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These Amazing Tricks for Getting People to Do What You Want

These Amazing Tricks For Getting People To Do What You Want

Many said that the ultimate professional success is making people do what you want. If you want to master how to make someone do what you want, read this article of BestLifeTips right now.

No matter who you are and what industry you’re in, the ability to influence others is crucial. How to make someone do what you want? BestLifeTips is here to help you get it.

Easy Mind Tricks For How To Make Someone Do What You Want

The art of how to make someone do what you want is complex, which requires trained skill. Some can make people do whatever they want, while others are stuck with asking for just simple things.

Well, as it turns out, there are multiples of effective tricks hidden in psychological knowledge. Once you know and do in similar ways, it means understanding what makes people “tick,” you can really use it to your advantage.

Here are these mind tricks you should follow if you want to know how to make someone do what you want:

  • Speak quickly to get opponent agree with you

The way you transfer your ideas can be just as important as the substance of your argument with others.

There is a research specialisation about it called Celerity and Cajolery: Rapid Speech May Promote or Inhibit Persuasion through its Impact on Message Elaboration. This study suggests that when someone disagrees with you, speak faster, so they have less time to process what you’re saying.

On the contrary, of course, if you’re feeling like delivering an argument to audiences who you nearly approve of, speak more slowly, so they have time to evaluate your message. The more they have time, the more successful your argument is.

  • Confuse to get them to comply with your request

It is said that confusing for how to make someone do what you want, which is a disruptive technique. Despite the sneaky way, it almost makes everyone cooperate.

For example, if you go door-to-door selling note cards for charity. It helps you make twice as much money as when you simply told people you are selling at a certain price.

Actually, researchers found that DTR works because it disrupts routine thought processes.

  • Ask people for favours when they’re distracted

Having said that, this is one of the clever ways to make someone do what you want. You need to keep that in mind.

Why does it work? An alert mind may express some doubt when approached with a request. Meanwhile, you know, someone who’s distracted or tired, they will probably be less skeptical, and will simply accept what you say as true.

how to make someone do what you want

Source: Heathline

Of course, it’s best to require or ask something at the end of a workday. That way, they won’t have the mental energy to guess or realise which is a good choice for them.

  • Remind of how they benefit

A 2015 study pointed out a persuasion tactic based on benefits principles of Business Insider. It’s named “A Linguistic Trick That Will Help You Negotiate Anything.”

It revealed that it’s incredibly essential how everyone does things if it might actually have a positive effect no matter what they’re asking for.

That way, you should phrase things in terms of what you’re offering the person, not what you’re taking from them.

No one doesn’t like a feeling of winning from their bargain when you “offer” them. Begin with giving them a few advantages first instead of starting with a request. It’s always better, definitely.

On the other hand, let’s offer to help them with their task instead of demanding that someone help you with your project first. Anyway, it’s an effective solution for how to make someone do what you want with their high appreciation.

How To Communicate To Get What You Want?

Just as with other skills, doing how to make someone do what you want takes much time and effort to master.

If you want to make someone do what you want, sometimes the best approach is to communicate. But your needs may be clear to you, but may not be understandable enough for others.

how to make someone do what you want

Source: Global News

It’s so understandable if many times you might get something which is not what you were hoping for. Before asking for how to make someone do what you want, you must clearly define your desired outcome of your communication with others.

Here are things to say about how to make someone do what you want:

Things To Say To Get What You Want

  • A clearly defined reason

If you want to know how to make someone do what you want successfully, identify a clearly defined reason before delivering it to the listener.

When you communicate, you must answer the question about why you ask for or why it’s necessary for your desired outcome or even why they should do it for you. Proper reasons are all you need.

Yet, not only will you be able to find words to say easily. Write it on your draft before blurting out the first thing that comes to mind immediately. It will give you a positive result of how to make someone do what you want.

  • Provide flexible context

Don’t just assume that the other party will understand what you are talking about and why they should want to help you. You need to anticipate the questions you may have and what things you should be prepared to say for that context.

Whenever appropriate, don’t hesitate to use humor words to break down the barriers between you and others. When they are in high spirits, they are more likely to consider helping you get what you want.

  • Make “I” statements

To make your communication more assertive, focus on “I” statements during your discussion. Using “I” statements will aim at your responsibility for your request and show how you are confident about it.

Assertive language that clarifies that they stand by what you are saying. From that, it’s easier for you to get exactly what you want.

  • Compliments

No matter how to make someone do what you want or who you are trying to persuade, it’s always better if you offer them affection. Compliment someone honestly before you ask them what you want.

how to make someone do what you want

Source: Greatist

Indeed, positive words can often leave them more open to accepting your request. Focus on turning on your honesty so you can appear more friendly to those who you are trying to get something without a fight.

Don’t misunderstand between compliment and flattery. The latter is commonly considered a cheating way to make someone do what you want. Meanwhile, the former is meant to show sincerity.

How To Get Someone To Obey You?

  • Use the magic words

The word “please” seems like a magic word. People often preface their requests with “please” to gain compliance unless they have a good reason.

“Please” is a stuff softener that gives the impression that someone is being asked to do something.

  • Get a commitment

A verbal commitment will increase the likelihood of compliance. Based on the psychological principle of consistency, people tend to obey commitments because to do otherwise would induce cognitive dissonance or guilt.

In short, verbal commitments can create a sense of responsibility to obey or how to make someone do what you want.

  • Be presumptive

Most people will accept an implied commitment and feel an obligation to complete the task. And instilling a sense of urgency to the request will increase the probability of compliance.

  • Use nouns instead of verbs to say

how to make someone do what you want

Source: Bustle

A study published in the book called “How To Get People To Do Stuff” highlights people’s need to feel like they belong. Hence, it’s more effective to pose questions using the individual as a noun instead of using verbs.

People are driven by a sense of belonging, so using a noun reinforces their identity as a part of a certain group. By the way, if you ask them to do something, the possibility they obey is higher.

How To Get Someone To Come To You?

  • Love yourself

It’s not a funny thing if someone suggests it to you to attract your crush. Only when you’re honest with yourself and love yourself first, then your relationships will last so long because that is the accurate image of who you really are.

Nobody is perfect, you know. We all make mistakes. But when you focus on your positives, he will begin to appreciate you more.

When you love yourself unconditionally, you can love others in the same way. In return, you will attract people to come to you.

  • Have a good sense of humor

Do you have a sense of humor? Actually, humor is contagious. When you show witty personality by sharing jokes or just laughing with surrounding people.

how to make someone do what you want

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Not only it’s a clue for how to make someone do what you want, humor can also form friendly, intimate relationships that last.

  • Be down to earth

One of the worthy ways to consider when you communicate with others whom you want to come. The things to say which are not your good conditions or achievements. You definitely should not brag or show others down.

But why being down to earth is a nice trick for how to make someone come to you or broadly how to make someone do what you want.

This could be because it creates mutual respect, which strengthens bonds thanks to making you open yourself to listening to the points of view of other people.

  • Exude warmth

How to get someone to come to you? Don’t forget the answer to showing your warmth. Sometimes, give a little effort on doing small things to help them in any way. Understand their sensitive feelings and try to share it for handling.

Honestly, this forms a deep emotional connection and gives a powerful sense of caring. Of course, they couldn’t refuse to come to a warm person like you. From that, it’s not difficult to do how to make someone do what you want.

How To Make Someone Tell You Something?

Below are these tips as per the Psychologies for getting someone to tell you something you want to know.

  • Meet in person privately

If you want someone to confess. Don’t choose a crowded space. Bring food: people are more likely to open up when they’re eating as they associate food with pleasure. Plus, it makes you likeable and makes others feel indebted to you.

how to make someone do what you want

Source: LovePanky

  • Don’t ask questions

It’s better if you create a monologue which implies that you already know what they’ve done, that you understand what led to their understandable fault. If they can confess, work together on fixing the problem. A person who wants to keep their mistake secret, who just wants to be understood and get a forgiven feeling.

  • Short-term thinking

Don’t dwell on the potential consequences of the truth that make it easier to make them embarrassed. Use statements to refer to it’s just a fixable problem or help them to save face. A good suggestion like ‘Good people sometimes do stupid things’.

  • Don’t be accusatory

The way you get someone to tell you the truth also belongs much to how you say it. Show empathy and sympathy and talk slowly, and start with a Direct Observation of Concern (DOC).

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Above are these guides of BestLifeTips for how to make someone do what you want. Some might seem a bit tricky, but you should apply it to provide a serious boost to your career as well as in your life.