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19 Obvious Signs She Is Really Done with You

19 Obvious Signs She Is Really Done With You

If you’re in a relationship, you should treasure your partner more, or you’ll lose them because of your heartlessness. In this article, BestLifeTips will show you how to know if she is really done with you.

Women are the ones who sacrifice the most in a relationship. They can do anything to protect their love. However, once they are done with you, there’s nothing can change her mind. Read this article of BestLifeTips to see how to know if she is really done with you.

Why a woman is done with you?

Before getting to know how to know if she is really done with you, let’s find out the causes first. There are many different reasons why a woman is done with you. They may include:

  • She was underestimated

She was always being underestimated and not being respected in the relationship. And she couldn’t stand that anymore.

  • She wanted to be with you

She wanted to spend time with you while you went on doing your own business. You kept on thinking only about yourself. You rarely spend time with her.

  • Everything was more important to you than she was

She was not your first priority. You never had time for her. You prioritized other things, and you never even thoght about her feelings.

  • She was no longer safe with you

She was all alone. You weren’t there when she needed you. She felt insecure while staying with you.

  • You took her for granted

You ignored her feelings, and you didn’t want to see how she was on purpose. You may think that no matter what you do, she’ll stay there with you. And that’s all wrong.

  • She couldn’t trust you

You said one thing, then you did another. Your words were empty. You only made promises to shut her up and made her calm down for a while.

  • She was no longer happy in the relationship

Losing trust as well as feeling underestimate made her enthusiasm and her will to live slowly disappear. She was no longer happy in the relationship.

  • She got tired of fighting

You fought anytime you were together. And she totally got tired of that status.

So how to know if she is really done with you? Keep reading to find out!

How to know if she is really done with you?

When a woman is done with you, she will express that through her body languages and facial expressions, she may not intend to show that though.

So what signs that can help you on how to know if she is really done with you? It’s not that hard to figure out. You just need to pay more attention to her and you’ll realize that.

Signs she is giving up on you

Signs she is giving up on you

She is often irritable

Being irritable can be excused from time to time, but you need to be aware of how long her short fuse is lasting. This may show that she is upset about something.

She spends more time on working

Instead of spending time with you as before, she mostly focuses on her work. She’s busy all the time.

Her social life does not include you

If you used to go to social events together and now she only drinks with her co-workers after work or goes out with her friends, you should be alert. She may not want to go out with you anymore.

Your opinion does not matter

If you are trying to give input, and she shuts you down quickly, she is telling you loud and clear that she does not care, then she does really mean it.

Your sex life is dull

In a relationship, it’s normal to have periods where your intimacy may be suffering. However, extended periods of no intimacy or a lack of attention during intimacy should tell you that she is missing something from you.

She does not argue anymore

Conflicts and arguments in a relationship are natural things. But if a partner seems not to want to argue anymore, it’s a sign that she’s giving up on you.

Signs she’s over the relationship

Signs she's over the relationship

Signs she’s over the relationship are also one of those helping you on how to know if she is really done with you.

She no longer cares about what’s important to you

A woman who cares about you will pay her attention to your interests, boundaries, thoughts, and even the way you talk and move. If she doesn’t care about those anymore, she has given up on you.

She’s uncooperative

This is perhaps the more immediate and telling sign that can help you on how to know if she is really done with you.

If a woman gradually stops giving you something she has always been doing for you, or just always talks back, throws fits, and challenges you whenever possible, then she has most likely been over the relationship. She acts like that sp that she has no reasons to maintain the relationship with you.

She no longer gets jealous of you

When she no longer cares who you’re spending time with or whether or not you’re already seeing someone else, your relationship is most likely over.

She’s dating someone else

If she has moved on to someone else, it doesn’t mean that she’s completely over you. This could be her rebound relationship. If she has been dating this person for a while, then it’s likely she doesn’t even think of you anymore.

She doesn’t respond to your messages

This is normal when two people have just broken up for a while. However, if it’s been a week or months and she hasn’t responded to your messages, then she may be over you already.

You’re not included in her future plans or conversations

If you’re not included in her future plans, especially those you’ve already set up together in the relationship, then this is a sign she is over you.

She’ll be less likely to invite you to join her plan, and more likely to avoid informing you of what she’s up to. When speaking with your mutual friends, she’ll use less “we” and more of “I”.

Signs your ex doesn’t love you anymore

Signs your ex doesn't love you anymore

She doesn’t put you first

In a relationship, you’ll make your partner a priority in your life. You’ll take their needs into consideration before you do something. But she’s stopped putting you first in her life. That means she doesn’t love you anymore.

She stops contacting you

She stops contacting you. No more calling, texting as regularly as before.

She argues with you about everything

Arguing in relationships is normal. But now she finds any excuse to fight with you, even with just a small thing. She doesn’t want to listen to you.

She doesn’t seem interested in your life

She doesn’t ask you about work or your family. She doesn’t show interest in what you share with her about your work or friends. All those conversations that brought you two together have ended.

She avoids your touch

If she avoids your hug or touch by dodging out of the way as quickly as possible, something is wrong.

She doesn’t care what she looks like

Women care what they look like in front of a man they care about. If she consistently looks sloppy or disheveled when she’s around you, it’s can be a sign.

She avoids speaking about future plans

She avoids speaking about future plans with you because she obviously is not seeing herself with you in the future.

Now you know how to know if she is really done with you. If your partner has many signs like those above, you need to find a way to take her back if you don’t want to lose her.

When a woman is done with you

When a woman is done with you

Women are able to take all the pain in and turn it into energy that helps them grow. They accept, they tolerate, they even look at the positive way. Their unconditional commitment to people who they care for is beyond this world. However, even the strongest ones can be thrown off balance sometimes, especially when they are deeply hurt by someone they love.

When it comes to love, women seem to invest all their time, energy, and strength into establishing a wholesome bond with their partners. No matter the cost, they will be ready to pay for it.

If you take her for granted, and take those at things she should do in a relationship, you’ll lose her, sooner or later. If you hurt her feelings, there is nothing you could do to change her mind.

She can forgive you once. She can give you a second chance. But if you neglect her effort into keeping your relationship another time, and if you don’t resect her, she will walk away no matter how much she loves you.

Once a woman is done with you, she will definitely leave without looking back. So, if you don’t want to lose her and have any regret, make sure you never take her for granted. Treat her the way she deserves it.

Signs she wants to move on

how to know if she is really done with you

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Here are some signs showing that she wants to move on after giving up on you:

She goes on dates

If you find out that your ex has started dating again, it’s an obvious clue that she’s moving on.

She has a new boyfriend

One of the most obvious signs that your ex has moved on is when she’s in a new relationship, which means she no longer thinks of you.

She has a new appearance

Changing her appearance since the breakup is also a sign showing that your ex has moved on.

She told you she doesn’t have feelings anymore

If she confesses that she doesn’t have feelings for you anymore, she has most likely moved on. When a woman doesn’t have feelings for you anymore, she can say that out loud without any hesitation or regret.

She doesn’t respond to calls or texts anymore

If she doesn’t feel like making a phone call with you or texting you, it’s a sign that she’s ready to move on. She doesn’t want to sustain a relationship with you anymore.

She thinks you need someone better

If you confessed to your ex that you’re still having feelings for her, but she told you to find someone better, it shows that your ex has moved on. It also shows that she doesn’t want you to be hung up on her, either.

She’s enjoying her new life

When she’s genuinely enjoying her new life, she’s looking good, meeting up with friends as usual, posting frequently, and having a good time, then she mustn’t have hurt because of the breakup. And she is moving forward.

How to win a girl back?

how to know if she is really done with you

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After getting to know how to know if she is really done with you, let’s see how to win her back after that.

Give her some space

The first thing you need to do is give her some space. Not only should you give her some space, but you should give yourself some space to reflect and think about what went wrong in the relationship.

Show her how much you’ve changed

If you broke up because you hurt her, she felt that you didn’t give her enough affection or time, or that you spent too much time flirting with other women, then change it.

If you hurt her, apologize. Man up and tell her you made a mistake. Show what a better man you’ve become.

Tell her how you feel

Once she can see that you’re a different person, and tend to open up with you again, tell her how you really feel. Be careful in picking words and be honest.

Take her out

If she agrees to go out with you, you better do it right this time. Make the most of your time together and make sure to treat her right.

Keep the girl this time

Don’t make the same mistake. Do it right this time. Treasure her and make sure that she’ll feel safe around you.

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Now you know how to know if she is really done with you. You should notice if she has signs like above to have a timely solution to protect your relationship with your loved one. Come back to BestLifeTips to get more amazing life tips.