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Not Everyone Knew These 3 French Luxurious Recipes From Escargot
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Not Everyone Knew These 3 French Luxurious Recipes From Escargot

Escargot is a traditional common snail dish, thanks not only to its healthy characteristics but also to its taste. But how to eat escargot to fully experience its taste? Let’s find out with BestLifeTips.

Even in the challenging world of French cuisine, few foods inspire as much apprehension as escargot. How to eat escargot? What part of a meal is it usually served with this? BestLifeTips will give the answers in this article. Keep on reading.

What is escargot?

Escargot in French is a general term referring to cooked, edible snails and their various preparations. Not every type of snail is used to make escargot. Many Americans are squeamish at the thought of eating snails. 

But dishes made from them are prepared as a common luxurious appetizer in many Mediterranean and European countries, including Spain and Portugal, particularly famous in French cuisine. 

In fact, snail meat is no different from others. According to a study conducted by PLOS One, people have even been eating snails for thousands of years. 

how to eat escargot

Source: Taste of France

Is escargot good for you?

Before considering how to eat escargot, it’s essential to find out that snails are a good source of meat and are low in fat and high in protein. 

Maybe you haven’t yet known that the protein content of snails is similar to the protein found in pork and beef, but snails come with a much lower fat content.

The site Britannica once included snails in the list of mollusks. Hence, they are not insects but are more closely related to mussels, shellfish, and squid than reptiles.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, one serving of escargot, cooked, will provide about 120 calories, 4.5 grams of healthy fats, 16 grams of protein, 2 grams of carbohydrates.

In fact, with these serving, snails are not only rich in iron but are also a good source of the minerals magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, which are essential for heart, brain and blood health.

In particular, escargot can also help put you in a good mood because it contains tryptophan, which stimulates the serotonin to induce relaxation.

However, if you find a snail and want to try escargot, don’t cook it immediately. Let’s check first because it may be inedible and you will most likely to get sick.

Can you eat escargot raw?

How to eat escargot if this mollusk is still raw? In some countries, like France and Turkey, raw escargot is considered a tasty delicacy. They have been eaten in crudo style, like the same species as scallops.

On the other hand, in some states, escargot is typically cooked. Although terrestrial slugs and snails were found on land, they are quite generally safe for human consumption. 

how to eat escargot

Source: Deshpande Foundation India

There are many dangers that exist when you eat these animals raw. This led to removing the snails from the can or their shells before eating.

Do you eat the shells of escargot?

The escargot’s shell is inedible. It is useful to use escargot tongs to hold the escargot and be able to easily take the meat out of their shell. 

Generally, escargot is either served in the shell, or out of the shell. While most places in Seattle serve out of the shell, French people usually eat escargot for Christmas dinner as a starter with the shells for decoration when serving them.

What does escargot taste like?

It is a truth that no matter how its flavor, the texture of cooked escargot is usually rubbery, quite smooth and greasy, like an oyster or clam. 

When it comes out of its shell, escargot is just a piece of meat. It has a small dark brown taste, a bit like porcini mushrooms mixed with rubber in the mouth.

It still depends on the sauce used. The most common way of preparing escargot is using butter and garlic to create a rich, buttery and slightly spicy taste, affecting the escargot’s taste.

Of course, if you prepare it with different ingredients or sauces, it will result in a different taste as snails tend to absorb the flavor of the sauce they are cooked in. 

What to serve with escargot?

Escargot is usually prepared with butter, sauces and especially wines.

Although escargot is quite common, it is difficult to determine how to eat escargot or the dishes that go with it in each place. Different countries have their own ways of combining escargots with food and drinks.

While the Spaniards serve snails with hot sauce, the Italians serve with cappelletti, the French still love the classic escargot recipe.

Escargot is inherently fat. So how to eat escargot with other ingredients properly? They should be served with fresh and low-fat supplements such as asparagus, zucchini, mushrooms, bell peppers, beets, carrots, tomatoes or broccoli. 

Escargots also go well with rye or wheat and avocado bread.

how to eat escargot

Source: Taste Atlas

Snail meat does not have a strong flavor. Therefore, you can pair this French seafood dish with a little artichoke, basil, tomato or some sour fruit, which will be the perfect complement.

Have you ever thought about how to eat escargot with wine? These drinks will make the taste and aroma of snails more perfect. Some classic escargot wines like Muscadet, Chablis, Chardonnay, whites, sparkling wines are all good choices.

How to eat escargot recipes

How to eat Escargot à la Bourguignonne

Do you know how to eat escargot dishes? Escargot à la Bourguignonne is snail coated with garlic butter and pesto. This is also the classic French escargot dish that should be mentioned first.

You can serve Bourguignonne with baguettes. Or if you’re interested in a gluten-free diet, try rye bread or sourdough bread. 

Also, this delicious escargot can’t be enjoyed without wine. It’s a local white wine like Bourgogne Aligoté Blanc. You just need to use a small fork and gently enjoy the escargot with its shell.

How to eat Escargot Puff Pastry

how to eat escargot

Source: Food & Wine Magazine

Escargot in a puff pastry has almost all the characteristics of Escargot à la Bourguignonne, except that it is served directly rather than displayed on its shell.

Surrounded by puff pastry, escargot is served with a herb-infused garlic sauce. Some of the best wines for this puff would be Chablis Blanc white wine or you can try a little red with Givry Rouge.

If you’re wondering how to eat escargot to change your taste, this is the perfect version to try.

How to eat Escargot à la Bordelaise

This dish is also known as à la Charentaise. Its ingredients will be smaller snails that come from Charente. The sauce used in this recipe is still the traditional sauce from Bordeaux.

When eating Escargot à la Bordelaise, you will enjoy the same special mixture of escargot with sausage or bacon and a little tomato sauce. This dish is also presented on its shell to create the best texture.

how to eat escargot

Source: Uncut Recipes

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After this article of BestLifeTips, you don’t need to wonder how to eat escargot anymore. Nutritious, fatty escargot dishes are always on the menus in pubs and restaurants across France. Enjoy it!