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Top Tricks You Should Know To Get Enough Nutrients For Yourself
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Top Tricks You Should Know To Get Enough Nutrients For Yourself

BestLifeTips is here to share some ways and tricks for overcoming those aversions about how to eat food you don’t like. Let’s do it successfully after reading this topic.

Instead of cutting some types of food out of your diet, add them into the diet for your good health. But how to eat food you don’t like? Read on with BestLifeTips and you will find out soon.

Why can’t I eat food I don’t like?

In general, if you can’t eat foods you don’t like, several things may suppress your appetite or worse, creating resistance, including medications, emotions, problems with health and comes from those foods.

When you are hungry, it also means that your body is signaling a lack of energy. Both your brain and gut work together to give you that feeling of hunger. So if you don’t want to eat, it’s related.

According to the psychology professor Paul Rozin of the University of Pennsylvania, it turns out that there are no answers, as far as most idiosyncratic aversions are concerned, specifically the commonest type of food dislike. 

The Guardian also pointed out that Rozin and Jane Kauer, also of Pennsylvania University, were working on a paper that involved surveying nearly 500 people about their hatred of raw tomatoes or white foods. 

Most said had no idea what sparked these aversions, but they tended to have started in childhood and they have not eaten it any more.

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Dr. Naomi from Irish Examiner said that we each have our own genetic fingerprint of likes and dislikes. But our unique genetic makeup only accounts for a certain amount of our taste preferences. 

The outstanding reason may be that you become averse and refuse to eat those foods as a result of them making us sick. Your brains do it to protect us from further poisoning. It may be wrong, but if you do eat, its new nausea triggers.

What happens if you eat food that you don’t like?

The question of how to eat food you don’t like becomes more necessary if you think about the negative consequences. 

In fact, except for weird foods, many people tend not to eat healthy foods like vegetables, seafood, etc. They will affect your health in the long run. 

As people get older, human health declines more, so food aversion makes you lose a lot of energy supply for the body to function during the day.

Besides, when you do not absorb enough necessary nutrients from a variety of foods, the resistance is weaker and the aging process takes place faster. From there, it leads to many other chronic diseases.

In addition, when you don’t eat food that you don’t like, it will also seriously affect your mental health. Disgusting with that type of food will affect the consumption of other foods related to it and your taste later. 

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Can you force yourself to eat food you don’t like?

The answer is yes. This may mean that if you want to know how to eat food you don’t like, just learn it habitually. 

According to Mari Sandell, Professor in Sensory Perception for the Functionary Foods Forum, the trick is to keep trying food. 

“Repeated exposure usually helps people to accept flavours. But it may not be so easy to repeatedly try something you don’t like. Some people may need to try the same food more than others. It is pretty easy to give up if you are not motivated.”

Guy Crosby, Adjunct Associate Professor of Nutrition at Harvard University’s T.H. Chan school of Public Health, agrees. “It is possible to learn to like tastes that a person finds unpleasant”, he says. 

Of course, if you have a hard taste, forcing yourself to accept foods that you don’t like might be more difficult.

How to eat food you don’t like at someone’s house

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In some countries, they might consider it rude to reject food when invited over to someone’s home.

It’s fair to say that hosts often put a lot of effort into cooking and want everyone to eat. Don’t tell them you don’t like the food, it will hurt their feelings.

However, it doesn’t mean you need to fill your plate with those foods. So, how to eat food you don’t like in this context? If you’re feeling pressured and need to eat some food, try what food you can consume.

Not everything on the table is something you don’t like. If you eat a little, this gives you the option to try it. It will show your respect to the person who took the time to prepare for it.

But if you don’t like even a small portion on your plate, try eating some salad with sauces and give them the reason you can’t eat much.

Tricks for how to eat food you don’t like

How to eat foods you don’t like by using mental tricks

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Using mental tricks, use your mind to eat foods you don’t like. The first way is to pretend that the food is food that you really like. Being creative in your head will help you not feel disgusted with the product you are eating.

Alternatively, you can also try not to think or stare at this food. Instead, just focus on the fact that you need to eat, that one meal can provide some great nutrients for yourself.

Another effective way is to use your compassion to think of the poor. It’s sad, but it will work for your context.

How to eat food you don’t like by using physical tricks

Trying to dislike food in a fresh and breezy place, though. Because air flow can dissipate the smell of food. Or you can avoid sniffing or being too close, you can stand its odor foods that do smell bad such as stinky tofu or stinky cheeses. 

If you can’t abide the texture, avoid chewing. Instead, cut the food into tiny bits that are safe to toss them down your gullet as fast as you can.

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