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Little-known life hack: How to reheat food in instant pot
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Little-known Life Hack: How To Reheat Food In Instant Pot

Microwave is the only option when it comes to reheat leftover? Not really, join us to discover how to reheat food in instant pot.

If you think instant pot is used for cooking only, you may miss out on some useful functions. In this post, we at BestLifeTips explain how to reheat food in instant pot.

How does the instant pot reheat food?

Instant pot, also known as multi-cooker or pressure cooker, is capable of performing several cooking functions such as reheating food, steaming, slow cooking or sauteing. In case you don’t trust microwave for heating food because of electromagnetic radiation, give instant pot a place on your kitchen counter.

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Instant pot gives you different options for reheating the leftover instead of using the same method for everything like microwave.

How to reheat food in the instant pot

Before getting to know different functions of instant pot, there are several useful reminders that you need to take note.

  • Freeze leftover in a container that fits comfortably in your instant pot and enough for you to take it out. It’s best to use glass containers to reheating food.
  • For the leftovers that contain liquid such as soup, stews, etc., you’d better use saute mode to for reheating because this mode creates a bit of liquid that keeps the dishes moisturized.
  • For the thicker foods such as pasta or if they contain dairy, keep them in glass container, then fold them with tinfoil and let sit on the trivet, add water into the instant pot and then place your leftover bowl into the pot.

How to reheat food in instant pot using different functions

Below, let’s go over the different methods of reheating food in an instant pot. These features, however, can differ from one model to another model. Instant pots come in handy when it comes to reheating your prized kitchen fare.

How to reheat food in instant pot: Steaming

If your leftover contains a significant amount of water content, use steaming function. You just need to place the leftover into the inner pot (either in a bowl or a stacking container), close the lid, turn the venting knob to “sealing” and press the steam button.

Little-known saver: How to reheat food in instant pot

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Cooking times depends much on what type of food you’re going to reheat. Frozen foods require a bit longer than the unfrozen foods. When the steaming is finished and the cooker has beeped, release the pressure. If your leftover is not completely heated, simply give it more time.

How to reheat food in instant pot: Slow cook

For leftover such as soup, we highly recommend slow cook feature for reheating. All you need to do is placing the food itself or with container into the inner pot, close the lid and set the timing. As the function name, it takes longer and way more slowly to reheat your food.

Little-known saver: How to reheat food in instant pot

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How to reheat food in instant pot: Sauté

Another option that you can choose from is Sauté function. To do this, you’d better add a couple of tablespoons of water into the inner pot or extra fat. Then, add your leftover and press the Sauté button and close the lid.

How to reheat food in instant pot: Food warmer

If you don’t want to choose between different functions of the instant pot, this is for you: food warmer. As its name, just place your food into the pot with or without container and press the keep warm button. Then close the lid and wait for the foods to be reheated.

Little-known saver: How to reheat food in instant pot

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Reheating food in instant pot: Tips

Little-known saver: How to reheat food in instant pot

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  • Regardless of what kind of food you want to reheat, remember to check if their water content is enough. For instance, your leftover is pasta, you need to add a couple of tablespoons of water to moisturize it.
  • If your food is easy to stick to the bottom of the instant pot, it’s better to grease the bottom with a little fat. You will be thankful for that when cleaning up.
  • If you have more than 1 dish to reheat, make a right order for them for the best outcome. Place the dish that needs more time on the bottom and continue with ones that need lesser time.

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