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Your dog is sick and he doesn’t want to eat his pills? Here’s what to do

Your Dog Is Sick And He Doesn’t Want To Eat His Pills? Here’s What To Do

If your veterinarian has recommended medications for your dog, it is almost definitely for their benefit. It’s not unusual, though, to hear that a dog refuses to take medications. So how to give a dog a pill when he won’t eat? Let’s check this out with BestLifeTips.

The method you choose to feed your dog a pill is determined by your dog’s willingness to eat items they don’t want. There are a variety of choices on how to give a dog a pill when he won’t eat available, some of which will work better for some dogs than others. Let’s find out with BestLifeTips.

How to give a dog a pill when he won’t eat

Giving medications to dogs can be done in a variety of ways. Make sure the end outcome is always good, whether its additional food, a stroll, or some fun. Whatever method you pick, keep in mind that training your dog to take a pill takes time and effort. Here are a few possibilities for giving a medication to a dog if you’re not sure how:

Crush the pills up

One of the most common choice when it comes to medication feeding for dogs is crushing it up. If your dog isn’t interested in taking his medication, try smashing it instead. In this manner, he may find it simpler to consume, and you’ll be able to put it into his water or food.
Because some dogs dislike the feel of pills, smashing them may encourage them to ingest them.

Pretend to eat it

Dogs are intelligent in many ways, but they may also be easily fooled. You’ve most likely eaten in front of your dog before and seen those big puppy eyes asking for a bite. Your dog is envious of what you have.
This won’t work for all dogs, but you might be able to stimulate your dog’s curiosity by acting as if you’re about to take it yourself. To help create the proper tone, go to a place where you typically eat. Then act as though you’re going to consume the pill. Your dog will notice and may be curious to test out anything you have for him!

Play trick for treat

It is possible to convince your dog to swallow a medication by distracting him with a fun activity. You may collect some goodies and throw them into the air for your dog to catch. Placing the medication inside one of the snacks is a good idea.
Start by tossing him a couple of the non-pill treats, then the one with the pill, and finally the last few pill-free goodies at him. Throw the goodies as soon as your dog finishes the previous one, so he doesn’t have time to ponder before swallowing and preparing for the next.

How to give a dog a pill when he won't eat

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Mix it with daily meal

Mixing the pill with other tasty foods helps to hide it, whether you smash it or leave it whole. Peanut butter is a good choice since you can spread it all over the pill or combine it with the crushed tablet. You may then feed it to your dog and watch him lick it dry!
You may also buy some liverwurst and wrap it around the tablet.

For either of these approaches, you can absolutely leave the pill intact. However, it’s probably best to try smashing it. This will help to hide it and prevent your dog from just eating the delicious goodies that have been placed around the pill.

Use a pill pusher

These are widely available from veterinarians and work well for little dogs. They work on the principle of being able to push the tablet to the back of the pet’s throat without losing your fingertips. It takes practice and isn’t perfect, but once learned, it may be quite useful.

See the tutorial on YouTube channel Willard Veterinary for instruction.

How to give a dog a pill when he won’t eat without food

In case hiding pills under food doesn’t work with him, you might need those tips to give him a pill. You may avoid continually chasing after your dog to give them their medication if you acquire this skill. Dogs can sense when you’re attempting to do something they don’t want to do, and they will escape. By encouraging this behavior, your dog will acquire greater anxiety and become difficult to give medication to in the future, even if it is nice.

How to give a dog a pill when he won't eat without food

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Gel caps

You are recommended using empty gel capsules to administer a pill to your dog without the need of food. Empty gel capsules are gelatin capsules that may be filled with tablets to mask the medication’s bitter taste. Gelatin capsules are often flavorless, allergen-free, preservative-free, and gluten-free, making them ideal for dogs with food allergies.

Competition games

When you have more than one pet in the house, this game works. In this game, you must just create a sense of competition among pets. You may give the pill-free treat to a healthy pet, and when that pet eats it, you can display the action to the sick pet. The unfit pet will acquire a sense of competitiveness in his head as a result of this, and when you give him the reward mixed with the medication, he will take it.

Slightly hold his jaw

Your pet is at ease in your presence as a caregiver. You can calmly press down your pet’s jaw, which will open his mouth, allowing you to insert the pills with your hands. Hold your pet’s upper and lower jaws with your hands to give the impression that you’re placing the treat in his mouth. Place the medication in reality, but throw the impression of a reward so that your pet may easily consume it.

Foods to hide dog pills in

Giving a pill to a dog that bites is easy when you use food. You may toss the treat into his mouth and have him catch it. You don’t have to put your fingers near those snapping jaws.

how to give a dog a pill when he wont eat 6

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This method’s success is based on your ability to seal the pill within the goodie. Your dog will reject the pill if he feels or tastes it inside the meal.
The more odorous and tasty the meal, the more likely your dog is to swallow the medication.
Here are some of the greatest foods in which to hide a medication.


Place the pill within a spoonful of yogurt that has been spooned out. Thick yogurt is ideal since it is more likely to hide the pill when it is swallowed.


Place the pill into a marshmallow that has been cut in half. Before giving your dog the marshmallow pill, rejoin the two parts.

Hot dog pieces

Cut your hotdog into pieces that are about the same size as your pill. Give your dog the medication by pushing it into the filling. Can’t get the pill into the hotdog without breaking it? Make an indent with a chopstick.

Foods to hide dog pills in

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Basically, it’s a thick paste composed of ground beef. Dogs adore the taste, and it’s simple to form around a pill. You may also use liverwurst, a sausage that can be readily shaped to fit around pills.


Possibly the most horrible choice. Push the pill into the mushy flesh, and even the pickiest pill swallower will be oblivious to the pill due to the overwhelming scent and flavor.

Chicken heart

Do you feed your dog raw food? You could already have natural pill pockets on hand if that’s the case. Why not use chicken hearts? Give your dog a pill by sliding it into the hole. Use turkey hearts instead of chicken hearts if your dog is larger or you’re working with multiple medications.

Pill pockets

Possibly the easiest way to keep your dog’s medications hidden. These dog treats are made to mask the taste and smell of even the most irritating medications.

Fill the empty hole with a large pill (or several little pills) and close the fence. Your medication is now encased in a delectable treat that your dog won’t be able to resist.

How to get a dog to take medicine liquid

How to get a dog to take medicine liquid

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Mixing a liquid medicine with canned food is the most convenient way to give it to your dog. Giving a little amount of food that the dog is guaranteed to consume rather than a huge piece that the dog may not eat is the best way to ensure that the medicine is really taken. Some dogs may refuse to consume the food, or you may be unable to use this approach due to dietary limitations. If this is the case, you must give your dog the medication directly into his mouth.

  • Make sure the medication is ready to go and in a convenient location.
  • Make sure you’ve read the label thoroughly and understood the dosing recommendations.
    Gently pull the lip away from the teeth to form a pouch at the side of the mouth.
  • Place the syringe’s tip in the side of the mouth, just below one of the canine teeth, and advance the syringe until it’s just over the tooth line.
  • To dispense the liquid medicine, slowly squeeze the syringe. Make sure to go gently enough for the dog to drink the liquid and breathe.
  • The majority of dogs will spit part of the medicine out. DO NOT re-medicate unless you are certain that none of the medicine was taken the first time. Make sure to praise your dog frequently throughout the treatment and reward him with a treat or additional playtime once the medicine is given. This will improve the experience and make it easier to administer the medication in the future.
  • Refrigerate the dropper after thoroughly rinsing it with water.

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Getting your god to eat his pills might be a kind of battle that you may find yourself losing. Take advance of this article if you don’t know how to give a dog a pill when he won’t eat. Return BestLifeTips often for more pet tips.