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All You Need to Know About Tamarillos – The Exotic Variant Of Tomato
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All You Need To Know About Tamarillos – The Exotic Variant Of Tomato

Have you ever known how to eat tamarillo? Have you ever tasted this healthy and delicious fruit? If not, this post is for you, definitely. Read on with BestLifeTips to find out more.

Don’t be fooled by the tomato-like appearance of these elongated, and beautifully colored eggs. Tamarillo is its own species. How to eat tamarillo? Read on! BestLifeTips will give you more.

What is tamarillo?

Tamarillo is known as a relative of the moringa species. Tamarillo fruit is small in size, looking like colorful duck eggs. This plant usually grows in warm climates such as Australia, South America, Central America, or Asia.

Before that, the tamarillo was primarily called tree tomato, or tomate de Árbol, in reference to its native name. However, when promoted in the New Zealand market, the name of this fruit was judged to be the same as that of the common tomato. 

Since then, the name “tamarillo” was published and maintained to the present.

how to eat tamarillo

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Is tamarillo good for you?

Let’s think about how to eat tamarillo right now because you can’t ignore this fruits when you hear about its benefits. It’s a wonderful fruit.

Tamarillo has a substantial amount of dietary fibre, which gives you about nine percent of your daily intake. Other, this kind of fruit is also packed with multivitamins A, C, E and B-complex such as niacin, thiamine, and riboflavin. 

It’s really a pity if you pass away this fruit which contains not only nutrients of protein, carbohydrates, calcium, fat, potassium and sodium but also contains lots of essential minerals such as zinc, iron, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, etc. 

Not over-speaking when it is said that tamarillo is a golden fruit for people who want to lose weight. Its acidic properties help cut down fat effectively.

With an enough amount of anthocyanin, phenols and flavonoids, tamarillo also helps in anti-aging and protect the skin from pollution. 

Besides, the chlorogenic acid present in tamarillo plays a vital role in lowering blood sugar levels in type-II diabetes mellitus and reducing oxidative stress in organs such as the pancreas and the liver. 

how to eat tamarillo

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What does a tamarillo taste like?

Similar to tomato species, tamarillo contains small edible seeds. Overall, the flesh of the tamarillo is aromatic and sweet, with a rich flavor. 

However, when learning about how to eat tamarillo, you will probably have to be noted. Because the taste of each type of tamarillo will be slightly different. 

If it’s the smallest amber tamarillo, it has the sweetest and tastiest flesh. 

If tamarillo is red, it has a higher citric content, a harmonious taste and is compared to kiwi, tomato, guava or passion fruit. 

Compared to other colors, yellow tamarillo will not be as sweet as amber but has more sugar than red.

Can you eat tamarillo raw?

Tamarillo is usually eaten cooked but you can be eaten raw or added to salads. Surrounded by an inedible skin, the flesh of the tamarillo fruit is often described as bland though a sprinkling of sugar. The pulp is often described as juicy and sweet or tart. 

How to eat tamarillo fruit

Its texture seems like tomato but the skin is bitter, so it’s best to peel skin before eating. You can also boil it before eating.

Or if you want to eat it raw, cut it in half and use a spoon to scrape out the meat. Let’s serve with a little sugar if you can’t stand the sour taste of raw tamarillo.

Overall, you won’t have to wonder how to eat tamarillo because its flesh can be used in quite many simple dishes such as smoothies, chili sauce, as a topping for grilled chicken or pasta. 

To enjoy it for a fresh morning, you can also mix tamarillo with curries and bake into cakes or serve with porridge. Its handful uses are really rich when it is also used as an essential ingredient in some desserts.

How to eat tamarillo red

This type is very popular in South America and is considered a source of immune-boosting support. It is often used during flu season and cold season.

There are advantages when there are many ways for how to eating tamarillo red for people who are addicted to this fruit. It is suitable not only for eating raw, but also for cooking.

You can also enjoy red tamarillo as a topping on ice cream, cakes or other baked ones. Its taste is really great.

With the bitter skin removed, why not enjoy this delectable fruit in juice or smoothie form? The taste of red tamarillos also pairs quite well with butter and some cheeses such as feta, brie, arugula, cheddar.

how to eat tamarillo

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How to eat tamarillo yellow

The sweet taste of yellow tamarillo can be applied to many dishes such as hot sauce, chili sauce, and spices used in Indian cuisine. In particular, the difference of this type of fruit is that it is also used to make jam.

How to eat tamarillo recipes

Although there aren’t many recipes from tomatillo, but you can be used for dishes similar to tomatoes.

How to eat tamarillo salad

They usually serve this simple tamarillo salad with a few slices of bread or another side dish. With only 3 – 4 tamarillos, you can mix this salad with some sprouts, cucumber and lettuce.

According to the fruit salad of The Devil Wears Salad, to create a new flavor compared to regular tamarillo salad, you can also add lemon thyme and spread soft creme fraiche on top of the salad.

The combination of delicious creme fraiche and the sugar syrup of tamarillos creates a surprise for this dish. 

If you are losing weight, don’t forget to add this dish to your diet immediately. Many people often use this recipe for breakfast to provide more energy for activities.

How to eat with baked ricotta tamarillo cheesecake

This cheese tamarillo is based on ricotta cheese, which is much lower in fat than other cheeses. The texture of this cheesecake is quite light, moist, and feels like melting on the lips.

How to eat tamarillo cheesecake? Anyway, the tamarillo flavor has already blended into this cake, you can perfectly combine it with any fruit or not anything. 

In the meal, let’s pair this dessert with a rich main course for a delicious dinner without worrying about the mess with your digestive system.

how to eat tamarillo

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While tamarillos are not well known in Europe, they are so delicious and interesting that they are worth a try. Through this article, BestLifeTips hopes you own information about how to eat tamarillo for your tasty meals in near future.