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How to eat Banh Xeo – Enjoy the most Vietnamese sizzling crepe with only 5 steps
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How To Eat Banh Xeo – Enjoy The Most Vietnamese Sizzling Crepe With Only 5 Steps

Banh Xeo is Vietnamese sizzling crepe or pancake. It is named for the loud sizzling its sound. Do you know how to eat Banh Xeo? Let’s go with BestLifeTips to discover!

Do you like Banh Xeo? Have you ever thought about how to eat Banh Xeo just right? Read on and BestLifeTips will help you!

How to eat Banh Xeo

What does Banh Xeo taste like?

This crispy street pancake is eaten as a kind of finger food. It is a good example of the awesome balance of tastes in this Vietnamese cuisine: sweet and sour, soft and crunchy, fresh from served vegetables. So, the question is how to eat Banh Xeo?

How to eat Banh Xeo like local

How to eat Banh Xeo in Central Vietnam

Besides sweet – sour fish sauce, people in the Central region also often eat Banh Xeo with a typical dipping sauce including minced meat, pate, and pureed peanuts or a brown and thick sauce called “Mam Nem”.

Because the cake is quite small, people there often eat the whole cake at once or half if you want to eat less.
First of all, to enjoy Banh Xeo, you need to have thin rice paper to spread it out. Then, add herbs and fresh vegetables like lettuce, basil, perilla, cucumber depending on your preference.

Pick up the pancake and place it on top of the vegetables and use your hands to roll in a circle until all the rice paper is finished. Don’t forget to dip with some special sauces to enjoy the wonderful taste of its central dish.

How to eat Banh Xeo

How to eat Banh Xeo in Southern Vietnam

Unlike the central region, people in the South often use ready-made pancake flour to make, the dough does not need to be mixed with anything except a little green onion to create color and increase flavor.

Southern pancakes are famous for their characteristic crispiness because they are coated with thin pancakes. Depending on the place, the filling is different, but mainly shrimp, meat, green beans and bean sprouts.

The typical sauce of the South is sweet and sour fish sauce with shredded carrots, chili, minced garlic, julienned radish and turnip.

How to eat Banh Xeo
Southern pancakes are quite large in size, so when eaten, they are often cut into bite-sized pieces.

Southerners rarely eat this kind of Vietnamese pancake with rice paper, but roll them directly with vegetables with large leaves such as lettuce with some herbs such as coriander leaves, guava leaves, young mango leaves, clove leaves, etc.

After placing a piece of Banh Xeo on vegetables, you can add young mango, banana, cucumber, etc. to the top and cleverly use vegetables to roll the cake in a circle. Then, dip the pancake with sweet and sour fish sauce and enjoy.

What to serve with Banh Xeo?

Sauces to eat with Banh Xeo

When thinking about how to eat Banh Xeo, it is really essential to prepare a dipping sauce. This stuff really makes Vietnam’s pancakes just right.

Although each region has its own kind of dipping sauce, sweet – sour dipping sauce is the proper way to eat Banh Xeo. It’s really easy to make at home from a little fish sauce and mixed with a nice balance between salty, sweet and sour.

Vegetables and herbs to eat with Banh Xeo

In general, people in either the Central or the South all use vegetables and herbs to eat with Banh Xeo. This ingredient will make this dish fresher, reduce the fat from grease.

Choosing served vegetables is almost answer to the question of how to eat Banh Xeo. Several vegetables and herbs are used to eat with Banh Xeo like lettuce, mint, marjoram, sorrel, perilla, etc.

How to eat Banh Xeo

How to choose rice paper to eat Banh Xeo

While a few people in the South just use large leaves to roll Vietnam’s crepe, using rice paper will help the pancakes become neat, beautiful and easier to eat.

It’s good to look for ones made with rice or a combination of rice and tapioca starch. The more rice that’s in the papers, the more opaque and thicker they are.

However, when choosing rice paper to eat Banh Xeo, you should prioritize choosing rice paper with moderate thickness and toughness. Do not choose a rice paper that is too dry because it is easily crushed and hard to eat Banh Xeo recipe.

How to eat Banh Xeo step by step

Step 1: To eat easily, we cut a round Banh Xeo into small pieces.

Step 2: Take a layer of rice paper and place it on a plate or your hands.

And then, flatten the surface of the rice paper and put vegetables and herbs on.

Step 3: Put pancakes on top of rice paper.

Step 4: Roll Banh Xeo neatly.

Step 5: Dip into the dipping sauce and let’s eat!

In the below video of Seonkyoung Longest, she will share with you how to cook as well as how to eat Banh Xeo. Let’s see how she created this amazing dish.

How to reheat Banh Xeo to keep them crispy

If you don’t eat Banh Xeo right away, place them on a wire rack in the oven and keep them warm at 200 degrees F.

Moreover, if you want to store any leftovers, put them in the refrigerator and bake them in the oven for a few minutes to reheat and get them tasty.

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