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Knowing Effective Ways to Deal Gently with Your Clingy Friends

Knowing Effective Ways To Deal Gently With Your Clingy Friends

Friendships have their ups and downs. But is ghosting a friend really the right way? How to deal with clingy friends? Keep reading with BestLifeTips and find out the answers.

How to deal with clingy friends or your clingy boyfriend? Is this a question that plagues you? Let BestLifeTips show you some ultimate guides to handle.

What Is a Clingy Friend?

Do you understand what clingy friends actually are? Its answer may help you know how to deal with clingy friends. Let’s go to the definition first.

A clingy person overall, which is a kind of person, stays very close to someone for support, connection, and more.

A clingy friend is someone who becomes extremely dependent on you, emotionally or physically. That makes you lose your independence. They also tend to get upset or jealous when their partner wants to have a life outside of their relationship.

While children will cry and throw tantrums when separated from a parent, which may manifest in different signs in a mature relationship, including friendship.

It seems like they have no life of their own and want to live in yours. They are always possessive and make you feel like you have to tell your plans to them. They will often be extremely insecure because they get rejected a lot.

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Of course, the more insecure they are, the more bored they become, they become even more clingy.

Even though you and them may be close, that affection certainly won’t last because it’s not fun to have someone clinging to you 24/7, isn’t it?

Clingy Friend Signs

To know how to deal with clingy friends, it’s definitely better if you also know about what they show. Here’s are signs of clingy friends that you should note:

  • They’re always available
  • They ask a lot of questions
  • They text you always, even up to 24/7
  • They try to create a drama with you to get your attention
  • They have a hard time letting you leave
  • They reply to your texts within a second most of time
  • They speak non-stop about every single little thing in their lives, even about the things they do in toilets
  • They always talk about their problems and how miserable their life is
  • They get jealous if you spend time with others
  • They end up obsessed with you and stalk you
  • They stalk every person you add on social media
  • They try to seduce your partners to ruin your relationships
  • They just want you for themselves
  • If you didn’t reply to their messages, they will text or call you on all the social platforms they have for you
  • They will keep calling you until your phone burns

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  • They are very insecure about a lot of things in their life, especially if they sense you’re going to leave them
  • They have a hard time understanding or respecting your feelings
  • They will only think about themselves and their needs
  • They don’t get the idea that every person needs a personal space
  • If you ever compliment them they will become more clingy and crazy about you

Well, there are vast symptoms that you can tell if your friends are clingy people. From what you know, you will definitely find out how to deal with clingy friends in a constructive way without hurting them.

How To Deal With Clingy Friends?

How To Deal With Clingy Friends Keep Calling?

Everyone may need friends as an integral support. Unfortunately, at times, your friend may become overly dependent on you and may feel that it is necessary to talk with you often about whatever she wants.

With these cases, turning your phone off is optional solutions. But it is important for you to set boundaries with this friend who calls too much. It also similar to prevent her following calls.

Basically, you will go through 4 steps to solve how to deal with clingy friends that call you too much.

  • Step 1: Tell her about troubles from her calls without hurting her

It’s difficult to apply how to deal with clingy friends in this case. However, everything should start. First, tell your friend how her frequent calls are affecting you gently.

According to some experts from the Mayo Clinic, stress, which can result from your friend’s calls, can cause you to lose sleep, become irritable and feel anxious. Let’s explain these proven things to her, but don’t force her to say why she calls you so often. Moreover, also don’t blame her or judge her actions.

Anyway, talking to her gently directly will be the best approach for how to deal with clingy friends without making them become defensive or some feelings of hurt.

  • Step 2: Establish reasonable limits for your friend’s calls

Generally, as a friend, if she always has frequent unnecessary phone calls to you. They will cross a line of respect for your own privacy.

After talking to her about results that frequent calls can cause, or opt to answer every call badly, explain that you will answer her calls for a daily certain reasonable time.

This boundary lets you handle how to deal with clingy friends in a healthy way. Your friend knows that you’re there for her if necessary, but not simply there to answer her all the time.

  • Step 3: Encourage your friend to become more emotionally independent

If your friend seems to call you every time she feels vulnerable, cheated or slighted, you can’t improve her self-esteem totally by just a few words.

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Here, you can encourage her to take steps to reach her emotional independence. Suggest something related to her hobbies and interests to help spend her time more meaningfully.

From that, you will get comfortable with fewer unnecessary phone calls from her. Well, the more you go, the problem of how to deal with clingy friends.

How To Deal With Clingy Boyfriend?

If it’s quite difficult for you to solve how to deal with clingy friends, dealing with your clingy boyfriends can be daunting.

This leads to you having some negative feelings and preferring breaking up. However, there are many ways you should try to work things out before thinking about breaking up.

Below are certain tips to deal with your clingy boyfriend:

  • Communicate privately as much as possible

Unless you know what he needs, you will not be able to handle how to deal with clingy friends and specifically clingy boyfriend. Once you listen to his problems, make sure you reply as well in a polite and loving manner.

It’s similar to how to deal with clingy friends that call you too much, in this case, communicating with each other is essential to clear troubles as well as building a strong relationship based on mutual sympathy.

  • Reconsider your feelings

While you think your boyfriend is clingy, there is definitely something wrong in your relationship. You may cause this.

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You might not be as invested in a serious relationship, so he might find him too needy. Let’s reconsider and see whether your relationship really still works.

  • Assert yourself

When it comes to your private space, it is essential that you take a stand and assert yourself clearly. If you need time on your own or want to spend time doing something you want, tell him nicely but firmly.

Show your love and care: Your boyfriend will become clingy if he thinks you love him like he does and you might run off to another person.

So why not defuse his anxiousness and give him trust. You can compliment him and appreciate him to let him know his vital roles.

Ghosting Clingy Friend

Although they can make you feel in the dumps, ghosting is not a good way of how to deal with clingy friends. It involves cutting all ties with someone without any warning, explanation, or word at all.

If you completely let go of communication with these friends, definitely you feel sad more compared to when she calls you too much. Ghosting is a devastating thing for the person on the receiving end.

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Hence, even if you decide to part ways and end the friendship, at least do it in a respectful way.

Clingy Friend Quotes

“Another study, of 38,000 knowledge workers across different sectors, found that the simple act of being interrupted is one of the biggest barriers to productivity. Even multitasking, that prized feat of modern-day office warriors, turns out to be a myth.”  – Susan Cain

“Instinctively we struck out for dignity first because personal degradation as an inferior human being was even more keenly felt than material privation.”  – Martin Luther King Jr.

“I had no job at the time and was living off the cruel joke I referred to as my savings.”  – David Sedaris

“Sometimes even your favourite authors can let you down. However don’t let them down by holding this against them.”  – Dave Gibson

“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.”  – Mother Teresa

Clingy Friend Meme

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