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Don’t Waste Your Time! Secrets Of How To Eat Foie Gras Revealed Here
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Don’t Waste Your Time! Secrets Of How To Eat Foie Gras Revealed Here

Are you missing out on the easiest ways to enjoy foie gras? Find out how to eat foie gras with BestLifeTips right now for great tasting experiences.

Prized for its rich flavor, foie gras is considered a delicacy around the world on par with other undesirables. BestLifeTips will share about how to eat foie gras. Let’s find out below.

Is it healthy to eat foie gras?

When finding out how to eat foie gras, you must also wonder if foie gras is healthy? Don’t worry, the answer is yes. The secret is that even though foie gras is high in calories, it’s still healthy.

Despite its high fat content, this luxury food is also rich in vitamins and minerals, as the liver serves as the body’s storage organ for many nutrients.

The nutritional information has not been accurately quantified, but they estimate that a 1 ounce serving, equivalent to 28 grams of foie gras with a small serving of white wine, provides nutrients including vitamin B12, copper and iron. 

They will help your body produce red blood cells and maintain energy metabolism. Also, foie gras is an excellent source of vitamin A, which helps prevent vision problems and promotes cell growth in the body. 

The nutritional key of foie gras is good fat, which works to lower bad cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol levels.

how to eat foie gras

Source: Meat Me At Home

How does foie gras taste?

Foie gras is a well-known delicacy in French cuisine. Some describe Its flavour as soft, buttery, rich, and delicate. This taste is vastly unique, unlike that of an ordinary goose liver. 

Texture of foie gras without the gelatin binding is quite creamy and rich, right down to the metallic aftertaste.

With this texture, Foie gras is smoother and melts in your mouth, compared to the dry and grainy texture of duck or chicken liver.

Can you eat raw foie gras?

The raw foie gras is called cru, can be seared and served warm. This raw or unrefined food should never be eaten if they weren’t gone through treatment or cooking.

In fact, in 2017, according to a notice posted by Seattle & King County Public Health public official statement about two Campylobacter infections at a restaurant in the Seattle suburb of Kirkland, WA.

The culprit is foie gras because most Campylobacter infections are linked to the consumption of undercooked meat, especially poultry. This news has alarmed about the dangers of eating raw foie gras.

On the other hand, chefs mostly use raw foie gras to make the sauce to make dishes more delicate.

At what temperature should you eat foie gras?

how to eat foie gras

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To enjoy the full flavor of foie gras, it’s recommended that taking ready-made one’s out of the cool refrigerator 15 to 30 minutes before serving. It will give the best flavor when you served slightly chilled or at room temperature.

However, if you bring it out when it is too cold, its tasty flavors will be diminished. Foie gras can taste delicious even when it is cooked in a simple manner with low temperature.

Some admit enjoying eating this meat pan-fried because it will produce a crispy and brown outer layer with soft meat inside.

How to serve foie gras

How to serve foie gras accompaniments

Indeed, it would be a pity to kill the taste of this wonderful delicacy if you don’t know how to eat foie gras by serving with some extra spicy food or a little wine.

Foie gras pairs perfectly with sandwiches, sandwiches, brioche and even canapés. You can combine sweetness and saltiness when apply how to eat foie gras with bread that contains fruit or nuts.

With this serving, you should probably put the foie gras lightly on top of the bread instead of trying to spread.

You may not know, both fruit salad and jam make a great accompaniment for how to eat foie gras. The best choices are pears, figs, grapes, or dates.

how to eat foie gras

Source: Eat Smarter

In French cuisine that famous for foie gras, people often served with white bread or slightly gray bread. With them, it’s best when you do not put butter, mayonnaise, sauces or any other strange bread to serve.

In addition, another perfect ones is mushrooms. The fragrant dried chanterelle mushrooms or oyster mushrooms, pearl cranes are all suitable.

Of course, high calories ingredients such as white rice or french fries should not be used because foie gras itself contains an enormous amount of calories.

How to serve foie gras pairing

It’s not difficult to practice how to eat foie gras with some drinks. Although the typical recipe is the combination of foie gras with Sauternes being the most famous, you should also expand your enjoyment with a variety of wines. 

It can be a rich white wine, like a Loire Valley wine, a noble Alsatian, or a sweet German Rieslings. You can also try with Champagne but it is not a delightful combination because of the overwhelming taste.

How to eat foie gras recipes

How to eat foie gras terrine

A foie gras terrine is in a terrine mold and always the purest experience of foie gras. The raw foie gras is packed into a terrine mold and cooked at low temperature in a water bath. 

This serving should be served chilled with slices of crusty bread, toasted brioche or baguette, walnut loaf with fruit salad. You can eat foie gras with chutney to complement the greasy flavor. 

How to eat foie gras pate

how to eat foie gras

Source: Cookidoo

Foie gras pate is the delightful concoction with an aromatic assortment of herbs and a classic alcohol, such as Armagnac. 

When eating foie gras pate, there is one rule you must follow is avoiding to pair it with other foods that are overly assertive in taste. Either a sharp wine or an intense cheese is enough to detract from the aroma of foie gras.

Let’s stick to a good sliced thin baguette, and serve as the ideal base.

You can serve alongside the tart taste of crunch cornichons. Berry jams and fried onion with their inherent sweetness, is also paired nicely with foie gras pate. 

Moreover, you can serve them as a savory appetizer for a warm and classic party.

How to eat foie gras mousse

how to eat foie gras

Source: Eat Smarter

Mousse refers to an emulsified liver dish that has a light and creamy texture. There is almost no better mousse than foie gras mousse.

This mousse is fully cooked. It is a simple yet wonderful combination of sugar and white pepper, foie gras, Sauternes letting the pure flavor permeate every bite.

You can serve foie gras mousse with raisins, crackers or prunes. This combination is often referred to as the French Kiss. It will be the highlight of a delicious steak dinner.

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Now, BestLifeTips hopes you have been equipped with obvious information about the characteristics and how to eat foie gras. Try these at your next dinner party to enjoy perfectly.