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Incredible Tricks You May Never Heard Of For Getting Sand Out Of Your Hair Quickly

Incredible Tricks You May Never Heard Of For Getting Sand Out Of Your Hair Quickly

Sand is a wonderful natural ingredient for your skin and hair. But of course, no one wants sand stuck in their hair forever. Follow along with this article for BestLifeTips suggestions on how to get sand out of hair.

Read the article below by BestLifeTips for effective tips on how to get sand out of hair. Surely this information will help you overcome this uncomfortable situation.

Is sand good for your skin?

Sand is a natural exfoliator, which helps clear pores and acne. For a healthy skin, exfoliating your body regularly is an extremely important thing and cannot be ignored.

Not only that, but sand also treats more serious skin problems like psoriasis and dermatitis. When you massage, sand minimizes your signs of aging.

For those who often use perfume, perfume ingredients always deposit in the body. At this time, sand plays the role of releasing these toxins. When massaged with sand, they discharged harmful impurities. Perfume has a fragrance, so you can feel this secretion clearly.

What happens if sand stays in your hair?

Sand still in your hair is something you certainly don’t expect the most. Sand is very famous for being stubborn with hair. While having sand in your hair won’t cause any structural damage, no one wants a rough, sandy scalp. It looks like dandruff.

how to get sand out of hair

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Meanwhile, sand also causes some disturbance in our hair. Most people don’t like sand on your body. So, maybe everyone wants to know how to get sand out of hair.

Does sand make your hair fall out?

In fact, sand can make your hair fall out, but only if the level of exposure is too much. Your hair begins to dry out and cause shedding in the early stages because of thinning.

Why does it feel like sand when I scratch my head?

There are a number of different scalp conditions with a wide range of symptoms. Sometimes, you may feel sand when you scratch your head.

When you have this feeling, you can ask of how to get sand out of hair with the doctor. Of course, there is no single answer to this problem, because your doctor needs to determine what the sand in your hair is.

Salt crystals

Some people describe these “grains of sand” as hard dandruff or, in other words, it feels like salt on the scalp. That’s when salt crystals came out of my hair follicles from using a sulfate-based shampoo.

how to get sand out of hair

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On the other hand, it’s keratosis, something that many people have. Those tiny granules can be tiny knots of keratin secreted from your hair follicles.

DHT hormone

DHT is one of the male hormones responsible for male pattern baldness. It accumulates in the hair follicles and causes hair loss. DHT mixes with sebum on the scalp and forms “plaques” or hard substances that can clog pores and cut off blood supply to the scalp.

Dandruff too much

When there is too much dandruff, have you ever thought of how to get sand out of hair just because it feels like there is sand in your hair?

When your hair has too much dandruff, you will notice a sizable amount of flakes falling out of your hair and on your scalp. This is not a serious condition.

This can occur in infants. You will notice a grain-like substance and sand in patches on your baby’s head.

Fungal infection

A fungal infection of the scalp causes itchy red patches on the scalp. If it left the infection untreated, it will lead to rough and scaly patches on the head.

how to get sand out of hair

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Lice eggs

Head lice usually live on your hair. They leave eggs in your hair. Clusters of nits can look like salt on areas of the scalp and become attached to real hair.

So, how to get sand out of hair? The below section will show you some effective methods for types of hair.

How to get sand out of hair

Getting sand out of hair is a trick, but it actually just requires patience. Refer to three simple methods below for each type and you’ll figure out that the sand removal process is not too hard.

How to get sand out of a child’s hair?

How to get sand out of hair for a baby? This question baffles all parents with young children, but fortunately, maybe you can use some techniques to remove sand easily and gently and minimize the feeling of roughness on the hair of young.

How to get sand out of toddlers hair

To solve how to get sand out of hair here, you can use a cup of warm water. Don’t forget to use your hand to test the heat and judge the sensitivity of your baby’s skin.

Next, gently pour warm water over your baby’s head to wet her hair. Apply a small amount of baby shampoo to your baby’s hair. Gently massage in a circular motion, then use a cup or your hands to rinse out the shampoo. With a small amount of hair, you can easily remove sand from your baby’s head.

Another alternative for how to get sand out of hair for a baby is to massage some natural oil into the scalp and let it sit for 10 minutes while you and your child read together. You can use coconut oil. sunflower oil, safflower oil or mineral oil in this case.

How to get sand out of natural hair quickly

Take a shower

Bathing right after returning from the beach or when you have just been exposed to sand, it is very good to remove sand from your hair.

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The best way to shower at this time is to stand under the shower and wash your hair normally so that the cold water rinses out the sand that is still on the hair.


Initially, use a wide tooth comb and start combing your hair from the roots to the ends. Act slowly. It can get really tangled and wet, it won’t be easy to brush it in this case. Be patient until you change to a thicker comb and do it carefully. This process takes a while, but the more you brush, the more sand you will remove.

Shakes when combing hair

Several moms at Circle of Moms suggest that the best strategy for getting sand out is to let your hair dry completely, turn it upside down, and wiggle it while brushing to remove the sand. Try some Taylor Swift music and sway to the beat.

Use baby powder

In addition to the shower solution, you can also use baby powder to absorb moisture and remove sand from your hair. Don’t forget to shake your hair before and after applying baby powder. Then, massage and wash off as usual. This is extremely effective for people who are looking for how to get sand out of hair.

Use a vacuum cleaner

Yes, seriously. Several mommy bloggers actually straight up suggested vacuuming your hair. This method may sound a bit weird.

However, vacuuming your hair with a mini vacuum is ideal for removing sand from your head if you’ve tried many different methods and it still doesn’t work. To prevent further tangles and damage, keep the vacuum nozzle at least a few inches away from oily skin.

How to get sand out of braided hair

Previously, there was a very helpful post by Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care regarding how to get sand out of hair for braided style. The way they mention getting sand out is to use a vacuum cleaner. It will be the ideal method for you to try.

For tightly tied braids, you can just do this instead of undoing the braids one by one. That method actually removed a lot of the sand from the braids, but not all of it.

how to get sand out of hair

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After did vacuuming, you can wash your hair and condition it with natural oils. Then you rinse it off with water. Instead of pouring water directly on your head, it is best to use a hand-held shower. The results will definitely make you satisfied.

How to get sand out of hair without washing

Sand in the hair isn’t the most comfortable summer. Thankfully, there are easy ways for how to get sand out of hair without actually washing it. There are even a few products that you can slip in your beach bag to help you get an instant fix.

You can use these products in this case:

  • Baby Powder
  • Corn Starch
  • Fine-Toothed Combo
  • Embrace The Boho

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Through this article, BestLifeTips hopes that you have grasped the solutions to the question related to how to get sand out of hair and said goodbye to the annoying sand in your hair.