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Loquat: An Exotic Fruit You’ve Probably Never Tried Before
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Loquat: An Exotic Fruit You’ve Probably Never Tried Before

The loquat is an evergreen tree that produces small colored fruits that have a shape like a mini pear. If you want to know more about what loquat tastes like or how to eat loquat. This article is for you because BestLifeTips will give you detailed information on loquat. Let’s dive in.

Although it is known as native to China, Japanese have grown the loquat for centuries and is now found across the world. BestLifeTips will point out here some essential information about how to eat loquat and some tasty loquat recipes.

Is loquat fruit poisonous?

Like most of its relatives, like a pear or apple, except for the seeds or young leaves, they are not poisonous.

Even some eat raw loquat. They really create a slight fresh snack packing with a more flavorful punch than some advice eating daily apples.

Nutritionally, while only a few people worry about whether loquat is poisonous or how to eat loquat without toxicity, loquat is a favorite food for its health benefits. This is a substantial source of fiber content, essential minerals such as sodium, potassium, or manganese.

Similar to carrots, this safe food contains orange color and plays a role as natural phytochemical called carotenoids that are high in vitamin A. Humans need this vitamin for healthy eyes and strong immune systems.

how to eat loquat

Source: Gardening Know How

What does loquat taste like?

Loquat has a typical flavor from a tropical area, like their relatives. This is a cross between an apricot, apple, pineapple and a lot of other fruit too. Some people say they taste somewhat like grapes.

The taste of loquat is really impressive. Its taste sweet pairs well with slightly tart, linking to some citrus species. The texture ranges from firm and crispy that is like a juicy peach-like texture once fully ripened. 

You can enjoy tasty loquat when they are fully ripe. These ripe ones have a bright yellow-orange and a slightly soft flesh. The flesh has a pleasant floral aroma as the fruit ripens. Note for raw or immature fruit because of sourness. 

Besides, loquat leaves have a mild taste and aroma, suitable for picking and making tea. After being soaked in water, they impart a pleasant taste and natural sweetness. 

Can you eat the skin of a loquat?

The skin loquat is completely edible, but many people prefer to still peel it in terms of flavorless. It is similar to the skin of apples or peaches, where it depends on your personal preference.

Can you eat the seeds of a loquat?

You can not consume it. Each loquat fruit may contain between 1 and 3 big seeds inside. Generally, loquat seed is very hard and have a bitter taste, making it unsuitable for human consumption.

Like other stone fruits, they are slightly poisonous. Its seeds contain cyanogenic glycosides, including mainly amygdalin, which release cyanide. 

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Is loquat keto friendly?

Loquat are low-calorie fruits that provide several vitamins and minerals, making them very nutritious. One cup of cubed loquat serving about 149 grams, which contains 70 calories and 18 grams carb, according to Healthline.

This creamy fruit is really a keto diet godsend. If you eat only a half of an avocado, you consume a glorious 15g of heart-healthy fat, but it has less than 2g of net carbs. 

If you are a keto diet follower and don’t know how to eat avocado if you don’t like it, you can read this or choose loquat. 

These fruits make significant additions to smoothies, says registered Sarah Jadin, dietician who specialises in keto diets.

how to eat loquat

Source: Perrys Fruit and Nut Nursery

How to eat loquat sweet and savory recipes

How to eat loquat jam

Loquat is naturally high in natural pectin that helps jam to set without adding more pectin and also high in sugar. 

With this sweet recipe, you can use less than half of the amount of sugar out of an original recipe. Surely your loquat jams got set with no trouble. It’s the best one, less sugar, but still sweet enough.

So, how to eat loquat jam? You should start making jams instantly before summer break. Loquat jam and other stone fruit jams are always served, which makes any other food’s flavor more delicious.

Moreover, this jam works perfectly with both wheat toast, crackers and flat bread. Don’t forget to enjoy a loquat jam for breakfast with a cup of hot tea or coffee.

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How to eat loquat pickle

Some said the sweet and sour combination of loquat with the Indian spices goes very well in this pickle recipe.

After pickling, let all of it for a few days. This instant loquat pickle can be served as a side with rice. You may also try it with some fried dishes or with yogurt rice.

A vegan follower can get a dish that simply greatly uses fresh loquat like pickled one. If you’re in the mood for some heat, add fresh chili to the recipe to enjoy freshness and crunchy. 

How to eat loquat chicken

Besides finding how to eat loquat recipe for jam or jelly, why not try a savory recipe like onion loquat chicken. Use them with chicken and pork dishes with boneless, skinless thighs, seared flesh. It’s seriously yummy!

This loquat chicken recipe is extremely easy and rich as well as healthy. You can take advantage of the good fat of chicken and do not add any fat. 

how to eat loquat

Source: Awesome Cooker

To serve, just place a mixture of cooked and drained dishes on a plate. Take a chicken breast and spread with a liberally spoon the loquat and cranberry sauce over the top to taste.

On the other hand, let’s serve this simple chicken loquat recipe with roasted potatoes. White rice is also a superb choice, for it is covered with a sauce that will be a delicious mixture of sweet and sour.

How to eat loquat to make sure of the beauty of the dish? Do garnish with parsley for perfection. 

How to eat loquat potato curry

This curry is mixed with spice flavor, including turmeric, coriander, cumin, and cinnamon, plus plenty of chili. They leave this dish intensely flavorful and fiery. 

Some said that chicken commonly paired with major ingredients like loquat with potato, onion, ginger and garlic and spices and made a curry which was incredibly tasty and delicious. 

how to eat loquat

Source: Madhu’s Everyday Indian

Serve it over white rice or roti and a type of Indian unleavened rice bread called bhaktis to soak up all the sauce.

With this recipe, use any good quality curry powder to make. Others, to replace green peas, you can use some substitution like lima beans, black-eyed peas or edamame.

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The question that everyone is wondering how to eat loquat must have an answer. BestLifeTips hopes you will show off your skills in the role of an excellent housewife in cooking or specifically loquat. Please share if you find it useful.