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Luxury Domestic Beef Sukiyaki: An Incredible Cuisine Will Make You Warm In Japan
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Luxury Domestic Beef Sukiyaki: An Incredible Cuisine Will Make You Warm In Japan

Sukiyaki is a famous Japanese delicacy, but what exactly is it, and how to eat Sukiyaki? Read on to learn more about this delicious dish with BestLifeTips.

On rainy and chilly evenings, the sizzling sound of sukiyaki and the bubbling broth exuding a sweet aroma will keep you awake. So, how to eat Sukiyaki? BestLifeTips will introduce you below.

What is Sukiyaki?

Sukiyaki is an original Japanese hot dish, served in a shallow iron alloy pot. This is a high-class dish, so the ingredients used in this dish are all first-class.

The chief ingredient is thinly sliced ​​beef, which can be Kobe beef or Australian beef and some other luxurious spices or side dishes, creating an eye-catching and famous overall.

Is Sukiyaki healthy?

Sukiyaki can be a relatively healthy dish. But, in fact, it is not surprising that Sukiyaki is a delicious and extremely healthy dish. This dish possesses high-quality ingredients, so their combination is sure to be just as great nutrition.

The information related to nutritions from the average Sukiyaki serving family-sized pot for 4-5 adults is also quite big. It contains about 670 calories with 9 grams of fat, 100 grams of carbohydrates and 44 grams of protein.

The carb content of this dish is vastly high. Additionally, although this is a portion for many people, this calorie count does not make Sukiyaki an ideal dish for family meals or for those who intend to lose weight.

This large amount of calories actually comes from the sauces served with Sukiyaki.

how to eat sukiyaki

Source: Savor Japan

Is Sukiyaki raw?

Sukiyaki is not a raw food. It is cooked before serving. You can enjoy this dish after it’s boiled or eat it during cooking like a regular hot pot. That is also the way to enjoy Sukiyaki of the Japanese when everything is cooked in a bubbling pot.

However, Sukiyaki is usually served with raw egg yolk for dipping beef. In particular, for how to eat Sukiyaki in Kanto-style, the ingredients have been fried and cooked in warishita or another dashi sauce.

They are then often dipped in raw eggs to give a mellow flavor.

The safety concerns of raw eggs do not affect how to eat Sukiyaki. This type of raw ingredient here is completely optional, but if you want to eat, you can at least try using pasteurized egg yolk.

Is it safe to eat raw egg sukiyaki?

Fatty raw eggs are a great accompaniment to Sukiyaki hotpot, but they don’t seem too safe. Eating raw eggs may pose some risks of food poisoning.

Raw eggs are a wonderful source of natural minerals, including selenium, phosphorus, vitamin B12, and omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. However, the fear of salmonella poisoning makes many people still abstain from this food.

A 2002 study by the United States Department of Agriculture found that only 1 in 30,000 eggs produced was contaminated with salmonella. This study shows that the risk of salmonella infection from raw eggs is extremely low.

how to eat sukiyaki

Source: Savor Japan

How does sukiyaki taste?

Sukiyaki is a type of hot pot dish known for a brilliant combination of salty flavor of beef and sweetened soy sauce flavor. This taste is a bit like teriyaki sauce, but it’s mix of beef and mixed vegetables.

It has its own Sukiyaki flavor that everyone loves. In reality, this well-known dish has also achieved from just the right balance of sugar and soy sauce.

Difference between Sukiyaki and Shabu-Shabu

Unless you are Japanese or an expert on knowing well about how to eat Sukiyaki and other Japanese dishes, it can be difficult for you to distinguish between Sukiyaki and Shabu-Shabu.

Sukiyaki has a fuller flavor and is significantly stronger. This style of cooking comprises fresh ingredients, which are beef, vegetables and tofu served with soy sauce, Japanese mirin rice wine, and sugar.

Sukiyaki sauce is also sweeter and more pronounced. It is usually eaten with rice and the meat is dipped in a beaten raw egg.

Meanwhile, surely when learning about how to eat Sukiyaki, you will also see information related to Shabu-Shabu. So what is the difference of the latter? Shabu-Shabu has a milder taste.

Compared to the unique blend of salty and sweet like Sukiyaki, Shabu-Shabu’s taste tends to be much more salty than sweet.

In particular, Shabu-Shabu is more of a hot pot dish. Like regular hot pot meals, it involves cooking raw ingredients piece by piece in the center of the table in a pot of boiling water or broth instead of sweet sauce.

The broth of this dish is sometimes flavored with kombu and a little salt for flavor.

When should I eat sukiyaki?

To this day, they still consider Sukiyaki as a luxurious dish for gatherings with family and friends on special occasions because of the price and premium quality of the beef.

This hot dish is also suitable for serving on wintry days, especially suitable for lunch and dinner menus.

how to eat sukiyaki

Source: Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong

How to eat Sukiyaki

Why do people dip meat in eggs?

This is how to eat Sukiyaki in Japan. Basically, you just mix the raw egg together in the bowl, dunk your meat in the hot pot, take it out and dip in the egg and whatever extra sauces you want, then eat. It’s so tasty.

The hotness of the food will slightly cook some egg onto itself, making it creamy. It’s hard to ignore this top-notch way of how to eat Sukiyaki.

What goes well with sukiyaki?

Rice goes incredibly well with the special salty-sweet flavors, so it’s recommended eating rice along with your Sukiyaki. You can finish your sukiyaki experience with other kinds of carbohydrates. Probably one of the best  finishes is udonyaki.

What is the best meat for sukiyaki?

Besides the amount of rice served, the most perfect meat to coordinate in the way of eating Sukiyaki is also very important. The best meat to use for sukiyaki steak is tenderloin.

These cuts will be fresh, tender and without a lot of fat that can detract from the look of the dish.

how to eat sukiyaki

Source: Asia Dreams

What drink goes well with sukiyaki?

Sukiyaki dishes contain an amount of alcohol in sake, as well as the umami and sweetness. You just need to use a light-bodied Pinot Noir to perfect the wine to accompany this dish.

How to eat Sukiyaki Kanto style

In Kanto style, you’ll have to wonder about how to eat Sukiyaki without meat grilling. Kanto people will mix soy sauce, sake, sugar and mirin in a pot, bring to a boil. Vegetables and meat are added and lightly cooked and enjoyed.

If you look closely, you find that the Kanto style of how to eat Sukiyaki is less greasy and is an ideal choice for a weight control menu.

How to eat Sukiyaki Kansai style

The Kansai will usually grill meat on a pan first to reduce the fat from the protein. They then started adding vegetables like onions, sliced leeks, and cabbage before adding sugar and soy sauce to serve.

What can I do with leftover sukiyaki?

For leftover Sukiyaki, pair it with a bowl of classic udon noodles with a dash of egg. It will definitely create great enjoyment. Alternatively, you can turn it into a donburi by reheating it with some beaten egg and then serving it with rice.

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Sukiyaki is a representative dish of Japanese cuisine. If you haven’t eaten yet, let’s experience how to eat Sukiyaki above from BestLifeTips. This quintessential Japanese beef dish won’t let you down.