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Step-by-step: How to cook bacon on a griddle perfectly and add more flavors to it
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Step-by-step: How To Cook Bacon On A Griddle Perfectly And Add More Flavors To It

The taste of bacon speaks for itself. Do you happen to know what is the best way to cook bacon? In this post, we here at BestLifeTips give you some tips on how to cook bacon on a griddle.

Bacon contains a very high fat content that will release a lot of grease when you cook it. Frying pan seems to be a suitable tool to cook bacon, but if you make a little bit. The more bacon you put in your pan, the more grease you will get. Griddle can be an alternative to a pan that also prevents splattering. BestLifeTips recommend how to cook bacon on a griddle below.

Why cook bacon on a griddle?

Why choose griddle over cooking supplements? Here are reasons for that:

  • You can lay the bacon flat easily. The spacious flat surface of griddle makes it easier to quick flip bacon. Equipped yourself with a good of tongs or chopsticks. Be gentle and careful not to scratching the non-stick surface of griddle.
  • You can cook a lot of bacon at once. Griddle gives you more space for a batch, so it saves more time when it comes to a big group meal.
Step-by-step: how to cook bacon on a griddle perfectly

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  • Drain off fat and make bacon crispier. Most modern griddles are sloped so that they will release most of the grease into the oil reservoir to prevent splattering. Then our bacon will be crispier.
  • It’s easier to flip. When the bacon is not drowning in grease, it doesn’t splatter and harmful to us. It’s easier to use a good pair of chopstick or tongs to flip them.
  • You can save fat when cooking bacon on electric griddle. Electric griddle has a hole at the bottom to drain the fat, keep that in a container for later usage.

How to cook bacon on a griddle

It’s time to cook. Be well-prepared and list down all the ingredients that needed to guarantee a successful bacon dish.

Things you will need

Step-by-step: how to cook bacon on a griddle perfectly

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  • Cooking supplements:

– An electric griddle.

– An average pair of tongs. In case you are unavailable for tongs, use chopsticks or larger fork instead.

– At least 2 plates: 1 for fresh bacon and another one for cooked bacon.

– Paper towels.

– A silicon spatula.

  • Ingredients:

– Bacon strips.

– A bit of butter.

– Some simple spices to season your bacon, such as salt, pepper, or paprika.

Before you cook

Before cooking bacon, make sure to preheat your griddle. It’s quite important to set the right temperature that is enough to make bacon crispy but not overcooked. Simply heat up your griddle from 350 to 400 degree and let it rest for a while to stabilize the heat, season it with a big piece of bacon, preferably contains more fat. Leave it there and let it does the work. Then lower the heat a bit between 325 to 375 degree and take the piece of bacon aside.

How to cook bacon on a griddle

When your griddle is ready, it’s time to cook. Remember, bacon cooks really fast, so don’t get neglected by other tasks and arrange everything you need nearby such as plate, tongs, spices, etc.

Step-by-step: how to cook bacon on a griddle perfectly

Source: Pixabay/@piviso

  • Step 1: Place the bacon strips side by side on the griddle cooking surface using tongs (or a fork). Do not place one strip on top of another because it will cook unevenly or even overcook. You can also break the strips in half if necessary.
  • Step 2: It takes around 5 to 7 mins for 1 batch. You can see the bacon start to shrink and the color changes into golden-brown along the edge of each strip. Make sure all strips are laid not too close to be cooked evenly.
  • Step 3: Use your pair of tongs or chopsticks or fork to flip the bacon over. The fat is burning and release grease on the griddle. Use your spatula to push all the grease to the hole for grease disposal tray. Spend the same amount of time for the uncooked side of bacon.
  • Step 4: Your bacon strips start to shrink and turn into golden color. If you want to add more flavor to your dish, take advantage of this time. Season them with your favorite spices, but not too much. We all know that the taste of bacon speaks for itself.
  • Step 5: The bacon is almost ready. Check the bacon if they look the same on both sides. Place some paper towels on the clean plate to soak up all the excess fat that may stay. Use tongs, chopsticks or fork to take them out and arrange nicely on the plate.

If you need to cook bacon into several batches, make sure to remove all the excess fat and adjust the heat lower, wait for a while and then turn the heat back up.

How to cook bacon on a griddle – Cooking timeframe

Yes, it takes from 10 to 15 minutes to cook bacon evenly. However, it depends much on variety factor such as the griddle heat, rashers’s thickness and what you want for the result: crispy or chewy.

Step-by-step: how to cook bacon on a griddle perfectly

Source: Unsplash/@wrightbrand

In a professional way, use a food thermometer to check the bacon temperature. It’s supposed to be at 160 degree to be cooked.

But we don’t need that much for bacon. Trust your gut and eyeball it is enough. The white lines of fat should become transparent, the color should be golden brown on the edges. Be aware if your bacon is still pink, it’s a sign that your bacon hasn’t cooked correctly.

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And this is how to cook bacon on a griddle that BestLifeTips want to show. Don’t forget to come back as we’re updating more tips to make your life better.