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The Ultimate Guide to Calling Off an Engagement

The Ultimate Guide To Calling Off An Engagement

Sometimes, a couple who realizes ahead of time their doubts and may figure out how to end an engagement. It brings the leap as making a wise, brave choice. If you have that feeling, this article of BestLifeTips is for you.

Whether you’ve realized that your partner isn’t what you’re looking for in a spouse or you simply feel that you’re not ready to get engaged or married after saying yes, it’s important to do what’s best for you. How to end an engagement? BestLifeTips will help you now.

Break Off Engagement Meaning?

The phrase “Break off engagement” means ending an agreement to get married, as per Macmillan Dictionary. The thought of breaking an engagement will pop your mind if you start to have cold feet about the impending wedding.

If someone wants to terminate an engagement, it not only belongs to action but also related to emotional doubt to both parties. Actually, breaking an engagement sometimes requires complicated feelings for what is undoubtedly a serious issue.

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However, it can also help ease the breakup. Ending what should have been a happy period is not the best result. When necessary, it’s still a proper choice.

Unsure About Engagement

Is It Normal To Have Anxiety Before Getting Engaged?

The answer is yes. It’s totally normal to feel a little nervous about any big life decision like getting engaged or getting married. Because of that, someone who may be too serious about their feelings would think about how to end an engagement.

Indeed, you have not known yet whether you’re ready to get engaged or take the next step, even if you’ve been with someone for a long time. So a few nerves and butterflies make sense easily. We all get nervous, after all.

Is It Ok To End An Engagement?

Honestly speaking, it is 100 percent OK to call off an engagement.

While it’s easy to get swept up in the moment of a proposal and say yes, if you’re still having major doubts or being unconfident after then, call it off. Do it only when you’re ready for your forward status.

According to Elite Daily, licensed psychotherapist Allison Abrams (LCSW-R) and Dr. Martha Tara Lee, a clinical sexologist (DHS, MA, BA), also agree that it is completely normal should you realize getting married isn’t the best idea for you.

This is particularly true if your doubts are about “who you are marrying, and not just about marriage in general,” Abrams says.

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It’s recommended bringing up your feelings for your partner as soon as possible, you know. This is most certainly not the time to hide your feelings, your thoughts of how to end an engagement.

Keep in mind that you’re doing what’s best for you and for them in this situation before your relationship could collapse.

Questions To Ask Someone Before Marriage Them

Even if someone has been with you for a long time, it’s not simple to understand all of his personalities. Anyway, then you should make serious decisions related to engagement or marriage.

To avoid some doubts leading to how to end an engagement, let’s refer to these below questions before you decide to go to the next step:

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  • How much alone time do you need?
  • How important is it to you to keep up physical appearances?
  • How important is sex to you?
  • What are some of your financial goals?
  • What does faith and spirituality mean to you?
  • When conflict arises, do we tend to want to fight or avoid it?
  • Can you deal with doing things that are not yours?
  • Would you be willing to bail me out?
  • What’s the most you would be willing to spend on a car, a closet, shoes?
  • How many kids do you want? How do you intend to teach our kids?
  • What are the boundaries we want to put in place when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex?
  • How will we make sure we have quality time together no matter how busy we get?

Signs An Engagement Won’t Last

  • You’re Not In Sync With Your Partner

Alexis Dent, founder of custom wedding vow service XO Juliet, once said about one of the most signs that a couple might be headed for how to end an engagement is not mutual syncing. It may lead to negotiations.

Specifically, you and your fiancé should be on the same page. “If one member of the couple is uninterested in writing the vows at all, it can be a red flag that the couples aren’t in sync,” he said.

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Your partner isn’t excited with many guests, but this thing is important to you. Both of you should try your best to share others’ excitement.

If two of you can’t even agree with each other continuously, how will you decide anymore? Before doing how to end an engagement, take time to calm down and think again.

  • You Keep Putting Off Setting a Date

If there’s no general timeline for setting a date of engagement, you might haven’t solidified your own engagement. Even if you both want a longer engagement.

Why? A relationship writer and author, Samantha Gregory, gave some reasons that may be true in this case. “Too many times, the engagement lasts for years. The engagement shouldn’t be a permanent state of affairs.”

In reality, there are quite many couples who are still stuck in choosing a date for getting engaged with no plans. By time, it’s not fine. So, think of how to end an engagement if you always feel you’re in limbo.

  • You’re Still Waiting for Your Partner to Change

Maybe you believe that saying yes for taking your relationship to the next mature step would help your S.O. change. He will spend more time with you, give up those unhealthy habits, or any other issue you met while dating. No, it won’t work.

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Unfortunately, problematic habits, while dating, rarely resolve just because you say yes, get engaged or even married.

Waiting for their change is actually not an effective way. If something still makes you confused, it’s time to have a serious conversation and possibly think of how to end an engagement.

  • The Timing Isn’t Right

It related to multiple other things. By the way, this can mostly be due to age. If you are in a relationship, there is too much age difference.

For example, he is pushing over 30 but you are just in mid-20s. You realize that your lives, your goals and your priorities are just too different.

Someway, you both love and say yes immediately. But your partner may want to start a family, while you want to get a little further in your career, or you just aren’t quite ready to make an enormous commitment.

If the setting timing isn’t still going to be right for more than a couple months, you’d better figure out how to end an engagement without hurting your partner.

How To End An Engagement When You Live Together

  • Do It in Person

It’s an enormous commitment. Hence, no matter how nervous you are about it, you need to do it in person with honesty if you have serious doubts, instead of doing it through a text or mail.

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Till last, it’s a worthy method. You should consider applying for how to end an engagement that respects your partner. Sharing with him directly, you know, for yourself, it’s brave enough to do it calmly.

  • Get Support

Sometimes, a newbie can meet some troublesome issues for your forward engagement. It’s important for you to truly understand the sources of your doubts. Hence, it’s better to talk to an unbiased third party about your feelings.

Whether you choose to confide in a friend or a professional therapist, an outside opinion can help you understand the nature of your anxiety or guide you on how to end an engagement if you have already had the answer in your mind.

  • Express Your Doubts As Soon As You Have Them

The short-term confused feeling won’t lead to that, both from making a huge mistake. You need to express your doubt, your thought or whatever you wonder about your engagement to change your mind positively before it takes to an additional step which is figuring out how to end an engagement.

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In general, don’t let the bad feelings linger. The longer you wait, the more people, time, and money will be involved in that forward engagement. At that time, if it feels like you’re past the point of no return, talk to your partner about how to end an engagement as soon as possible.

  • Tell Anyone Involved

If you both decide to call off an engagement after all, tell both families and any bridal party members about the broken engagement in private.

They also deserve your explanation. Just main points and it doesn’t need to be detailed. Keep in mind that do not let them force you to reconsider.

You also need to notify guests. If you have already invited close guests to your engagement, you need to notify them in writing that the small party for engagement is cancelled as soon as possible.

Make sure to apologize to your guests for the inconvenience if they have already booked travel plans to come to your happy day.

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When you figure out how to end an engagement, it’s better to have a delicate touch about what is a painful issue. Let’s apply these proper ways of how to end an engagement from BestLifeTips which can help ease the broken heart.