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The Little-known Things That Will Change the Way You Think about Having a Soul Tie with Someone

The Little-known Things That Will Change The Way You Think About Having A Soul Tie With Someone

When someone comes into your lives, and you connect with them on a spiritual level, we develop a soul tie with them. How to know if you have a soul tie with someone. Let BestLifeTips help you.

A soul tie strengthens our spiritual interactions for a deeper relationship, but it can also be troublesome. Let’s discover with BestLifeTips about what a soul tie is and how to know if you have a soul tie with someone.

What Is Soul Tie?

Before identifying how to know if you have a soul tie with someone, you need to know what soul tie actually is. However, there is no exact definition of a soul tie here.

They always call it by the way the Urban Dictionary defines it as “A spiritual/emotional connection you have to someone after being intimate with them, usually engaging in sexual intercourse.”

For this relationship definition, there are many opinions from certified experts. For example, according to sex therapist De-Andrea Blaylock-Johnson, LCSW, CST, “Often it’s thought to happen after you have intercourse with someone”. It may mean that a soul tie is some kind of connection with someone deeply embedded into you.

Most times, it is said to come into existence after two people have been physically intimate. In others, it is said to form after an intensely close spiritual or emotional relationship.

how to know if you have a soul tie with someone

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In fact, it is important to mention someone with soul ties. This person had such a powerful role in and influence on your life for such a long time that a deep bond or tie was formed.

So, how to know if you have a soul tie with someone? It’s really important.

What Is A Soul Tie In The Bible?

Indeed, the Bible does not specifically mention a term such as a soul tie. It’s quite hard to find out its definitions or how to know if you have a soul tie with someone. However, scripture does mention connections that appear similar to what we would identify as soul ties today.

In particular, while Genesis 2:24 the Bible explains that a man and a woman become one through marriage, Samuel 18:1 refers to David and Jonathan’s friendship as the knitting of their souls. Also, in 1 Corinthians 6:16, the Bible explains we bond to one another when we are physically intimate.

In approved extent, with that in mind, professional intuitive and author of Self-Care for Empaths Tanya Carroll Richardson pointed, “You could have known each other in a past life, be from the same soul family, or simply have a soul contract to meet up in this lifetime and have some type of relationship or experience together.”

Soul Tie Vs Soulmate

First, let’s check which one you belong to in these two concepts to find out more about how to know if you have a soul tie with someone quickly.

Soulmate is the most commonly used term when referring to two people who are mutually meant in an everlasting relationship. A soulmate could be a best friend or a family member like your mother or child, instead of a lover definitely. They appear to help ease your journey’s life and it’s not a walk.

how to know if you have a soul tie with someone


On the other hand, a soul tie is totally different. It’s formed whenever there is an intense attraction to someone without limitation to personality, appearance, and sex. A soul tie keeps an individual in bondage, and sometimes, it’s truly a situation where you have to pray to release a person from your spirit and your heart.

Are Soul Ties Mutual?

Most times, the soul-ties are experienced mutually and both the individuals get even more attached.

However, soul ties cannot always be mutual. If you had an intimate relationship with someone based on genuine feelings and love, then chances are high that your soul ties are mutual.

If you’ve ever experienced this intense of a relationship with another person and not have it be reciprocated, it’s totally not.

Can Soul Ties Be One Sided?

The straight answer to this question is yes. You know, heard of a one-sided physical connection with someone, where you’re attracted to them only for the way they look. We just call this lust as opposed to actual love.

Just like you can feel connected to someone one-sidedly at a physical or mental or emotional level, and he can also feel one-sidedly connected to someone, not you spiritually.

How to know if you have a soul tie with someone one-sidedly like this?

how to know if you have a soul tie with someone

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Unfortunately, in most cases, a one-sided soul tie is a relationship where a person feels so tied to another that they are easily manipulated and deceived.

In reality, there are many types of one-sided soul ties that come with both positive and negative sides including sexual partners, family members, social friends, or even people you’ve never met who just chat via the Internet.

The Dangers Of Soul Ties


A soul tie can even get to where it leads to an addiction. However, it may feel like they make you happy while at the same time, they’re the ones who are hurting you.


You can’t stop thinking about leaving the person if in a harmful relationship. Its effect can damage your concentration on work, leading to decreased performance.


This danger will often be in a one-sided soul tie. You feel so deeply connected to the person, so you are open to being manipulated in both emotionally and mentally. Meanwhile, you may struggle to believe that the other person you think you love would do this to you.

how to know if you have a soul tie with someone

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Anyway, whatever you think, this is a negative effect, right?


A soul tie can deceive because it can make you believe you are in love when really you are in lust. Of course, it’s not just belong to sex but in lust of the attributes of someone and how they make you feel.

After all this, what is the best solution for how to know if you have a soul tie with someone?

How To Know If You Have A Soul Tie With Someone?

Symptoms Of A Healthy Soul Tie

Regarding this concept, the healthy soul tie ratio is always lower than compared to ungodly one. But, you can find it easily by these following tips:

They Help You in Improving Your Spiritual Journey

A healthy soul tie will accompany and help you on your spiritual journey to accomplish this universal goal. Someone who are in this relationship with you, really thinks for you. He always finds ways to change your spirit optimistically. Here, this sign means that a healthy soul tie will lead to a real soulmate.

They Make You Feel More Confident

Whatever they do, if they make you feel more confident about yourself, about your feelings or, particularly, your love. Maybe you choose the right person in the soul tie.

how to know if you have a soul tie with someone

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The healthy soul tie does not only help you turn your weaknesses into strengths but also give you the vigor you need to face the challenges and difficulties you’ll encounter in life.

This seems more interesting when you find out how to know if you have a soul tie with someone, which is healthy.

Symptoms Of An Unhealthy Or Ungodly Soul Tie

They Inhabit Your Decisions

One of the clear signs of an unhealthy soul tie is that you always feel their presence putting pressure on your decisions. It is vastly normal to think that your significant decisions might affect them. However, if her/his thinking always sways your decision one way or the other, then this is unhealthy.

Unlucky, to any extent, this kind of connection takes away from your personal power and drains your intent.

You Become The Worst

When you have a deep soul tie with someone who is deeply flawed, you can take on those flaws yourself. Rather than helping them overcome their flaws, they are putting them onto you. Of course, your endurance will be over.

Then you might find that you lose your temper more often, or you adopt their addictions or neuroses. To this extent, you need to find out how to know if you have a soul tie with someone immediately.

You Feel Stuck With Them Without Reason

How to know if you have a soul tie with someone negatively? In some cases, the partner may even be abusive, even if you know their bad habits. No matter how painful it might be, you still feel like there’s no way out, no matter how hard you try to get rid of it.

How Do You Break A Soul Tie?

By the way, you may know about how to know if you have a soul tie with someone, breaking a soul tie can be popped in your head. Although it’s quite a time-consuming and challenging process, if it needs to be done, it needs to be done.

how to know if you have a soul tie with someone

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Here are two steps of getting rid of an unhealthy soul tie:

Step 1: Acknowledge

This is the most important thing and also the first step that you need to do is to acknowledge what kind of soul tie that you have with someone. Healthy or ungodly? Sometimes, you have to acknowledge the truth if you fall into an unhealthy soul tie.

Step 2: Take Action

You need to decide what action you take next. It will depend on the exact nature of your relationship. Specially, stop straight away dating or even just speak over the phone, or by text message, whether regularly or occasionally.

You can find a new outstanding interaction and strengthen your connection to cut that old soul tie down strongly.

One excellent tool here is meditation. This method allows you to view your own mind from an unemotional standpoint, examining your own thought patterns without passing judgment on them emotionally.

Don’t forget to delete any objects that might associate you with that person, like gifts. These are symbols of attachment and should be removed from your life. Just breaking it with your will is an effective way to release all ties.

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So those were the signs of how to know if you have a soul tie with someone. Do you think you might have soul ties with someone? Leave an answer for BestLifeTips.