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Simple tips to enjoy your meal with lychees like a pro
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Simple Tips To Enjoy Your Meal With Lychees Like A Pro

At first glance, a lychee looks like a golf ball. It is a really delicious fruit. This article from BestLifeTips will show you how to eat lychees like a pro.

Like other tropical fruits including rambutan or dragon fruit, lychees is a kind of fruit that can stump even the most adventurous eaters. Do you really know how to eat lychees? This perfect blend of sweet and tart is mentioned by BestLifeTips now. Read on!

Is lychee hot or cold?

Lychees is a summer fruit, which is loaded with multiple health benefits. This pulpy fruit is a great fruit to keep you hydrated during this hot weather. 

While oriental medicine identifies that litchi fruit has great heat properties, Western think of eating litchi a lot making us feel hot inside, causing mouth ulcers, boils, nosebleeds, etc.

The Cantonese from China also compare that eating a litchi equals holding three torches in person. This refers to the hot property of this fruit. Do you wonder how to eat lychees?

how to eat lychees

Source: Food Hall India

What do lychees taste like?

The layer of shell of the lychee fruit is rough like dino skin. Compared with roughness outside one, the inner flesh really stimulates your taste and makes you want to eat immediately. Its texture of this berry fruit is light, delicate, and totally water-rich.

This little firmer lychee is a good type of juicy, thirst-quenching fruit that’s deeply satisfying in the summer months when it comes into season.

The lychee fruit has a sweet taste. On a flavor scale to 10, this kind of fruit gets an 8 for sweetness. Besides, the beautiful white flesh is similar to a pearl and has an aromatic smell with a hint of rose slightly.

Lychees are not unpleasantly sour unless under-ripe, but they pair well with citrus fruits such as lime and add a complexity of flavor to drinks and desserts like grapes.

Some also claim how to eat lychees when its taste seems more like a pear or watermelon. This consensus about the taste of lychee was similar, but with a more slightly acidic touch.

All of them point out that it’s a balance of sweet and tart. This combination means the lychee serves well with other tropical flavors. But if you see a whiff of fermentation, they are spoiled.

Gabbi Shaw – an author of many health articles from Spoon University, also admits that it tastes similar to a grape, with a more floral undertone.

“Lychees are a solid addition to most drinks, and are definitely a bold flavor that, if used properly, can add to a dish.”

Is it safe to eat lychees?

The answer is lychees are safe and good to eat. 

According to nutritional data collected from the USDA, lychee plays an important role in supplementing with vitamin C and potassium for health.

The high percentage of vitamin C in lychee will enhance its ability to fight diseases, especially. Flavonoid compounds in this berry one also act as pain relievers to help stop the inflammatory process and tissue damage from the outside.

Moreover, litchi is a fruit second only to strawberries in terms of rich antioxidants and polyphenols, which help the body fight free radicals. One cup of lychee fresh will also provide 10% of your daily fiber needs. 

Source India Today

Source: India Today

If you eat in the wrong ways, the toxic substance in lychees causes a fever, including fever, vomiting and unconsciousness or onset of seizures. Some people mostly have to suffer because of eating raw or unoriginal lychees.

So, how to eat lychees for your safety?

How many lychees should I eat per day?

You should only eat a sufficient amount of lychee at a time, no more than 300 grams or 10 fruits.

Because consuming too much lychees will easily cause burning body, hot liver, thereby causing symptoms such as acne, sore tongue, mouth sores or seriously like nausea, dizziness,…

Especially in young children, it is best to only eat about 5 to 6 fruits to load the minerals and vitamins in lychees into their body. People with diabetes or women in pregnancy should not eat much, only 3 to 5 fruits a day.

how to eat lychees

Source: The Spruche Eats

When should we not eat lychees?

In addition to the trimester in pregnancy or people with diabetes, medical experts have pointed out the times when a normal person should not eat lychees. Specifically like:

On empty stomach

Eating fresh lychees on an empty stomach will cause the body to load too much sugar in a short time, causing symptoms of dizziness, nausea, and weak limbs.

The best time to eat lychees is right after the main meal when the body has accumulated enough salt water through food.

If you experience sickness because of lychees, you should drink sugar water to improve your health when insulin must increase to lower blood sugar levels.

Closing, if you want to know more about how to eat lychees in right way, just choose right time to eat first.

how to eat lychees

Source: Gardening Know How

When you have a pimple

Lychee contains a lot of sugar, and has a hot property that can cause boils and make people with heat illness worse.

Women in menstruation

A few days before their menstrual cycle, women often feel anxious, irritable, and tired due to an imbalance of the hormones estrogen and progesterone.

Therefore, when you are in this stage, you need to limit your consumption of lychees to avoid these more severe conditions.

What do you serve lychee with?

Lychee is commonly served in fresh fruit salads or sweet and sour salads along with other tropical fruits. Some pair well with lychees, including mango, banana, coconut, passion fruit, and pineapple, orange, lemon, lime, ginger. 

Using some additional sweet ingredients like white chocolate, matcha, chocolate, and vanilla, is a proper choice to make dishes more tasty.

How to eat lychees

How to eat lychees nuts

how to eat lychees

Source: The Missing Lokness

It has been found that litchi seeds contain certain natural toxins, mostly. While powdered lychee seeds may have some health benefits, eating the seed itself is a bad idea. 

Not only the Helium explains that “not only does taste bad, but it can have some particularly unpleasant effects on your digestive system,” but also Purdue website emphasizes that the seed is inedible. 

So how to eat lychees nuts? Don’t worry, although its nuts are inedible, it will be used for medicinal purposes such as making seeds powder or seeds tea.

how to eat lychees

Source: Tablespoon

How to eat lychees jelly

Lychees jelly tastes refreshing and is a great subtle addition for snack. This jelly is made from a layer of flesh inside a coconut with a texture slightly thicker than gelatin. 

This flavor pairs well with passionfruit and is good for health with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. Lychee jelly tastes pleasantly refreshing and smooth with a nice lychee fruit flavor. 

The question now is how to eat lychees jelly to be the best? You can eat the jelly with a spoon, or even just squeeze the bottom of the cups to get it out.

Or if you want to brew your favourite tea and add sweetener. Just add your lychee jelly cubes to a cup of ice, pour over your steeped tea and enjoy.

How to eat lychees in syrup

Lychee syrup is a heady floral sweetener made from the fruit of the seedless lychee. The easiest way how to eat lychees in syrup is from a canned one.

how to eat lychees

Source: Modern Tiki

The creamy white flesh is juicy, smooth and delicately sweet. You can also make your own by combining equal parts of sugar, water, and fresh lychee fruit.

You can enjoy canned lychees syrup any time of the year with other tropical fruits in ice creams, custards or as cocktails.

how to eat lychees


These also make up for fresh tasty salads, which can be served with cream or yoghurts as desserts.
Moreover, the syrup is added to lychee iced tea, lychees milk tea and lemonades for stimulating these drinks.

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Here are some guides on how to eat lychees – an exotic fruit from tropical areas. Find more articles in BestLifeTips to brighten your day.