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4 Specific Tips About How To Eat Anjeer You Can’t Afford To Miss
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4 Specific Tips About How To Eat Anjeer You Can’t Afford To Miss

If you’re wondering how to eat anjeer, you’ve come to the right address. BestLifeTips will give you a good deal of outstanding information related to anjeer clearly.

Have you enjoyed this berry fruit before? You should definitely be adding to your diet. But, how to eat anjeer to enjoy a sweet summer? Read on with BestLifeTips.

Is anjeer hot or cold?

Anjeer is a fruit with a sweet taste, and works for a cooling effect. This type of result has a green or purple outer layer. Usually, the whole result is edible.

 Its coolness aids states related to the endocrine, reproductive and respiratory systems, as well as the digestive tract.

What does dried figs taste like?

how to eat anjeer

Source: NDTV Food

Commonly, its flavor may vary depending on the types and growing area. However, the basic flavor of all is sweet and moist inside.

Sweet taste of anjeer is likely honey with a subtle hint of berry species. Some might connect this taste with a similar flavor of a certain cookie, but it’s fresher. Indeed, anjeer fruits have a unique taste that mixes sweetness and chewy equally.

May you know that ripe anjeer’s flesh is always tender and seems heavy compared to its own syrupy liqueur. The fresh flesh is jelly-like and tender, but not juicy.

If you can’t stand to wait for consuming anjeer syrup, you can enjoy its flavor drizzling out of it. Some said an anjeer of fresh fig resembles guava on the side because of color and seeds, but the latter is less sweet.

How many anjeer eat daily?

You should eat a handful, about 3 – 4 anjeers per day depending on the variety to enjoy sweetness. When you eat a proper amount, anjeer includes a top source of health benefits. 

Also, it is recommended that you avoid consuming too much dried or even fresh figs. Over-consuming can cause digestive issues, as this fruit is high in fiber.

What is the best time to eat figs?

Anjeer or dried fig is a delicious dried fruit of the mulberry family. The best time is to eat in the morning. Actually, you don’t need to worry about how to eat anjeer because it’s easy. 

You just need to take 1-2 anjeers, put in half a cup of water and let it soak overnight. Eat it the next morning on an empty stomach. Each time you eat like that, you can also pair some other soaked nuts like almonds and walnuts. 

how to eat anjeer

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According to Ayurveda, following this eating time will help in easy and quick digestion of food as figs are rich in fiber, which reduces the possibility of you facing constipation issue.

You can also eat about 2 anjeer with a cup of warm milk at night. With the benefits, anjeer helps to keep the heart healthy as well as the blood pressure in control before going to bed.

How to eat anjeer?

How to eat anjeer for weight loss

If you wish to lose weight effectively, you can opt for anjeer. Here is how it can help you shed those extra kilos without taking a toll on your health.

With a rich portion in fibre, anjeer can make you feel full for a longer duration. You can avoid overeating as well as weight gain.

This kind of berry species can potentially decrease the level of a hunger hormone called ghrelin in the body. One of the important roles of anjeer is aid for digestion.

Due to the rich content of omega-3 fatty acids, dry fig works by burning calories effectively. These fatty acids also prevent you from various serious health problems like a heart attack or stroke.

Among many benefits, you must choose how to eat anjeer to lose weight loss?

how to eat anjeer

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You can eat it whole, both fresh and dried one. The best part about them is that they can be used as artificial sweeteners. So, you can easily replace sugar with natural sweeteners from anjeer in your cakes and puddings recipes.

More than that, it is said that anjeer soaked in water overnight does wonders on your body. You can also drink it for 30 minutes and eat anjeers before exercise. 

Besides, it is right to incorporate figs in the morning half of the day, but this type is not ideal to consume after sunset as that is the time when you tend to store more calories than they burn. 

How to eat anjeer for weight gain

It’s similar to how to eat anjeer to lose weight, so it’s easy. To gain weight, you can serve dried figs as a healthy snack.

When preparing to soak dried fig, add nuts like cashews, almonds, pistachios, raisins, walnuts and dried figs in a milkshake for a healthy kick-start to the day. 

Moreover, there are some ways to serve with this fruit like mixing some cut boiled eggs. Adding a little bit of protein in anjeer as well, specifically such Greek yogurt, peanut butter or whey protein powder, etc for your aim.

How to eat anjeer for diabetes

You must be wondering how to eat anjeer, which is a sweet fruit that can still help you control your blood sugar.

In fact, anjeer is effective for diabetes because of its high fiber content. This is perfectly appropriate to support insulin function for diabetics. So, how to eat anjeer for diabetes?

Diabetics need to make sure that they don’t consume over two fresh figs and a few anjeers in the recommended diet daily recommended by their doctor.

In a study published in the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Biological Sciences, they concluded that the hypoglycemic agent in figs could be a good anti-diabetic agent.

In another study in the journal Chemico-Biological Interactive, researchers found that even the leaves of the anjeer plant are good for diabetics.

Compared with dried one, fresh figs will be lower in calories and sugar, so limit your intake to stay healthy.

how to eat anjeer

Source: The Indian Express

How to eat anjeer during pregnancy

Some should always compose the pregnancy diet of vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and even dried fruits. 

If you love to eat anjeer, luckily, you can eat this healthy fruit in just the right amount from one to three figs as a snack. Don’t eat too much as they will lead to side effects and affect the fetus’s health.

Eating anjeer during pregnancy helps relieve constipation thanks to their high fiber content. To serve, pregnant women can add soaked figs to a salad with nongreasy cream and drink with a cup of warm milk.

With anjeer’s dry texture, pour it together with other dried fruits in a jar and eat when craving a snack.

Besides the answers on how to eat anjeer during pregnancy, it is helpful to know more about the drinks made from this fruit.

You can use anjeer mixed with milk and vanilla and then put in the blender to have a strange milkshake in a short time.

In addition to milk, you can also use more bananas, yogurt and some honey to mix together. This thick drink formula will provide enough energy for the morning.

How to eat anjeer recipes

How to eat anjeer barfi

how to eat anjeer

Source: Healthy Kadai

Barfis is an Indian anjeer staple, especially during holidays. You can find many types of barfi at every sweet shop, or it can be easy to make at home. 

A scrumptious dessert made using dried figs, mava aka khoya, dried nuts and sugar. Packed with vitamins and minerals, serve this delicious barfi to your friends and family after a sumptuous lunch and dinner. 

If you like this dessert, you can also incorporate other barfi recipes like Milk Barfi, Rose Barfi, Chocolate Barfi.

How to eat anjeer halwa

how to eat anjeer

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This Indian dessert is great for Diwali celebrations or when you want to impress your party guests. Made with natural anjeer and almonds, but this isn’t a bad recipe for people with diabetes, a weak heart or weight loss.

When you’re craving a dessert, indulge in the luxurious taste with the anjeer halwa recipe. This is perfect for that moment as it doesn’t take much effort to make.

This rich halwa is also a perfect answer to any feeling about how to eat anjeer recipe. Let’s serve anjeer halwa with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to take it to the next level.

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