posts allows them to maintain their nails on a daily basis. However, cats will sharpen their claws everywhere in the house.

In particular, as cats age, cats become less active. Here, it is absolutely necessary to trim their claws. Don’t forget that you should only trim your cat’s nails if they are too long, not because they are sharp.

What happens if you don’t trim your cat’s nails

While it’s not really necessary, in special cases, you can’t skip the nail trim. If you trim your cat’s claws regularly, they can curl in on themselves and grow into the footpad. This phenomenon will cause intense pain for beloved pet, especially the old ones.

As nails get longer and more curved, they can penetrate the inner lining, sometimes causing infection and pain for the cat.

how to restrain a cat to clip nails

Source: The Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society

Untrimmed nails can also pose a hazard to people and furniture. Too-long claws can injure both of which. This is the reason for the need to keep the claws short, both to reduce the damage caused by the cat’s claws, and to be effective at protecting household items from its sharp claws.

How often should you clip your cat’s nails?

As observed, most cats should have their claws trimmed every week and a half to two weeks. Getting into a routine will make it easier to keep your cat’s nails under control.

However, that’s just the suggested duration. However, in general, there is no fixed time frame for how often to trim a cat’s nails because every cat will have different lifestyles and needs.

how to restrain a cat to clip nails

Source: ThePets

Shadi J. Ireifej, owner and chief medical officer of VetTriage, said that there are no specific guidelines for when to trim a cat’s nails, as every cat grows at a different rate. You should be able to gauge how often it needs to be done through.

In addition, Dr. Ireifej recommends that pet owners trim their cat’s nails when they start scratching household items around the house. But it’s also hard to figure out how to restrain a cat to clip nails.

What angle do you cut a cat’s nails?

The angle of the nail clipping is important to your cat. The toe may contain the nerves and blood supply. It is similar to a vein. If you cut too close, it will make the cat uncomfortable and bleed.

Thus, how to restrain a cat to clip nails with the correct cut angle.

If using scissors, place it at a 90-degree angle to the nail and trim each nail quickly. Cut from top to bottom instead of side to side. This cut will clean the nail, while a side-to-side cut can crush and break the nail.

Why don’t cats like to cut their nails?

When you trim your cat’s nails, you may pay little attention to their attitudes. But some cats are resistant to nail clipping, even just looking at their nails. What’s going on here? Why do so many cats absolutely hate clipping their nails?

how to restrain a cat to clip nails


While it will vary between different cats, most don’t like nail trimming. Unless the nail clipping is too close, it’s painless, but it’s still a strange experience for cats that they don’t enjoy. So, how to restrain a cat to clip nails?

How to restrain a cat to clip nails

How to restrain a cat to clip nails by Kitty Burrito method

Dr. Sophia Yin, a world-renowned veterinary behaviorist and author of “Low Stress: Handling, Restraint and Behavior Modifications of Dogs and Cats”, has pioneered the management of low stress in pets.

Dr. Yin and other veterinary experts both recommend a swaddling technique known as kitten burrito, to help your cat feel calm, prevent escape, and protect yourself from claws.

The swaddling can also help comfort cats who are anxious, angry, or aggressive. But, how to restrain a cat to clip nails by kitten burrito?

how to restrain a cat to clip nails

Source: Cat Fancast

Make sure you and your cat are in a quiet area, away from barking dogs or loud noises. Do not rush to ambush your pet with a towel as it may cause your pet to panic and react violently. You can bribe your pets, talk softly to cats and pet them.

Then, slowly wrap the end of the towel around the cat’s back while the cat is enjoying her snack. Continue wrapping the right side of the towel over the left side of the towel like a burrito.

Don’t wrap it snugly, but not too tight, around her neck and upper body so that she covers her entire body, except for her face. Now, with their heads sticking out, you can trim their fingernails by working on their paws one by one.

How to restrain a cat to clip nails by gabapentin

how to restrain a cat to clip nails

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Gabapentin for cats anxiety

Gabapentin is an effective anti-anxiety medication for cats. This is also a smart method for how to restrain a cat to clip nails.

New research shows that use of the medication gabapentin can significantly reduce signs of stress and increase compliance with the veterinary techniques.

How to restrain a cat to clip nails by teaching cat to relax

Teach kitten to relax

When your cat is on her back, get her used to grasping her claws and claws by gently squeezing her paws, and constantly rewarding her with easy-to-digest treats like canned cat food or treats a small piece of tuna at the end of the spoon. Meanwhile, you also accumulate the amount of foot squeeze.

This approach builds a clear positive association on how to restrain a cat to clip nails easily.

Teach adult cat to relax

Teaching an adult cat to lie on its back is difficult. You should find an alternate spot for your cat to relax. Let’s cut a nail and give a gift at the same time. If your cat still relaxes, trim the second nail while the cat is eating and continue to do so until the cut is complete.

how to restrain a cat to clip nails

Source: Homes Alive Pets Blog

How do I keep my cat’s claws short without clipping?

If your cat’s nails are not long but sharp, simply file or use a pumice stone to remove the nails. In the US, it is common to use dremel to trim slowly the nails and this can be more gradual and safer than trimming the nails.

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Perhaps you have reserved for yourself some method of how to restrain a cat to clip nails, right? To learn more tips and tricks for keeping pets healthy, visit BestLifeTips regularly.