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How To Help A Cat In Heat Q Tip? 2 Tips To Be A Master

How To Help A Cat In Heat Q Tip? 2 Tips To Be A Master

It is also common for a cat in heat to display a range of behavioral changes. They undergo mood swings, and yowls become extremely vocal. Calming a cat that is in heat is not a simple thing to do. BestLifeTips will review method of how to help a cat in heat Q tip and more.

In this article, BestLifeTips will introduce about how to help a cat in heat Q tip method. This may succeed in soothing cats when they are in heat, but you need to be very careful. Read on! BestLifeTips will guide you.

What does a cat in heat feel?

In fact, cats are polygamous animals, which means they can have multiple heat cycles that will continue until the cat is euthanized. Sometimes, you may feel that your cat is always in a foul mood.

Cat owners think their pet is in pain, as shown by loud yowls. However, this is not a cause for concern because this is only a call to attract their potential partners. So if you hear this noise, you don’t need to worry about your pet.

However, there is a slight difference of feeling in the heat period between female and male cats.

Specifically, your cat will be feeling out of sorts and probably a bit confused during her season, especially if it’s her first season, according to PDSA Pet Hospital.

The yowling becomes different from usual and expresses more pain. Not only that, sometimes, people also see bleeding in the genitals. As a result, their toilet habits in heat become more chaotic.

how to help a cat in heat Q tip

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During the period, female cats will also raise her butt and turn her tail to the side when the owner touches her back. They may lie directly and then her hind legs move up and down.

If it is not properly mated with a male cat, their mood will deteriorate. They yowl more and louder throughout the entire day.

For male cats, during the heat period, they often exhibit a feeling of euphoria. They always stand ready to mate. You can also see this excitement in its tail when it’s raised high and in constant motion.

how to help a cat in heat Q tip

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Is the Q tip method safe?

Using the Q tip method for cats in heat is a popular way for cat owners to calm their cats. Some said they are safe for their child.

However, indeed, it seems unnatural for this soft kind of pet. Except for some benefits to calm the cats down, it shouldn’t be recommended as it can cause infection in cats if the nipples are not disinfected. 

Although the tip is a popular household item, this trick should be only used as a last option. Commonly, till now, there have not happened any cases of hurting cats by Q tip method.

But you need to be very careful while using this method, as it can cause infection or internal bleeding in cats if it’s not done properly.

Have a look at the details. Sometimes fibers from the Q tip can get trapped inside the cat. By any way, your cat may also depend on this method and cause your cat to act even more frantic when in heat.

What size Q tip should I use to help a cat in heat?

Let’s use types of Q tips that are 7cm to 15cm in length with safe materials for sensitive ones. By this long Q tip, you can take advantage to insert a maximum of 5cm in your cat’s private parts to help them calm down in the heat cycle.

Do not insert the whole Q tip as it may cause internal bleeding.

How to help a cat in heat Q tip steps

how to help a cat in heat Q tip

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During this uncomfortable heat period, there seems to be a pressure in the genitals that causes she is become aroused. This explains why she wants to mate.

Such the applied way to suppress her in heat is simulating the mating process. When mated, she will also be satisfied and cool down.

So, can we know how to help a cat in heat Q tip? In fact, many people have successfully applied Q tip to try tricking cats into thinking they have mated.

Now, you shouldn’t wonder about how to help a cat in heat Q tip effectively, you can conduct mating simulations in cats in the following steps:

First, wear clean gloves to maintain hygiene during the procedure. Next, take Q tip and sterilize it by using boiling water for two minutes. Wait a moment for the q-tip to cool down and add a safe lubricant like Vaseline to the cotton tip.

Place your cat on a warm pad and rub it for comfort until it begins to bend over and get ready to mate. The next step is to insert the q-tip into the private parts about 3cm – 4cm gently and slowly.

Then don’t forget to rotate the Q tip clockwise slowly or pull in and out about ten times to give her a pleasurable feeling. These operations will usually only take a minute or two.

Finally, when your cat will let out a howl, let’s pull out the Q tip from her. Cats that have been fooled have mated, so they start rolling around on the floor. 

How to help a cat in heat Q tip alternative

As you know, the method how to help a cat in heat Q tip is quite risky, so it’s better to mainly use another way that works perfectly to get cats through heat cycle. 

So, do you know how to help a car Q tip alternatives before? Let’s try this following method.

Place your cat on the floor or also a warm pad. Use your fingers to make a V shape and push these your fingers just above the tail. During this process, because of your directly constant touch, your cat may scream, but that’s completely normal. 

This is the type of noise they make when they mate with their partner. You can repeat your own action about 2-3 times a day to help your cat going through the heat cycle.

how to help a cat in heat Q tip

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