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How to eat tomatillos – Best ways to flirt the Gourmet
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How To Eat Tomatillos – Best Ways To Flirt The Gourmet

Tomatillos mean little green tomatoes. They’re in the same family as the tomatoes but not particularly closely related. Do you know how to eat tomatillos? Let’s find out with BestLifeTips.

This incredibly versatile fruit can be prepared in several ways. But how to eat tomatillos? BestLifeTips will show you now!

how to eat tomatillos

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Can you eat tomatillos?

Can you eat tomatillos on keto?

Tomatillo produces about 4 grams of net carbohydrates per 100 grams, which makes it a useful fruit to fit into both levels of the ketogenic diet: either standard ketogenic and low carb. 

If you wonder how to eat tomatillos on keto, don’t worry because this food is keto-friendly and can completely be included in recipes in the ketogenic diet.

Moreover, this one will not give you healthy fats, but it’s one of the fruits that provide many benefits to your keto diet.

The high fiber content in tomatillos can promote the health of your digestive system and aid in blood sugar balance levels which can reduce the chances of developing diabetes.

Tomatillos are not only effective for digestion but also have an ideal amount of niacin which helps break down food into usable energy, taking part in reducing the amount of calories intake and in weight loss efforts.

how to eat tomatillos

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One serving of chopped green tomatoes contains only 42 calories, which is 2% of the ideal 2000 calorie diet a person should follow. They have the potential to keep you fuller for longer without necessarily adding any calories to the meter.

Can you eat tomatillos when pregnant?

Referring to some good practical ideas on Quora, most people answered that they used to eat tomatillos when pregnant because of some good affections for pregnant women like reducing diabetes or constipation.

However, it’s not recommended to eat tomatillos in the last trimester of pregnancy. It easily leads to your baby boogieing down or they may kick your bladder, even the tomatillo will probably cause heartburn for women in this hard time.

What part of the tomatillo can you eat?

There are parts of this kind of plant that are poisonous, such as the leaves, husk or even stem. As the fruit ripens, the papery husk, which is also known as the lantern, will loosen and reveal the fruit inside. 

This husk will leave behind a sticky residue which contains some chemicals called withanolides and helps ward off insects.

So, the first thing you need to do when preparing how to eat tomatillo is gently peel off the leafy husk before using as the husks are inedible.

how to eat tomatillos

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When you cut into the fruit, you will see tiny whitish seeds. Those are edible. So you don’t need to remove the seeds.

 Are tomatillos spicy?

It is believed that green sauce is not very spicy, so they think tomatillos are spicy too. 

Some people might be mistaken, but tomatillos are not spicy or hot. They provide the body for sauces and salsa and it’s become hot or mild up to you. 

The spicy recipe from tomatillos-made dishes caused by the served green chilies add to the heat. Don’t worry. There are still several other ways to know how to eat tomatillos without feeling spicy or hot.

What do tomatillos taste like?

Tomatillos belong to the same family as tomatoes but the former taste a little more like lemon with citrusy notes and a dense, dry texture, taste of mixed apples and herbs, than green tomatoes or even remain firm even when ripe.

How to eat tomatillos?

How to eat tomatillos raw?

To eat tomatillos raw, you’ll need to remove their papery husks by simply peeling them off and rinse tomatillos in warm water to remove any sticky residue or stuck-on bits.

While they’re usually cooked until tender to bring out their sweeter notes, fresh tomatillos can also be served raw. Try raw diced tomatillos in a ceviche or chow-chow.

While they’re usually cooked until tender to bring out their sweeter content, fresh tomatillos can also be served raw. It’s safe.

how to eat tomatillos

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You might also puree this fruit with cooked squash and onions for a creamy soup recipe to make a nice decoration. 

Chopped raw tomatillos will jazz up the flavor of a salad recipe, and thinly sliced raw tomatillos will enhance the flavor of a chicken sandwich, of course.

how to eat tomatillos

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How to eat tomatillo salsa verde?

According to Oregon State University Extension Service, one of the easiest ways to enjoy raw tomatillos in your meal is to dice them finely and add them in salsa.

And the easiest recipe for tomatillo salsa verde is to combine tomatillos, jalapenos, onion, and garlic or use it as a condiment, is great with chips.

What to eat with tomatillos?

Raw tomatillos are firm and fairly dry, so boiling or roasting helps soften the flesh and bring out their juices. Its served flavors like lime, onion, garlic, and cilantro go well with their tangy, sweet and sour taste. 

Besides, you can add some tomatillos to serve with Guacamole. It was hard to believe how awesome the stuff was even more. The fact is tomatillos could take Guacamole dish to a whole new level.

You can also try the salsa’s fruit with pork chops, eggs and applesauce. This way is spice up traditional comfort food with recipes for Gourmet.

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They’ll add tomatillos to a variety of recipes, as well as supply certain key nutrients. Hope you will find a way for how to eat tomatillos for your perfect meals. Don’t forget to read other posts from BestLifeTips. Those are definitely good for you!