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These Awesome Tips about Embracing Your Feminine Energy to Become More Attractive

These Awesome Tips About Embracing Your Feminine Energy To Become More Attractive

Feminine energy is the type of energy expected in every woman. Do you know how to give off feminine energy? Let BestLifeTips give you some information about feminine energy, as well as great tips for radiating it.

If you still don’t know how to give off feminine energy, don’t worry. BestLifeTips is here to help you be confident and embrace your own feminine energy easily.

What Is Feminine Energy?

Feminine Energy

Feminine energy is a set of specific traits unrelated to gender. It is freedom to flow like water. It is a feeling of not wanting to be bound by rules, or more realistically, it is a characteristic of someone who does not want to be restricted and imposed by social norms.

This energy is also a combination of intuition and creativity, collaboration, and expression. Although not related to gender, this energy comes from nature’s expectations for women because their behaviors and characters reflect throughout history.

Feminine energy is also a concept related to the development of an individual’s personality. Both sexes should see this as a trait of confidence and passion. Feminine energy brings a discreet and subtle spirit, making the other person feel respected and positive.

how to give off feminine energy

Source: The Sublime Woman

Whether you are male or female, to better understand this feminine energy and know how to give off feminine energy, feel it within yourself. The way you react to every situation in your life with emotions comes from this feminine energy.

How Is It Different From Masculine Energy?

For all genders, both feminine energy and masculine energy are needed to become a complete person. Men are often encouraged to have more masculine energy, but limit stereotypes. Similarly, women still live with the expectation of being feminine, but living a righteous and progressive life.

To know how to give off feminine energy, it is really important to know the difference between these two kinds of energies.

If masculine energy is an energy directly related to hard work, power, and getting things done, the feminine energy is often associated with the calm rhythm of life, creativity, and enjoying every moment.

Looking at detail, as per The List, the masculine energy is usually direct and outward with decisive action, reason, risk, survival, meanwhile the latter is directed inward, with nurturing, emotional and flexible.

So, how to give off feminine energy? Is it different from masculine?

Feminine Energy Characteristics

To determine how to give off feminine energy, surely you cannot ignore the characteristics that make it up, right?

Here are top 7 traits that are most often associated with the feminine. Its traits are actual examples of feminine energy.

  • Intuition
  • Empathy
  • Wiseness
  • Sensuality
  • Creation
  • Acceptance
  • Tolerance
  • Connection

At What Age Do Women’s Looks Peak?

Men tend to be attracted to women, which gets better with age. According to the Independent, women are most attractive to men at about 23.

Also, the cofounder of the online-dating site OKCupid wrote a book called Dataclysm that used data from his dating site to answer questions about love, dating, and relationships.

From analysis of the data, he said men find women in their early 20s most attractive. Even as men got older, their preference for 20-something women seemed to stay the same.

What Is Feminine Energy In A Relationship?

The feminine energy in a relationship is open, flowing, sometimes more wild. Its energy affects moves preeminent by emotions in an intimate relationship.

Generally, the feminine energy bases on attraction and drawing others in through opening the heart to love. So why do you want to know how to give off feminine energy more in your love?

how to give off feminine energy

Source: Hello Magazine

This is easy to understand. With this kind of energy, you don’t want to interrupt your love because you are in a constant state of flow. You want to be noticed and understood, to fill up with love and attention.

So, the feminine’s loving nature can make them stay too long in their relationships.

Do Guys Like Feminine Energy?

In fact, men tend to like and seek out feminine women. This is a rule of attraction between yin and yang attraction in us through biology. Besides, the feminine energy is also powerful. The more a girl pays attention to her feelings, thoughts, and sympathy, the more attractive she is.

Why Feminine Energy Is Attractive?


Feminine energy gives girls a gentle appearance, with attractive lines. Some of the following factors will help you realize why you need to think about how to give off feminine energy right away.

You may not know, men often love looks if it is a good sign of fertility. According to many scientists, men are attracted to waist-to-hip ratio because it is a sign of their healthy child.

how to give off feminine energy

Source: Demetra Nyx

Shiny and healthy hair is another sign of fertility and health. A soft voice from the feminine energy also increases attraction because it refers to tenderness and softness, making men want to protect.


Women often express sympathy or feelings belonging to the feminine energy on dates. This makes the man always feel love and support when difficulties arise.

Psychologist Dr. Adrian Furnham has done research on this issue and shows that there is a strong preference for extroverts because this group is classified as easygoing, responsive and lively, and also avoid introverts of the rigid and reserved category.

So, in terms of personality, women who are open, approachable or, the feminine energy, are considered more attractive to balance the rigidity of masculine energy.

how to give off feminine energy

Source: Medium

Have you seen the benefit and necessity of how to give off feminine energy? Learn how to do it in the next section.

How To Give Off Feminine Energy?

Here are some outstanding tips for how to give off feminine energy you should follow:


Adorning yourself by enriching your wardrobe is a practical initiative. To embrace femininity, show it through the clothes you’re wearing. It can be a flared dress, with cute sandals or it can also be a sexy outfit with high heels.

how to give off feminine energy

Source: The Sublime Woman

Try to change your outfit and confidently wear it out on the street. This is a fun way for you to find your own feminine side and see how you feel about showing it in your clothes. If in special circumstances, wear red lipstick to make you stand out and be more confident.


You can express your creativity through brainstorming sessions or through various forms such as crafts, painting, dancing, cooking, writing or maybe knitting. Creativity doesn’t have to be in art. Open your mind and see what you want, what you are capable of.

From there, experience yourself and create your own way.

Do something spontaneous

Because unlike the masculine energy that’s all about planning, try doing something spontaneously, or without a plan. It’s how you enjoy life to the fullest and leave a space for yourself, a space for new things.

New experience

Give yourself a chance to experience things you’ve never done before. Try drinking a little more wine, going on a roller coaster, going volunteer to a faraway place, having sex, etc. That’s how you find joy or also how to give off feminine energy.

how to give off feminine energy


Join groups

It is one of the effective ways for how to give off feminine energy. Sign up for a running, dance club or something related to your hobby.

Not only will this help you radiate feminine power, but it will also give you an opportunity to learn how to give off feminine energy from others.

Healing Feminine Energy

What to do when you lose your feminine energy? All healing starts with the feminine energy.

A deep voice carries the frequencies of the feminine in a touching way for healing female energy. Just enjoy this music in this following video. It is time to return to the feminine energy.

Feminine Energy Quotes

“I have both feminine and masculine energy inside me. Both are so equally powerful.”
― Juansen Dizon, Confessions of a Wallflower

“Truth is, life would be a boring experience without the sensuality of women or the feminine energy.”
― Lebo Grand

“When a woman is full of cockiness, I wonder what makes her so insecure.
When a man is full of ego, I wonder what he’s holding onto.”
― Nikki Rowe

how to give off feminine energy

Source: Goop

“A woman in love with herself is magnetic.”
― Abiola Abrams, The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love

“Dive deeper, my Siren, and sing,
All I crave is feeling you within.”
― Talismanist Giebra, Talismanist: Fragments of the Ancient Fire. Philosophy of Fragmentism Series.

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What are your favorite ways or quotes for how to give off feminine energy? BestLifeTips hope that the more feminine energy you embrace, the more great things come to your own life.