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4 awesome ways to enjoy your French pastry
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4 Awesome Ways To Enjoy Your French Pastry

Even if you are a croissant addict, do you know how many different ways about how to eat croissants without only the etiquette? Let’s learn how to eat croissants in diverse ones with BestLifeTips now.

Croissant is a famous pastry in France. It doesn’t just have a regular eating pattern. Find out how to eat croissants in different ways with BestLifeTips.

Are croissants a bread or pastry?

Generally, people often think of croissants as a kind of bread. But, in fact, croissants are really one type of pastry. 

Croissants belong to the Viennoiserie or pastry category of baked goods along with brioche, Danish. 

Although they have some similar myriad forms, the basic difference between bread and pastry is from ingredients clearly. The pastry has a more flaky texture as its ingredients with high fat content. 

Based on the dough ingredients, which group do the croissants belong to these 3 groups: paste or liquid pastry, puff pastry, and short pastry? 

Croissants are just included in the puff pastry group, but they’re not represented for this group. 

This is because croissants are made by the process of folding the dough repeatedly and rolling it so that it forms a multiplied texture of the dough with a soft, flaky final product while puff pastry does not contain yeast and any sugar at all.

Are croissants eaten hot or cold?

how to eat croissants

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Croissants must be fresh from the oven to be served very best. If you are hesitating how to eat croissants or choosing between hot or cold, let’s choose warm ones or at room temperature but fresh-baked, always. 

You can also enjoy the latter one but its taste won’t help you get a sweet and greasy taste of butter ingredients. This is a crucial component of an authentic croissant. 

So, don’t rush to think about how to eat croissants coldly, because gently warm is still the best.

Is it okay to eat croissants everyday?

If you love croissants, you may not find it difficult to include them in your diet because mostly baked goods with butter in the ingredient are relatively high in calories. But you can eat croissants and still lose weight as long as you have a smart eating plan.

What is better than eating a pastry dessert that not only tastes good but also helps positively enhance the metabolic functioning and digestive part.

how to eat croissants

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However, it’s admitted that croissants are not good if you eat everyday, specifically every morning since it’s baked goods after all.

The best is just doing as the French do. They get great croissants on every street corner, but they tend to be more of a once or twice a week treat rather than an everyday item. 

How do the French eat croissants?

According to the French or who lived in this nation, commonly, they will spend a lot of time enjoying this dish, they do not eat like on the run.

Enjoying croissants is often the stuff of late Sunday breakfasts. The French are sniffy about adding more butter to the croissant on the basis one because its ingredient already contains lots of butter. 

They will start by removing one crunchy corner, making sure a bit of the buttery center‘s heart comes with it or cutting the tips as representing a tier of the croissant.

French are often fill with three quarters of orange juice with the last quarter of milk. Of course, they definitely dip every bit of the croissant in their special mixture.

Moreover, if they don’t want to make a special mixture like above, they will need a large cup of coffee in which to quickly dunk it or to grab a cup of chocolate with a few raisins.

What do you eat with croissants?

How to eat croissants with butter and jam

Before getting to know how to eat croissants with jam or butter, we know that a croissant is already filled with butter. 

But have you ever known adding a generous smear of cold salted butter makes absolutely delicious croissants? This serving may be the best addition to croissants. 

Try spreading salted butter on a croissant to complement its buttery flavors. Cut or tear the croissant into pieces and butter them up before each bite. The salted butter will enhance the already buttery flavor of croissants.

A dab of a really good quality jam is divine for croissants treaters. However, jam or honey will not work with croissants. These sweet things like them can reduce the taste of croissants, turning the croissant into a one-dimensional, unappetizing sweet experience. 

So, when you know how to eat croissants, don’t forget to mix this kind of pastry with butter and jam even. Mixing with butter can enlarge the flavours that a croissant can deliver.

how to eat croissants

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Filled with fruit jam such as strawberries or raspberry jam, a croissant turns into a lusciously sweet treat to be enjoyed at any time of day.

How to eat croissants with coffee

The stereotypical French pastry is always served with hot drinks, mostly coffee and tea. Mixture between croissant and coffee offers an earthy, complimentary bitter contrast while intensifying the sweetness as well. 

It makes this puff pastry a new resonance. This is also probably the answer to the question of how to eat croissants without making the mess.

how to eat croissants

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You can tear the croissant apart and dip it into a cup of coffee of your choice, such as espresso or a cappuccino. 

After that, don’t keep the croissant dipping in the coffee too long. Just eat the whole thing right away. If not, it will become soggy and fall apart.

How to eat croissants with fresh fruit and Nutella

The first way how to eat croissants with Nutella is cutting each croissant in half and spread Nutella on the bottom half of each croissant, top with strawberry slices, and close. 

However, you can get the idea to make a perfectly good mixture by smoothing croissants and mixing with whipped cream cheese and Nutella. 

Then, you can top each half with a handful of fresh berries and a few toasted coconuts. 

how to eat croissants

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On the other hand, Nutella can be spread a thin layer to cover one-side of the dough and then loosely roll up your croissant. Its taste is really marvelous.

How to eat croissants with cream cheese

As an added variety, we have cream cheese for some choices of how to eat croissants. Placing a strip of cream cheese on one of the short edges of a rectangle is also a good guide. 

The cream cheese should be chilled beforehand, so it is easier to cut them and position them in the dough.

It is not hard to know how to eat croissants well when you incorporate cream cheese into the beautiful layers of croissants. 

how to eat croissants

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4 creative ways for how to eat croissants

1. Use a paper towel or thin cloth and then wrap half of the croissant to prevent the crumbs from falling out when eating. Not only that, by this way, you will no longer have to worry about how to eat croissants so as not to get your hands dirty when enjoying the cake.

how to eat croissants

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2. If you want to enjoy delicious crispy croissants, please just split the pastry in the middle and you can start enjoying the croissant from the crispest part of this dessert pastry.

3. Another simple way to eat croissants is to break them into small pieces and enjoy them with additional serving foods slowly.

how to eat croissants

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4. Treat this type of sweet puff pastry as a luxury stuff. Just gently using a fork to cut each croissant into pieces and enjoy each bit.

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Above are the most popular ways about how to eat croissants that BestLifeTips has synthesized from many sources. Choose your own style of croissants to eat and enjoy them to the fullest.