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Enjoy Italian Christmas Panettone With Tasty Recipes
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Enjoy Italian Christmas Panettone With Tasty Recipes

If you walk down any street in Rome during the holidays, you will notice every other person carrying a large box of panettone. Have you heard about this food? Let BestLifeTips tell you how to eat panettone.

Panettone is a great kind of sweet food for dinner parties or holiday gatherings in Italy. If you don’t know how to eat panettone, let’s start with BestLifeTips.

Is panettone a bread or cake?

Before determining how to eat panettone, it is really necessary to know what this food belongs to. It’s difficult because panettone is a cake hybrid bread, but its outlooks is more of bread than a cake.

Panettone is a golden block that often contains dried fruit and candied peel.

According to Stanislao Porzio, author of a book on panettone, the bread first originated in Milan in the 15th century. It was referred to as “pane di tono,” which translates to “luxury cake”.

At that time, yeast was considered an essential ingredient, so it was only used to make bread for religious celebrations.

With a dome shape of this bread, can you immediately recognize the two main associations are symbols of Christmas and Italy? It’s lacking! Panettone is more than just an Italian Christmas cake, it’s much more than that.

how to eat panettone

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What does panettone taste like?

Generally, panettone has a very light, not overly sweet, soft, aromatic and specifically delicious taste. This kind of dessert combines the moistness of a cake with the texture of a particularly delicate bread. 

The outside has a slight crust, the soft interior is melt-in-your-mouth. Some said that panettone tastes like ham and pineapple pizza. You can pull a piece apart and the strands come apart like candy floss.

However, each bakery’s panettone may have its own specific flavour. 

“Lievito madre is influenced by the microclimate where you work. The laboratory of each bakery, the atmosphere, has its own bacteria and climate that influences the panettone.”

“So each one’s different from the next.”, Cristian Tessari of Pasticceria Cucchi shared with BBC Travel. 

how to eat panettone

Source: BBC Good Food

When should you eat panettone?

It is known as a sliced toast served at every Christmas or important festivals in Italy. However, if you are addicted to its sweet food taste, eat it as a simple dessert with some additional sweet ingredients.

You can enjoy it in replace of a cake and coffee feast at breakfast or snack time. The light panettone can also be a delicious snack at any time of the day.

How to serve panettone?

Many people find the panettone slice a bit dry, so you can serve it with sweet wine or sparkling wine and accompany it with something rich and creamy.

Note that while determining for yourself how to eat panettone, you should not slice panettone before you or any guests enjoy it. If you want the serving process to be convenient, lightly spread cheese or mascarpone on those slices.

how to eat panettone

Source: BBC Good Food

You can try it with ice cream, jelly, custard or some special fruits that make panettone a delicious meal. Moreover, panettone toast can be also matched with spinach, stewed sweet potatoes, or roasted turkey.

If you still want to know how to eat panettone in a richer way, slice and serve as a simple dessert with chocolate, caramel, maple or pumpkin sauce. Let’s sprinkle with fig leaves and rosemary leaves and drizzle with honey to enhance the taste.

How to eat panettone recipes

How to eat panettone bread and butter pudding

Like croissants, brioche and many other bread products, you can absolutely use bread panettone to make pudding. Surely it will be as delicious as other cakes of the same type!

Have you ever wondered how to eat panettone with butter like a greasy pudding? Indeed, the Italian bread and the other flavors of the pudding go well together.

how to eat panettone

Source: Taste

In addition to serving it with butter, you can also use cranberry or orange zest or also with chocolate chips for a more nutty version of panettone.

You can also eat this panettone bread and butter pudding with decorating raisins or any dried fruit if you like. Don’t forget to enjoy this Italian-origin pie after dinner with a glass of wine.

How to eat panettone French toast

Because the nature of this food is already sweet, no matter how to eat panettone toast, there is no need to add any additional spices or ingredients to sweeten it.

One of the answers to the question of how to eat panettone toast deliciously is to serve it with a spoonful of caramelized apple compote. This French toast is sure to be the perfect addition to a leisurely holiday meal.

how to eat panettone

Source: Allrecipes

Not only is this supplement delicious, but it also contains natural sweetness from a few drops of maple syrup, whipped cream or simply using a little powdered sugar.

How to eat panettone tiramisu

how to eat panettone

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How to eat panettone for a long time that still keeps the perfect taste? You can choose to eat this amazing Chocolate Tiramisu panettone. This is the perfect dish to add a little Italian flair to your festival.

Spread a mixture of mascarpone and cream across the panettone slices. Then place another layer of panettone slices on top. Just sprinkle with the cocoa powder ang gratings of dark chocolate after cooling.

All you have to do now is fill your mouth with layers of toasted chocolate panettone with mascarpone whipped cream and a shot of espresso. This flavor combination will surely impress you.

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BestLifeTips hopes some guides about how to eat panettone and these recipes will brighten your dessert tables in the holiday season. Share the article with your family and friend if you find it interesting.