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How to make fake food props at home with cheap materials
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How To Make Fake Food Props At Home With Cheap Materials

People use fake food props to decorate for Christmas, display in classroom or make them for kids to play. Let’s find out how to make fake food props at home with cheap and simple methods in this post with BestLifeTips.

Fake food props are favored by kids. They’re also displayed in the classroom or decorated for Christmas. Then how to make fake food props at home with cheap materials and simple ways? Let’s find out how in this post with BestLifeTips.

1. How to make fake food props at home with felt

Felt has many bright colors, and it’s also inexpensive. You can use teddy bear stuffing to make your fake food shape, then seal the edges with fabric glue or sew them together using a needle and thread.


You can make a complete set of fake food with felt. Besides, felt play food is durable and easy to clean.

2. How to make fake food props at home with paper

For paper fake food, you can draw the foods you want into paper first. Then cut it along the food shape. You can also use colorful paper to create color and vegetables. Finally, you just need to put them into dishes or cups and you’ll have such colorful dishes.

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3. How to make fake food props at home with crochet

If you’ve already had a hook and yarn, crochet fake food props. It’s more time-consuming, but if you love to crochet or want to learn how to crochet, this is a great way for you to practice.

You can crochet ice cream cones, waffles, sushi, even a jar of peanut butter… with free tutorials to crochet all kinds of fake food props.


4. How to make fake food props with sponge

Turn sponges into fake foods for kids to play or for displaying. You can paint or top them with fabric from old clothes for color.

Cakes, candies, bread, and meats like meatloaf can be made in short time by sponges. Sponges give you many play food options. To create colorful play food, you can use old stuffed animals, towels, and T-shirts.


5. How to make fake food props at home with clay

Use multiple colors of modeling clay to shape a variety of delicious play foods. If you can think of any dishes, you can mold it with modeling clay. You can even make your modeling clay out of items you already have in your house.

Let the clays dry to have permanent play foods. Or put them away after playing to make new foods the next day.

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6. How to make fake food props at home with cardboard

For this material, you can apply the same method as how to make fake food props at home with paper. Cardboard provides you thicker and firmer fake food props than paper does.

Plus, you can also create food containers from cardboard which makes your fake food props look more attractive and vivid.


7. How to make fake food props with wood

Wooden play food sets are durable. They’re also costly unless you make them yourself.

If you don’t have a saw handy, hit the woodworking or hobby shops online or in your city to find all kinds of wooden shapes like triangles for creating pizza, rectangles for creating cheese slices and toy wheels for creating doughnuts.

To sum up, there are many different ways to create fake food props for your purpose of use. From savory dishes to appetizers with rich color, you surely can make food props yourself at home. Just free your imagination and you may come up with more great ideas with familiar items around us.

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