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Apply These 4 Secret Signs To Improve How To Check If A Guy Is Virgin

Apply These 4 Secret Signs To Improve How To Check If A Guy Is Virgin

Although this task is difficult, you can know how to check if a guy is virgin through some deductive signs. Let’s find out what those signs are with BestLifeTips through this article.

Perhaps the determination of male virginity is something that makes many people wonder. How to check if a guy is virgin? Is there any sign to know? Keep on reading and BestLifeTips is here to answer for you.

Is male virginity detectable?

Until now, it was assumed that male virginity did not seem to exist and that this problem only applied to women. Therefore, it is often assumed that there will be no answers to questions regarding how to check if a guy is a virgin.

There are several arguments regarding the detection of male virginity. Some doctors believe that it is possible to know how to check if a man is a virgin by looking at their knees or sex organ. Specifically, an experimentalist, Dr Khumalo said that a man with black knees is not a virgin.

Although he was heavily criticized, he said he confessed because he had experience with the virginity test as a boy and that’s how he learned its method.

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However, Dr. Alice’s Internet Archive disagrees with Dr. Khumalo’s idea. He said based on some old archives that male virginity could not be detected if Khumalo’s parameters were applied.

Additionally, Dr Josephine Birungi of St Joseph Clinic and Laboratory Services in Wandegeya says that while girls can be tested for physical virginity, for boys, it is not scientific.

Perhaps, in terms of medicine, it is difficult to determine whether male virginity can be detectable.

However, if you still want to check, you can rely on some characteristics that BestLifeTips summarized from many sources to identify what you want to know.

How to check if a guy is a virgin by his attitude

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Usually, the guy rarely reveals whether he has had sex or not. But through actions and gestures, you can also guess.

So, consider his attitude when it comes to sex. Of course, when they hear, virgin boys will probably show expressions of shyness or avoid this issue. This is a normal reaction.

Or want to know exactly whether a boy is a virgin, the best way is to ask directly. Some guys can lie or make up stories. 

The secret to knowing whether he’s telling the truth is to observe his attitude and reaction. If he’s hesitant or overreacting, he’s probably hiding something. But if he shows confidence and doesn’t make excuses, the answer is genuine.

How to check if a guy is virgin from his ear

how to check if a guy is virgin

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One way for how to check if a guy is virgin is through acupoints on his body, specifically from his ear. According to Oriental medicine, this point is located just below the earlobe of a man.

Similar to the virginal line, if this acupuncture point is still visible to the naked eye, the guy has never had sex. The acupuncture point will be blurred or broken if he has had sex. 

Also, CBS News did reported on Hong Pham, a Vietnamese traditional medicine practitioner, she stated that the spot from his ear will only disappear after heterosexual intercourse and is not affected by gay sex or masturbation.

According to a medical point of view, it is impossible to determine if a man has had sex by feeling the pulse or examining the redness in his ear. But her method worked after years of testing on her students. 

How to check if a guy is a virgin by his penis

His penis plays an extremely important role in a man’s sex life. Therefore, it is also a way to know if he is still a virgin or not. The virgin penis will have some characteristics. If you have the opportunity, you can try to check the following signs such as foreskin, skin body, etc.

Foreskin will be very difficult to fall off the first time a man has sex and easily does if he has sex many times. This occurs when this area of the skin is flabby and no longer hugs its tip.

However, this way of how to check if a guy is virgin will not work if he has a narrow foreskin. This means that no matter how many times he has sex, it is difficult for the skin to come off. 

Another try based on body skin, how to check if a guy is a virgin through the penis skin? Some said boy who have never had sex, his skin’s area will be rough. 

How to check if a guy is a virgin by sex

Based on the sex technique, you can judge whether a guy is virgin. It is clear that this kind of technique is something that not everyone has the opportunity to practice.

For the first time, while a virgin guy cannot avoid clumsiness and errors, an experienced one is extremely proficient in foreplay and every move with high precision. 

How to check if a guy is virgin through sexual skills is quite simple. A guy doing sex for the first time will definitely have clumsy movements and shy attitudes when making physical contact with his partner.

In fact, many guys don’t even know where to start.

how to check if a guy is virgin

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Moreover, the time of ejaculation is also a factor to check quite accurately. Except for cases of a physiological weak man, a guy who has sex for the first time often has premature ejaculation because of stress or lacking of techniques.

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You can rely on these above tips of BestLifeTips to identify how to check if a guy is virgin. These are just folk experiences. Modern science has had no research to check. It’s for reference only, so don’t let this affect your happiness.