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Emotional Eating: How to Stop Thinking about Food All the Time

Emotional Eating: How To Stop Thinking About Food All The Time

Want a good way for how to not think about food? Want to get out of a food obsession, or for-go the mindless snacking? If this is the break-up you want, repave your mind with guides from BestLifeTips right now.

Food addiction is a very common condition. Anyone can suffer from it. This will lead to an address that they eat for what they crave unhealthily. How to not think about food? Find out with BestLifeTips below.

How Is Your Relationship With Food?

Your current relationship with food doesn’t simply develop overnight. It likely has been influenced by experiences that have occurred throughout your lifetime.

It is true that your experience will form your relationship with food. Anyway, understanding it can be incredibly useful for the ways you decide to eat.

Here are two aspects for you to start learning about your current relationship, how to unlearn your beliefs on food or even how to not think about food.

Healthy Relationship With Food

A healthy relationship with food will refer to a trusting relationship with your body. It does not involve too much in how, when, or what you eat. Simply building a healthy relationship with food based on listening to your body and responding to its needs accordingly.

Actually, there is no exact definition of “good” or “bad” foods, so you don’t need to worry after eating a certain food.

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Ultimately, a healthy relationship with food brings you a sense of freedom and adaptability, allowing you to experience fully, without obsessive food thoughts.

Unhealthy Relationships With Food

Does your relationship with food leave you feeling like a deprived or dieting failure? If so, you may be in an unhealthy relationship with food.

An unhealthy relationship with food involves eating when you’re not hungry, perhaps to deal with negative emotions. It also includes having food rules and restrictions or changing the way you eat to manage your weight.

You may find out it when wondering these questions like “Are you counting calories, carbs, or macros?”, “Do you try to control every aspect of your diet?”, “Are you eliminating entire food groups from your diet?”, or “Do you worry about attending events because you will not be in control of your eating?”

Simply put, when you need help with how to not think about food in this article, you are in an unhealthy relationship with food.

Is It Normal To Think About Food All The Time?

Food is necessary for us to live. Eating always takes center stage on any normal days or celebrations. Because mainly your brain often links it to positive or satisfied feelings, so you must think about food.

Just thinking about food when you’re hungry is completely normal. But thinking about food constantly? It’s not normal anymore. That may be transferred into a sign that you’re undernourished or have disordered eating.

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It’s too easy to get lost in a sea of daydreams about enjoying your favorite foods all the time. Of course, for a long time, it’s caused an alarming concern.

If you need to refresh your mind and focus on how to not think about food, you’re in the right place.

Why Do You Think About Food?

There are multiple reasons you might constantly think about food.

In a more scientific word, your brain uses two distinct pathways to feel your hunger and your food intake. When it’s triggered, it’s difficult to figure out how to not think about food.

Here are following ways:

  • Homeostatic pathway

This pathway plays a hand in regulating your appetite. But if this pathway works, why is it a reason you wonder how to not think about food? Definitely, it’s not simple like that.

Indeed, this also stimulates your appetite when your body experiences a calorie deficit. Anyway, you need to consume food to supply calories to produce energy and maintain basic metabolic functions.

  • Hedonic pathway

This pathway is considered as more negative versus the former. Evenly it may override the homeostatic one. This could be because it mostly causes food cravings, even when your body already has enough energy to maintain its metabolic functions.

When you are stimulated by hedonic pathways, you tend to consume some kind of hyper-palatable foods, which trigger positive sensory receptors.

This group of food includes rich-fat, salt, and sugars, such as desserts, and fried foods, among others. So, it’s not recommended to eat.

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Furthermore, there are three common other reasons to think about food constantly you might has not identified yet:

  • You have too many restrictive food rules
  • You struggle with body image
  • You’re obsessed with losing weight

You may also be affected by thinking about food mostly because you care deeply for your health, your shape, etc. However, thinking too much about health actually impedes the healthy lifestyle you dream of.

How To Not Think About Food?

  • Keep the hydration levels up

The prominent tips on how to not think about food that you can’t ignore, especially whether fasting, is to drink water for hydrating. When your stomach senses a fullness sensation from water, it may signal to your brain to stop thinking of eating.

Indeed, it’s common if someone confuses dehydration with hunger. But, any way they feel it, they definitely feel hungry and rush to grab a cake. It’s not followed by your standard health building.

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If you hide any unclear hunger by water hydrating, this could perfectly control the unnecessary and excessive snacking. This works because if regular water takes up space in your stomach, you don’t have stress on your mind, hunger or some things related to food thoughts anymore.

  • Meditation

For how to not think about food, you should have an internal dialogue to stop the negative feeling from it. Just meditate and pick a spot on the wall to stare at.

When you focus and expand your vision so much that you can imagine realizing other spaces. This will immediately help you stop your hunger.

In this way, you can stop your thoughts about food anytime, anywhere.

  • Movement

Food can trigger your brain’s hedonic pathway easily. Therefore you have a problem with how to not think about food. Don’t worry, some kind of exercise may affect how your brain responds to food.

It is true that physical activity has many benefits not only for health but also for minimizing the thought of food. Hence, it’s worth a try.

Here are some physical activities working for not thinking about food includes:

  • Walking
  • Bicycling
  • Running
  • Dancing
  • Gardening
  • Climbing
  • Swimming

If you want to get started with doing an exercise routine as a healthy way for how to not think about food. Keep in mind it’s best to start with light intensity activities and improve slowly.

  • Ask for support from a pro

If you feel you can’t get away from how to not think about food as well as your ideal body image. Not only that, your justified eating habits can’t interfere effectively with your thought, your daily life. Ask a medical professional for help.

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A pro may be a physician, a dietitian, or even a psychological practitioner. They always help you work through mental triggers of your hunger. Also, they may figure out some useful ways on how to not think about food so often.

How To Reduce Cravings For Unhealthy Food?

How To Stop Eating Junk Food?

Junk foods are broadly defined as any processed food with high calories and minimal nutritional value. It is recommended to avoid this kind of food containing an abundance of added flavors or unhealthy fats.

Everything will be okay if you’ve had a tough time to kick the junk food craving.

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Below are some choices of how to not think about food, or specifically junk food. Try to kick your craving.

  • Create a meal plan without junk food
  • Focus on adding healthy foods
  • Think about junk food by their negative consequences instead of pleasure
  • Keep junk food out of your house
  • Eat healthy fats
  • Try fresh fruit instead
  • Meditating for a few minutes
  • Get more sleep

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Whatever your struggles may be met with food, keep in mind you’re not alone. Let’s take time to apply these guides of BestLifeTips on how to not think about food in this article to replace unwanted habits with ones that suit your wellness.