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Red Flags That You’re Being Used by Someone You Trust

Red Flags That You’re Being Used By Someone You Trust

Someone knows they can count on you to say yes to anything they ask, even if it is uncomfortable for you. Unfortunately, they are taking advantage of your willingness to be helpful. So BestLifeTips is here to help you find out how to know if you’re being used.

One issue that happens a lot of the time is that we are being used by our significant other like friends, partner, family members, ect. So how to know if you’re being used? Let’s find out with BestLifeTips in this article.

Being Used By Someone Meaning

In short, as per Urban Dictionary, “being used” refers to when one uses another to benefit themselves.

How To Know If You’re Being Used In A Relationship?

How To Know If You’re Being Used In A Friendship?

Definitely! It can be tough if you want to find how to know if you’re being used in a friendship. Whether being taken advantage of physically, mentally or something that includes both, it is difficult for you. Actually, it’s difficult to admit the fact that the person taking advantage is someone you trust.

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Dr. Carla Marie Manly, a clinical psychologist, speaker, and author of the upcoming book Date Smart, says “They might start a relationship with you in order to fill a gap in their life, to find sexual fulfillment, or to alleviate a financial burden, without realizing that they’re being toxic and unfair.”

So, here are obvious signs of how to know if you’re being used by your friend:

  • They’re Only Around You When They Want Something

It can be said that this is one of the most classic signs, helping you to find the answer that does not disappoint you.

However, if your friends possess this trait that also means you’re being used. Specifically, your friend is only around you, inviting you to some parties. It seems they are available when it’s mostly convenient for them. If not, they barely appear in those ways.

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  • They Don’t Know Much About You

In general, it’s better to foster a friendship by getting to know each other as well as building a deeper bond.

However, if it seems like your friend doesn’t really even know you, even though you’ve shared your private stories in the past, then they’re probably not paying attention or also showing little to no interest in your everyday life.

Indeed, “most often when someone is using another they will show signs of disinterest in conversations, in the other’s activities of choice, and in their likes and dislikes,” explains Tina Sadri, LMFT, a licensed marriage and family therapist.

Well, if they actually do behave like this, they are fake friends exactly and you don’t need to be embarrassed to find out how to know if you’re being used by them.

  • They Rarely Text You Unless They Need You

Do you feel like you are alone in this friendship? Anyway, putting the answer aside for the moment, you need to find how to know if you’re being used if your “friend” isn’t actually a friend.

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If that friend never starts the conversation or rarely checks your texts, chances are they aren’t a genuine friend. If it’s occasional, then you can accept it. But if not, it’s better to think about how to know if you’re being used.

  • They Over-Compliment You

This seemed like a good sign. But that’s not really the case. You may even fall into an emotional state of down in the dumps just because of them.

When you befriend someone who always has over-complimenting types, you should ignore them. If they only show up around you when they need it, check what they need and talk to them politely.

Signs You’re Being Used By A Man Used By A Man

How To Know If You’re Being Used For Your Body?

For how to know if you’re being used for your body or also sex, you need to wonder if you’re overreacting or not.

Pay attention to things like how often you spend time together without expecting the evening to end with sex. How they react will help you determine if you are being taken advantage of.

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Noticing the time when they usually contact you that will help you discover how to know if you’re being used for sex. If texts and calls come in late at night or when they’re drunk or lonely, it’s best to stop being used immediately. Your love deserves to be more.

Even if you and him are officially dating for a long time, if you have sex often, but meet none of their friends or family. It means he just needs you to satisfy his needs of sex and has no intention of going any further in this relationship.

More specifically, you can ask them what makes them find you attractive and fall in love with you. If their list is just words that describe how you look, think about how to know if you’re being used for his physical needs.

Indeed, if he has a desire of looks and highly concerns sex life, that’s not the kind of love you want.

How To Tell If You’re Being Manipulated?

To solve the problem of how to know if you’re being used or being manipulated in a relationship, let’s find out what signs of manipulation to deal with.

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Referred from WebMD, if you see someone around doing like those with you, it means you are being manipulated, including:

  • They convince you to give up something to make you more dependent on them
  • They always use your insecurities against you
  • They know your weaknesses and exploit them
  • They lie to you, make excuses, blame you, or withhold other truths if they feel you are gaining power over them
  • They experts in exaggeration and generalization
  • They try to bring you out of your comfort zone
  • They make you feel like you’re doing something wrong
  • They make you feel guilty or show anger without directly being angry to make you feel confused.

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Well, there’s actually tons of signs of someone manipulating you. The more they do, the more you need to make clear how to know if you’re being used or how to deal.

How To Deal With Being Used In A Relationship?

There are several negative emotional states that you have to go through including cry, anger, loneliness, disappointment, etc.

However, to get over being used by someone you trust, talk to others that you trust about it for release your mental pain. Also, you can even talk directly to those who once used you to let them know how you feel.

Either way, don’t let people who don’t want to take advantage of you be horrified.

It is true that being taken advantage of happens to all of us in life. You are not the only one who will feel this way. So, after seeing how to know if you’re being used, let go of or set a certain boundary for those who bring negative energy to you.

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Then focus on the people in your life who are upholding you to move forward.

Ultimately, you should also forgive those who take advantage of you, because it’s also forgiving yourself for trusting in the wrong way. Time is a wonderful medicine, you will also get over this definitely.

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Through this article, BestLifeTips believes that you have already had some answers about the red flags of how to know if you’re being used and also outline effective ways to deal with.