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Try 4 best ways to enjoy sweetness from sugar cane maximum
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Try 4 Best Ways To Enjoy Sweetness From Sugar Cane Maximum

Sugar cane is the main source of sucrose used in sugar production. Learn how to eat sugar cane with BestLifeTips to enjoy this unique product.

Sugar cane is a plant that not only provides juice to quench your thirst but also gives you an energy boost and is good for health. Do you know how to eat sugar cane? In this article, let BestLifeTips introduce to you.

Is sugarcane a fruit or a vegetable?

Maybe everyone will ask this because there is an idea this stuff is sweet. But the answer is that sugar cane is neither a fruit nor a vegetable.

There is a quite weird rule that not all the plant materials we eat need to be classified as a fruit or a vegetable. There is no special classification for sugar cane. It is just a type of perennial grass like bamboo.

Sugar cane belongs to the grass family called Poaceae, an economically important flowering plant family that includes maize, wheat, rice, and sorghum, and many forage crops.

Its sweet part is not a fruit because it is not the part that contains seeds. Sugar is extracted from its stem aka cane, which makes them sweet.

how to eat sugar cane

Source: reNature

Is it good to eat sugar cane?

Sugar cane and its products are really healthy when consumed in moderation. It is effective not only in treating urinary tract problems but also plays as an antioxidant booster.

It’s beneficial for pregnant women and diabetics. In addition, this species plant also helps the kidneys to function properly, as it has diuretic properties that can help remove excess salt and water from the body.

The rich antioxidants in sugarcane also help build and maintain a healthy immune system, fight free radicals, and limit problems like diabetes, malaria, heart attack and skin cancer.

Although it’s good, it will also have the opposite effect and adversely affect your health if you consume too much sugar from its stem. That can lead to things including diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and fatty liver even.

Can you eat sugar cane raw?

Yes. Sure you can. Raw sugarcane stalks can be chewed as a snack after the tough skin is first cut off and discarded. Because the stalks are fibrous, they are not eaten but merely chewed to extract the juice.

how to eat sugar cane

Source: Rappler

Now certain research actually says that raw sugar cane could hold the ingredient to a good night’s sleep on your best comfy mattress.

Natural sugar from raw cane contains a positive chemical called Octacosanol, which can help the body deal with stress and anxiety.

What does sugar cane taste like?

It has a sweet taste and its taste juice seems like a mix of grass shoot juice laced with Ixora floral sweetness. It is vastly a kind of floral sweetness rather than just a sweetness from white sugar’s plant.

Sugarcane juice is a sweet, syrupy liquid that’s pressed. It isn’t pure sugar because it has up to 70–75% water, about 10-15% fiber, and 13–15% sugar in the form of sucrose. It may be a reason that its cane became a major source of most of the table sugar.

How to eat sugar cane?

It’s not hard to practice how to eat sugar cane. You just cut the cane at the base and peel off the outer layer.

Most adults can eat sugar cane by the direct way to eat is biting the fibrous flesh inside called bagasse. This inside is edible that contains sugar, fiber, and other nutrients.

how to eat sugar cane

Source: Sugar Asia Magazine

The process continues with putting a small piece of peeled sugarcane in your mouth to chew for extracting sweetness. Then, the tough fibre will be released away.

You can also indirectly drink the juice by squeezing it to make juice mixing with other stimulated ingredients.

How to eat sugar cane juice recipes

How to eat sugar cane juice with lemon chicken

With this recipe, let’s grill the chicken skewers wrap around sugar cane sticks until they are firm to the touch. You don’t need to know clearly how to eat recipe, just do shred the lemon chicken with spices and lemon juice.

One of the best ways to eat it is to serve it with a side dish of the Sango sauce for dipping. This sauce is a combined mixture of onion, peppers, and garlic, chicken stock, green plantains, and peanuts.

how to eat sugar cane

Source: Sweet and Savory Meals

How to eat sugar cane dessert

How to eat sugar cane ice cream

How to eat sugar cane ice cream easily? To prepare, you just need to use your knife to peel the outer skin away and chop the cane into small chunks.

Then putting in food processor until cane is broken up and looks resembles minced ginger. With a few corn-starch, gelatin and light rum, we will have a mixture of whipping block for ice cream maker.

When it turning into real ice cream whose the great texture of soft serve. Don’t hesitate, eat immediately and you feel a natural sweetness is paired well.

how to eat sugar cane

Source: The Guardian Nigeria

The best idea for this dessert is you won’t have to add any sugar to sweeten it. Sugarcane juice is enough to lend flavor as well as sweetness to your dessert.

How to eat sugar cane sorbet

Besides ice cream, you can also enjoy the special taste of sugar cane through simple sugar cane sorbet without needing milk or an ice maker. It is totally yummy and a welcome change to the usual sorbets one digs into.

From the mixture above, just transfer it to the freezer instead of the ice cream machine. Then, drizzle a little honey on the serving plate.

how to eat sugar cane

Source: Times of India

If you grind sugar cane like ginger when making ice cream, with sorbet, you can directly add ginger to the frozen ingredients mix to make this dish.

The process of sorbet continues with use of a thinly sliced sugarcane stem and berries for decoration.

With some simple steps like that, you can treat yourself to sweet dishes for summer without worrying about how to eat sugar cane desserts.

How to eat sugar cane stick snacks

You can peel off the tough bark of the sugarcane and slice it up so that you get the soft, firm, and juicy inside. Continue cutting with a knife into sticks or chop into cubes. Let’s melt chocolate in a microwave or over a pot of boiling water.

Till here, maybe you will not question how to eat sugar cane sticks like snacks. All you must do is just serve these sticks with the melted chocolate dip or coat the cubes with the chocolate to enjoy sweetness.

how to eat sugar cane

Source: Mummy’s Yum

How to eat sugar cane syrup

In fact, sugar cane syrups contain sucrose derived from sugar cane and sugar beet. Sometimes, depending upon the grade, small quantities of sugar are moved.

But how to eat sugar cane syrup? You can serve this kind of syrup in place of maple syrup on pancakes or waffles or substitute it for molasses and corn syrup in baked beans or on top of your sundae.

how to eat sugar cane

Source: Alibaba

Moreover, adding it to stir into a Caribbean-inspired rum or using it as a significant ingredient to bake into a traditional Cajun syrup cake.

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Now, you can comfortably enjoy the wonderful sweetness from sugarcane. Hopefully, with some tips from BestLifeTips, you have known and successfully applied how to eat sugarcane.