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Try 4 Tasty Cranberries Recipes With Amazing Health Benefits
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Try 4 Tasty Cranberries Recipes With Amazing Health Benefits

Let’s learn more about all things related to cranberries with BestLifeTips, including how to eat cranberries and some awesome recipes in all their forms.

Here’s about how to eat cranberries and many health benefits behind these colorful superfoods. Let’s find out with BestLifeTips in this article.

Is it safe to eat cranberries?

Yes, it is very safe to eat cranberries. Their taste can be offensive to some people. Those weird cranberries are more tart than sweet, but they’re actually good for you.

In fact, people often wonder how to eat cranberries because they under-rate this fruit in the berry family. 

Even more questions are raised about skepticism whether cranberries are safe to eat, but it has an impressive list of health benefits. You may not know that this safe fruit often becomes the ingredient for sauces at Thanksgiving dinner. 

People use them at barbecue parties as well. Also, you can absolutely include this fruit in everyday recipes, like smoothies or sauces.

how to eat cranberries

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Can you eat raw cranberries?

Yes, you can eat raw cranberries. But, before that, be aware this fruit has a rather unpleasant sour taste. Sometimes, cranberries even have a bitter taste. This is an attribute of any unripe or off-season fruit, but cranberries always taste that way.

Compared to eating raw, cranberries are more commonly consumed in dried and canned forms. When cranberries are prepared in this form, you may not need to worry about the tastelessness of this raw fruit anymore.

In fact, the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center reports that only 5% of harvested cranberries are placed on the market unadulterated, while the remaining 95% are processed to sweeten.

how to eat cranberries

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Can you eat the seeds in cranberries?

Cranberries have seeds, they are small but quite numerous! They seem like the size of strawberry seeds, and they’re easy to lose. 

These seeds are edible. You can leave them out or strain through a sieve to get the ingredients for the sauce or you can process it with the pulp.

So is it safe to eat cranberry seeds? The answer will be yes. You can consume the seeds of cranberries raw, cooked or pureed. However, compared to the latter, such as cooked ones, the seeds of raw cranberries contain more nutrients.

how to eat cranberries

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How many cranberries should I eat a day?

Cranberries are sour, so you can’t eat much of it. The daily allowance per day by doctors is that an advised to serve is one cup of raw berries similar to one glass of fresh cranberry juice or a quarter-cup of dried. 

Those servings are not different when it comes to nutrients, but the dried berries have more sugar. 

According to Medical News Today, specifically, a 2014 study of 516 participants found that taking a capsule of cranberry extract twice per day reduced the incidence of UTIs. 

Consuming moderated cranberries per day is good for health. 

how to eat cranberries

Source: Healthline

However, excessive consumption may cause stomach upset and diarrhea and even increase the risk of kidney stones in predisposed individuals.

Specially, considering how to eat cranberries is also a smart way not to consume dried cranberries in excessive amounts, as the stomach acid levels may become alarmingly high.

How to eat cranberries without sugar

Have you ever wondered how to eat cranberries without sugar to avoid tartness? The fact is, you do not need to add sugar to cranberries to enjoy these amazing fruits.

You can find some popular cranberries products like cranberries sauce, cranberries tea, cranberries drink and many more. However, they may contain a few sugars in some form. 

You can choose this outstanding option for getting how to eat cranberries without adding sugar.

Other than how to eat cranberries in sugar free, you can simply mix the raw cranberries with olive oil, salt or other spices in a microwave bowl and heat for about 30 seconds. 

In this way, the heated cranberries do not have bitterness and the sourness. Also, the addition of spices will take the taste to a new level.

Actually, these are suggestions. Just try your favorite spices and see how to eat cranberries without sugar for yourself.

how to eat cranberries

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How to eat cranberries recipes

How to eat cranberries ice cream

This type of ice cream is a traditional treat for Christmas and Thanksgiving. It was served in a parfait glass along with the meal. 

How to eat cranberries ice cream that made with fresh cranberries sauce? They are a brilliant alternative to heavy Christmas pudding! They are both sweet and creamy with the fruity tang of cranberries.

Some often take advantage of excess sauce to make this mixture with flavours of white wine, orange and cinnamon. Using cranberries sauce adds an extra dimension and makes it the perfect seasonal pudding.

Also, you may enjoy the ice cream with uneven shards of chopped chocolate. Cream makers often slowly shook them in at the end of freezing.

It’s not as great as some famous cream brand that would be a balance of flavors and textures.

how to eat cranberries

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How to eat cranberries salad

The cranberries salad is a combination of fresh cranberries, pineapple, marshmallows, pecans, coconut, and apples. All mixed in a creamy sauce. This is a unique and colorful salad that perfect for the holidays.

When enjoying this recipe, you don’t have to think about how to eat cranberries ice cream. Because they go with almost every dish at the party.

In particular, if you serve cranberries salad with herb-roasted turkey or crock pot ham, you’ll have a festive appetizer for Thanksgiving day.

How to eat cranberries bread

Cranberries bread is known as delicious, so you just sliced and served simply. This bread is not as sweet as many typical morning snacks. 

It really meant it to be sliced, buttered, toasted and served warm. A cup of your favorite coffee or tea is the perfect accompaniment for balance of taste.

Besides, cookers mostly use sugar and orange juice that are just sweet enough for softening and reducing the tartness of cranberries without making you feel you’re eating sugar cake for breakfast. 

how to eat cranberries

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How to eat cranberries goat cheese

At any party, this cranberry goat cheese is always the perfect appetizer recipe with 3 ingredients for you. It’s very simple, and it has a lot of flavor. Hence, the cranberries goat cheese has a lot to offer either.

how to eat cranberries

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It’s common to see everyone serve it with your favorite gluten-free crackers. Also, its flavor and texture works for every ingredient gram from mild to aromatic, from crumbly to creamy. 

You can use it in salads, use it on pizza, combine with honey and applesauce, or spread on toasted bagels.

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The holidays just got easier with some appetizer recipes from cranberries. How to eat cranberries? All the things are unblocked by BestLifeTips here. Leave a comment below if you are interested in this super fruits.