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How to eat in kenshi – Everything you should know to become a winner

How To Eat In Kenshi – Everything You Should Know To Become A Winner

BestLifeTips and today’s article will provide you with a lot of introduction and instructions on how to eat in kenshi! Let’s find out!

Kenshi is a squad-based RPG, and you have basic needs to look after your characters, one of them being hunger. How to eat in kenshi? BestLifeTips will help you.

how to eat in kenshi

How to get food in kenshi

When you are a newbie, all you need to do is try mining ore such as stone, iron, copper and so on for an initial cash flow to buy food from traders in towns or travelling trade caravans because of buying food in kenshi costs. 

You will either have to have something to trade for the food or some cash.

When you want to trade, let’s talk to traders in kenshi in order to buy food by selecting one of your party members first.

how to eat in kenshi

From then, right-click on that trader to begin talking to them and select the option Let’s trade

This will open another screen where you can trade items from the character you initiated the dialogue with and the trader. So, you have your own food.

Or when you have mastered more in this game, you can kill or pick a downed dog on the ground to harvest its meat and cook it easily by a campfire for food.

How often will my character eat

The overall answer for how often they are, is not really to know exactly. Your character’s hunger rate is influenced by multiple factors in kenshi including their strength, their tasks, type of race, etc. 

how to eat in kenshi

If your character is working too hard or walking around with too much weight for their strength, they will get hungrier quicker. 

About races, it’s a significant factor that makes your characters have a multiplier to hunger as well. 

Typically, the Shek’s race need to eat more often than normal humans, who have a base hunger level of 1x. 

The Hiver race will need to eat less as their hunger rate is just 0.5x, meaning they will get hungry half as quick as humans. 

For Skeletons, on the other hand, they will never have to eat at all.

How to make characters eat in kenshi

Keeping your characters well fed in kenshi is an integral action. It will keep the role for them getting away from being caught or starving. 

The reason comes from game principles that when your character is hungry, they will have a negative coefficient on some of their stats, regardless of any kind of race. 

Commonly, your characters will eat automatically when they feel hungry or detailly their endurance for hunger goes down to a certain threshold. They will only eat enough food to fill them up. 

So, if you are constantly wondering how to tell the characters how to eat in kenshi, don’t worry, you will just wait for the hunger bar to decrease.

Some items may be eaten up to multiple times or you can have your own many separated characters for digesting only one food cube before being used up.

They automatically consume food from when their hunger bar gets below 250, unless the only types of food they have are edible ingredients. In that case, they will not eat it until they get below 200.

It depends on how hungry your characters are. Characters of different races have different hunger rates from each other, which is also dependent on any action that a character is doing surely. 

Take an example understandable in Kenshi Wiki, it will drain more slowly if a character is idle and faster if a character is working.

How to eat food in inventory

They will automatically consume all of the food that is in their own or their squad member’s inventories like in a nearby backpack or they may use food from out of backpack like a storage container or even on the ground. 

how to eat in kenshi

If you are curious about how to eat in kenshi or their inventory specifically, you must know the food there is not always edible. And the edible food items may also be just any kind of ingredients, displayed with their nutrition value.

They must choose edible foods there automatically to consume including dried fish, dried meat, rice, Gohan, foodcube, etc. 

However, not all the food in inventory is their choice like some edible ingredients to cook such as raw meat or bread or cactus, riceweed, strawflour,…

How to eat in kenshi

Basically, automatic is the answer for how to eat in kenshi but, in fact, there are settings that you can use for increasing or decreasing the rate of eating.

how to eat in kenshi

Kenshi how to eat dried meat

Dried meat is a kind of food item purchased from relevant merchants, typically Bars. But how to eat in kenshi? 

You can also eat dried meat after cooking or looting campfires from raw meat. 

Raw Meat is an ingredient used only in the crafting of dried meat. It can be bought from relevant traders in Hive Villages or gathered from hunting from fauna.

How to eat Green fruit kenshi

It may not be their favorite food but your characters won’t use it for their hunger. Because with green fruit at least, they try not to eat it for as long as possible until they’re so hungry so they don’t use up your cooking ingredients. 

This is also a part of the game mechanics for the game when a decent trained squad is aided to be able to eat. Their hordes can help a ton for building your base.

However, Green fruit is an ingredient for several dishes you can make at the Cooking Stove for some recipes like Gohan, cooked veggies, etc.

Dishes made from Green fruit always attract characters that allow them to cook and eat. It provides nutrition values but must be cooking with a Cooking Stove.

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Stick to the above and you’ll end up with a good way about how to eat in kenshi. Let’s read other posts from BestLifeTips for updating your tips in your own worthy life.