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Enjoy The Italian Cheeses Queen With 4 Tasty Recipes
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Enjoy The Italian Cheeses Queen With 4 Tasty Recipes

Creamy burrata cheese is not like other types of cheeses, not only in taste but its texture too. If you don’t know about how to eat burrata or recipes from this whitish blob perched cheese, BestLifeTips will guide you.

Burrata is a fresh soft milk Italian cheese that is made from buffalo’s and cow’s milk. Are you ready to know how to eat burrata? Let’s get into it with BestLifeTips.

Is burrata healthy to eat?

It will be a pity if you ignore this dish. In terms of nutritional values, burrata is very similar to other kinds of Italian cheeses, except its fat content is around 20%. 

Having high biological characteristics, burrata cheese contains much fat, cholesterol, and quality protein with all essential amino acids which are good for the brain. 

In fact, eating burrata cheese also works for increasing your cognitive function, especially learning and memory.

Trying to eat burrata cheese is also ideal when your mood is down. Its protein content is able to repair and maintain muscle and synthesize neurotransmitters for the brain that will affect your mood to get better.

The other health benefits of burrata cheese are related to increasing your immune system, which is good to create your body defense.

how to eat burrata

Source: An America in Rome

Although burrata cheese has a lot of benefits for health, it must be noted that eating burrata cheese also brings side effects that will risk our health. Burrata cheese contains high fat and cholesterol.

So, if you eat burrata cheese too often in large portions, you will gain weight. Not only that, eating too much burrata cheese also increases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

A high sodium found in burrata is also risky. Furthermore, don’t forget about the lactose in burrata cheese, which causes digestive troubles for those people who are allergic to it by some signals, including bloating, flatulence, diarrhea, etc.

What is the taste of burrata?

Burrata literally translates to “buttered” which should give you a sense of its luscious flavor and texture. At first glance, burrata resembles a white ball. Burrata has a solid outer curd made from fresh mozzarella, which is formed into a hollow pouch.

However, upon further scrutiny, it’s clear that the more you cut, the softer and indeed, it will reveal soft, stringy curd and fresh cream inside with milky and buttery flavor. It’s rich without being too indulgent.

Burrata shows a higher density than its counterpart, the texture is springy like a pillow. Fresh burrata is best eaten as soon as possible after it’s made. After several days, it will go bad and the flavor will turn sour.

If you enjoy only burrata directly, this is a wrong way to eat burrata, because this cheese species will be slightly on the bitter side without delicious accompaniments.

how to eat burrata

Source: An America in Rome

What is the difference between burrata and mozzarella?

When it comes to burrata vs mozzarella, it can be difficult to distinguish them apart from the outside. Both are semi-soft, white, fresh cheese and they’re similar in origin, but in addition to being incredibly delicious Italian cheese.

While fresh mozzarella is a semi-soft cheese made from cow or water buffalo milk, burrata takes the mozzarella one step further. It’s mozzarella that’s formed into a pouch and then filled with soft, stringy curd and cream.

According to cookbook author and founder of That Cheese Plate, Marissa Mullen, the cream-filled difference stems from the cheese-making process. “The process to make mozzarella and burrata are slightly different,” Mullen said.

The important thing is that while burrata is made from mozzarella, it is not mozzarella cheese. Burrata is its own, very special type of cheese.

Do you eat burrata hot or cold?

You can eat it both hot and cold depending on your preference and purpose of use.

But, how to eat burrata properly? The best way is to enjoy it at an ambient temp. About 30 minutes before serving, set it out at room temperature so it can warm up a little. 

With special texture, this will ensure that the creamy center of the burrata is not too solid. 

Besides, you can also put your burrata cheese in a bowl of warm water for 10 minutes to warm it up. You will see the popularity of enjoying burrata in hot conditions even more when you see many recipes that call for melting or cooking burrata.

They may be in omelettes, on pizza or stirred into hot pasta. Or you can use fresh mozzarella in those dishes, reserving the rich in your mouth.

how to eat burrata

Source: Mashed

What do you serve with burrata?

Burrata goes well with most produce. You can tear the outside pieces of the mozzarella and add it to salad or pasta dishes. It also goes with fruit, such as sliced peaches.

If you are a newbie with this food, start by serving with a drizzle of extra olive oil and flaky salt or additional black pepper, which will only exalt the fresh, tangy flavor. 

It’s mild enough to be used in place of creamier cheeses on sandwiches or additional stuff for pesto sauce.

This semi-soft and quite greasy cheese can make any dish more luxurious. Its milky texture and amazing taste make it perfect for using it on freshly baked pizza. 

Moreover, a mixture of fresh heritage tomatoes and crostini has become an iconic trend for Italian pizza addicts.

On the other hand, burrata can also be an ingredient served with a variety of other dishes and goes well with heritage tomatoes, pasta, grilled chicken and more. 

How to eat burrata recipes

How to eat burrata caprese salad

Don’t worry too much about how to eat burrata when we are about to have a delicious appetizer. In addition to being served as an appetizer, it can also be eaten as a snack during breaks or a great accompaniment to dinner.

how to eat burrata

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

From burrata, this caprese salad can be paired with whole-grain breads and protein-rich baked goods.

If you find out more about how to eat burrata caprese salad, you will also easily make this dish. All ingredients include only slices of fresh tomato with basil, and certainly not without fresh burrata cheese.

Admittedly, it is the perfect appetizer for summer. Not only is it blended with ingredients that are cheap and easy to find during the summer months, but it tastes great.

How to eat burrata pizza

If you haven known how to eat burrata cheese yet, it’s sure to be your favourite sweet recipe. It’s rich, creamy, and burrata will make the most fantastic pizza pie.

This burrata pizza is baked with a tomato-based pizza sauce, as we usually do or make a pesto burrata pizza instead. 

how to eat burrata

Source: Eclectic Connoiseur

You can eat burrata pizza with some prosciutto too, then add basil with a small amount of extra virgin olive oil on top of the decorative layer.

When you eat a tomato sauce burrata pizza with a pesto layer over the top, it really does feel like you have had all the food of quintessential Italian cuisine.

How to eat burrata pasta

Burrata pasta is used as a main dish for dinner. Thanks to the burrata cheese, it is easy to create amazingly delicious and creamy dishes with flavorful sauce without any effort.

It is essential to add some fresh basil leaves or keep going and add some air fryer broccoli florets and grated cheese. Burrata cheese may as well be cheese sauce.

To serve the pasta, you can use a little more olive oil and fresh lemon juice. 

how to eat burrata

Source: Taste

How to eat burrata bruschetta

This burrata bruschetta is literally my favorite food. They are garlic bread mixed with tomatoes, and a good burrata cheese. Why do you think of how to eat burrata instead? 

This is a super simple recipe of marinated diced tomatoes on top of toasted ciabatta bread. As soon as they come out of the oven, you should rub a raw garlic clove all over the surface of the hot bread carefully. 

The heat of the toast will sort of melt the garlic into its surface, giving you the most delicious garlicky punch of flavor. All that’s left to do is assemble the ingredients well!

how to eat burrata

Source: HelloFresh

For eating, just use a metal spoon and take some of that delicious bruschetta topping all over the toasts. Allow the juices to soak into the crispy bread. And then top off with torn pieces of fresh burrata.

All that’s left to do is pour yourself a lovely beverage and head out to the outside sightseeing and enjoy all the taste.

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Burrata will lead you on a journey to discover the Italian culinary elite. BestLifeTips thought you’d enjoy and find how to eat burrata on your own. Let’s share this article with others if you are interested in this useful information.