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Defeat the Overweight Issue When Dating with These 7 Steps

Defeat The Overweight Issue When Dating With These 7 Steps

You’re afraid of dating due to being overweight? Don’t worry, BestLifeTips is here to help. We will share with you some best tips on how to date when you are overweight right in this article.

If you feel self-deprecating about being overweight, don’t miss this article. BestLifeTips is here to share with you about tips on how to date when you are overweight.

Can someone be overweight and still fit?

Well, it is possible to be fit and overweight, even obese. However, the important thing is to understand what “fit” means and what “overweight” means relative to your health.

The latter is usually defined by body mass index (BMI), a common measurement of body fat based on height and weight.

According to this calculation, people with a BMI of 30 or more are considered obese, putting them at risk for certain health problems.

Those with a BMI below 25 are considered normal and healthy, while a BMI between 25 and 30 is defined as overweight.

However, BMI doesn’t tell everything about someone’s health. It also doesn’t measure how much fat you have.

Stephen Brewer, M.D., medical director at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, says “Two people with the same BMI can look very different. Someone can be over-fat and have the same BMI as a person who has a lot of muscle.”

Unfortunately, it’s not simple to measure body fat precisely.

“The latest science is quite clear that excess weight can carry considerable health risks, including a higher risk for heart attack and stroke,” says Dr. Jorge Plutzky, director of preventive cardiology at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

“While there is no one-size-fits-all number when it comes to a person’s ideal weight, men should not ignore significant weight gain and the implications it has for their future health.”

how to date when you are overweight

Is it OK if your overweight?

When people eat more calories than they use, their bodies store the extra calories as fat.

It’s OK to have a couple of pounds of extra body fat. It’s not a health risk for most people.

However, if people keep up a pattern of eating more calories than they burn, more and more fat will build up in their bodies.

As a result, the body fat can harm a person’s health. Doctors use the terms “overweight” or “obese” to tell if someone has a greater chance of developing weight-related health problems.

Does weight matter dating?

Physical appearance will always be the first thing we notice when evaluating someone. These days, the somewhat stereotypical ideal body type is a slim body. We’re constantly critical of ourselves and do everything to have a slim body.

So, does weight matter when dating? There is a variety of answers to this question.

Some people said that size absolutely does matter. Other said size might matter for that instant spark, but after that, other qualities keep the relationship afloat.

Many people said weight is not the issue here, but rather what’s important is overall health.

In short, different people are attracted to different body types and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes weight is not completely in our control, but overall wellness usually is.

So, don’t be critical of yourself or be self- self-deprecating to date when you’re overweight, as long as you’re staying healthy. Weigh is not everything in love.

Let’s find out how to date when you are overweight in the following content.

how to date when you are overweight

Will losing weight help me in dating?

It’s surely that losing weight help will help you in dating. You’ll look and feel incredible. You’ll be more confident and attractive after losing weight. If you’re single, that’ll give your dating life a big boost.

How do you know if a guy thinks you’re fat?

Here are 7 signs that a guy thinks that you’re fat:

  • He gives you a nickname that relates to your appearance
  • He takes you to places where you have to wear a swimsuit
  • He leaves “now” and “then” photos lying around
  • He asks you to wear an old dress
  • He playfully grabs your love handles
  • He signs you up for yoga under the pretense of stress relief
  • He buys you small clothes

How to be attractive when you’re overweight?

How to be attractive when you're overweight

Before getting to know how to date when you are overweight, let’s see how to be attractive when you’re overweight.

Find a suitable hair style

Get a cut that suits your face shape and keeps head to body proportions in mind. If you find your natural hair color is boring, try to find out about your color type and dying it a more flattering shade.

Apply make up

Taking care of yourself will give people an impression of confidence and self-worth. A well made-up face, but not overly, presents a well-groomed image.

Learn to accentuate your best features and how to contour your face.

Invest in your teeth, maintain your skin

Keep your teeth, skin and nails clean. If you don’t have a nice body shape, try to invest in other things.

These small things make a huge difference. Looking healthy and clean is always attractive.

Think of things about yourself that you like when you’re down

For example, you have a pretty face, pretty hands, or a perfect skin. Those are what you should feel proud of and think of them whenever you feel down about yourself.

Be confident

If you seem happy and confident with the way you look, people will be drawn to your personality. Remember that many men find larger women attractive.

Choose suitable clothing for your body shape

Get a book on body proportion analysis, and figure out what cuts work for your body type. Wear well-fitted cuts, they will put you in the best light.

You do not need to limit yourself to black, but be wary of too extremely bright colors and patterns that scream circus tent.

Add some bold and creative accessories to make your nice parts standout.

So how to date when you are overweight? Keep reading to find it out!

How to date when you are overweight?

How to date when you are overweight

Don’t focus on your weight too much while dating. Here are some tips on how to date when you are overweight:

Dress well and look your best

The first step on how to date when you are overweight is to wear clean, well-fitting clothes and make sure you are well-groomed before meeting up with your potential partner.

Let your personality shine

If your date has agreed to go out with you, they already like who you are. Solidify their opinion by using humor, talking about your interests, and asking them about their life and hobbies as well.

This is one of the best tips on how to date when you are overweight.

Don’t talk negatively about yourself

Keep your conversation upbeat and avoid topics that make you feel down. Making negative comments about your weight or appearance can make it seem like you are searching for compliments.

Don’t belittle yourself to your date

Your date already knows what you look like. You don’t owe them an explanation about your weight.

Dates are about getting to know whether you like this person, not to let them know about how self-deprecating you are.

This is a taboo in how to date when you are overweight. Don’t ever look down on yourself.

Be open and inviting with your body language

Keep your head held high and your shoulders back when you are sitting or standing. Try not to hunch over or cross your legs away from your date.

Use dating apps for overweight

There are a lot of dating apps for overweight out there. Put up photos on your profile that show how you look now and what you like to do. Then find someone you like to talk.

Take rejection as a learning experience

Not everyone will want to go on a date with you when you ask, and that’s okay. The last but not least step of how to date when you are overweight is to try to take rejection as a chance to learn and improve for next time instead of a huge setback.

Best dating sites for overweight

Your weight doesn’t define your worthiness of love and caring, and the millions of plus sized individuals in happy relationships attest to that.

If you don’t know where to start, you can start with these dating apps:

  • BBWCupid
  • WooPlus
  • Cupid
  • BBW Admire
  • LargeFriends
  • BBW Plus Singles
  • BBWRomance
  • BBWFriendsDate
  • Beesize
  • ChubbyBunnie

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It’s fine to be overweight when dating. You have so much better things than that. Hope that this article of BestLifeTips can help you with how to date when you are overweight. Love yourself more. You deserve the best things. Like & Share this post if you like it!