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Does your friend get jealous? Test that friend and you’ll be surprised with the result

Does Your Friend Get Jealous? Test That Friend And You’ll Be Surprised With The Result

Friends can get jealous over something. And that’s a very normal thing. If you want to make your friend jealous but don’t know how to make your friend jealous yet, BestLifeTips will help you solve that.

Making your friend jealous is not a difficult thing. But consider the consequence that may lead to. BestLifeTips will show you how to make your friend jealous in this article.

Do best friends get jealous?

Do best friends get jealous?

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Jealousy is a normal emotion that everyone experiences. So your best friends can get jealous and you can get jealous of them too. And that’s a very normal thing.

However, if you’re not careful, jealousy can grow into resentment and bitterness. Therefore, it’s perfectly normal to feel a little jealous from time to time, so long you are genuinely happy on your friend’s behalf. In fact, a bit of jealousy can be healthy and may motivate you to reach the same achievement as your friend.

What are the signs of a jealous friend?

Jealously is a feeling that we all might be better off without. Jealousy and envy can be complex to understand and work through, whether you’re experiencing them yourself or facing them from someone else.

What are the signs of a jealous friend

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Jealousy can transform your friend so drastically, you might not even recognize them anymore. The issue here is that most people hide these feelings deep inside, and it’s hard for us to tell if they’re jealous of us or not. Here are signs of a friend who is jealous of you.

  • She compliment you with insincere and false praises

An insecure friend would praise you when you are in front of her but would tell lies or gossip about you behind your back.

When good news comes in, she does the sneaky thing by acting overly supportive and giving you insincere compliments.

She often pauses for a silent moment before congratulating you or telling you that you have done a great job. Her secret envy of your success causes that reaction.

  • She is extremely competitive

A jealous friend tries to outdo you in every way possible. She wants to steal all the glory because she thinks you don’t deserve it.

  • She deliberately gives bad advice

Since jealous friend doesn’t want you to add more achievements, she sabotages your attempts purposely by giving you bad advice. Or she may just simply discourage you from even trying.

  • She feels life is unfair towards her

We all have moments when we think the world is against us, and that nothing is fair. But for your friend, everything is unfair to her. Maybe you received a promotion, and instead of being happy for you, your friend is complaining about why she didn’t get a promotion when she works just as hard as you.

  • She doesn’t like when you give her advice

We can accept advice from people we admire, but not the ones we’re jealous of. When you try to help your friend, she becomes angry and insult you. That’s a sign of a jealous friend.

  • She gossips about you and talks behind your back

Jealous friend wants everyone else around you to know your bad things. She loves to put her friends down behind her back, making everyone else see how much better they are.

  • She copies everything you do

Even though your friend wants to push you down, she also wants to mimic you. She will try to steal parts of your identity, parts that she always wanted to have.

  • She doesn’t support you

She doesn’t support you as before. She expresses fake happiness for your success. And she often absents herself from your special occasions.

How to make your friend jealous?

If you want to make your friend get jealous of you, there are many ways to do that. But remember to consider the consequence this may lead to.

  • Make yourself look good

Love yourself more. Invest to improve your appearance, work out to keep your body fit and healthy, do skincare, have a suitable hair style. Your friend will get jealous of you when you become more and more beautiful.

  • Hang out with other friends

A good way to make your friend jealous is hanging out with other friends. If your friend sees you making plans with others, he or she may become jealous. Spend more time with the other girl and don’t invite the one you are trying to make jealous. Talk to her about how much fun you all had.

  • Use social media

Post things from vacations and outings. Update others on your successes via social media. If you got a new job, for example, post about it. If you did great on a test, let others know on Facebook or Twitter. If you’re going out with other friends, post pictures and updates. If your friend sees them, he or she may get jealous.

  • Show off your strengths

Everyone has talents that come naturally to them. If you have a particular strength or talent, showing it off can inspire jealousy.

  • Show off nice things

If you have something you know your friend wants, make a point of mentioning it. For instance, you have a new outfit that you know your friend will admire, wear it to where you’ll see your friend. Or if you have a new device, like a new phone or something, you can show it to your friend too.

But remember not to be cruel. If there’s something your friend wants but can’t have, it may be best to avoid bragging about this.

  • Brag in subtle ways

A good way to make others jealous is to find subtle ways to brag about yourself. When you have success, try to talk about it in a way that conveys excitement. You can brag about your achievements while simultaneously downplaying them, allowing you to show off without being too overt.

  • Focus on your goals

You can make your friend jealous simply by working on yourself. If you’re pursuing your own goals and interests, you’ll eventually have more success. This can help make your friend jealous.

How to make your friend jealous over text?

How to make your friend jealous over text

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To make your friend jealous over text, you can pretend to text the wrong person. For example, you plan to go out with the other friends, and you want your friend to know that. You can text her or him saying “Can’t wait for our plans tonight!” or something along those lines. Then a few minutes later text “Sorry, wrong person”. Your friend may be very jealous since she/he isn’t invited.

Also, you can text your friend to show off something nice. Such as your new outfits, devices or pictures of you during your vacations. She/He might get jealous of those things.

In a group chat that has both you and your friend, start saying something that she/he doesn’t know but the others do. After that you text “Whoops, I didn’t mean to say that”. Then talk about it with the other friends on the group chat. Your friend will get jealous since she/he knows nothing about that.

How to make your friend jealous on social network?

Social network is a good place to make your friend jealous. Regularly post things on social media to show off your achievements or expensive stuffs you’ve just bought. Post pictures of you when going out without your friend. As you pick what to share, you can cater your updates to make things look better than they are. If your friend sees them, she/he will absolutely get jealous.

How to deal with jealous friends?

It can be very challenging to deal with a jealous friend. But before you see them as a bad friend, try to understand where they are coming from. Maybe you can save your friendship as soon as possible.

How to deal with jealous friend?

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  • Make sure you give them a realistic insight into your life

If someone feels jealous of you, they probably think that your life is perfect and that you are happy all the time. Gently remind your friend that you still face problems and challenges can help them feel less jealous.

  • Understanding your friend’s jealousy

You need to know why your friend gets jealous of you so that you know how to solve it.

When your friend makes a critical or harmful remark, pause and think about what possibly triggered their spiteful comment. Jealous comments reveal a lot about the person making those statements. These comments may directed at you, but may not. Think about content of the comments. What do they reveal about your friend’s point of view and sense of self? Is your friend always telling you that you’re not good at something? Do they frequently make fun of your appearance?

  • Identify and praise your friend’s achievements and strengths

Jealous friends are usually insecure. They often feel inferior to others, are not confident in their own abilities, and might be unsure about their future. You can remind them of their worth by giving sincere compliments and telling your friend how much you admire them.

  • Involve them in your successes

Make your friend know you value them by asking for their advice and telling them how much you value their support. If they feel they have played a role in your success, it may reduce their envy.

  • Maintain an open mind

Talk to your jealous friend as soon as possible. Good friends are hard to find so don’t let the conflict fester for too long or you could lose a great companion. If you value your friendship, address your friend’s jealousy directly.

During the discussion, your friend’s explanation for their jealous comments and actions may surprise you. Your friend may insist that they are not envious of you at all. Your friend’s critical words may be because of their disapproval of your actions or new relationships. Maybe the source of your friend’s jealousy is ridiculous to you. Instead of disputing their claim, listen carefully to their explanation. Attempt to see the issue from their perspective.

  • Encourage, support, and help your friend overcome their jealousy

You can help your friend overcome their jealousy with a variety of ways. Perhaps they need to see that you are not as perfect, happy as you appear; or maybe they need to hear from you they are valuable, special, and successful.

  • If you can’t do all above things, give them some space

If you sense that your friend’s envy making either of you uncomfortable and none of the other strategies on this list have helped, it might be time for a friendship break. Taking time apart will give your friend the opportunity to realize that their love for you is stronger than their envy, or at least it should be.

If they never come to terms with your successes, they aren’t the friend you need in your life. Just end the relationship and move on.

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Through this article, BestLifeTips wants you to know why you want to make your friend jealous before following all the tips for how to make your friend jealous. A bit of jealousy in friendships is a normal thing, but if it becomes too much, your friendship will become toxic. Try to save your friendships before it’s too late. But if your friends still get jealous of you negatively, then you should let it go and move on.