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Knowing the Best Tips to Be More Productive in Your Daily Life

Knowing The Best Tips To Be More Productive In Your Daily Life

Have you ever noticed that sometimes, having nothing to do makes you even more tired, instead of refreshed and energized like you’d hoped? How to be productive when you have nothing to do? BestLifeTips will show you.

While it is immensely essential to give yourself breaks, doing nothing for extended periods of time can put you in a terrible pattern of fatigue, and straight up lack of motivation. Don’t worry. Here are guides of how to be productive when you have nothing to do from BestLifeTips to help you handle it.

Feeling Productive Meaning

Productive is a common adjective but doesn’t have a too clear definition. Though we know we all want to be more productive.

The word productive or feeling productive means to be effective at getting something done fast and well. It also refers to freeing up time by reducing time spent on wasteful activities for spending it on whatever you want.

How Productivity Makes Us Feel Good

Besides definition, you need to understand more about your desire to be productive. From that, it’s easy to know how to be productive when you have nothing to do.

As per some recent studies and one research from the University of Warwick shows, cheerful people are more productive. In particular, that difference is up to 12%.

how to be productive when you have nothing to do

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So why does feeling productive can give you many things that affect happiness and make you have to think about how to be productive when you have nothing to do while it’s unnecessary if you don’t.

Here are several reasons for this:

  • Give You Purpose

It’s said that if you have a certain purpose in your life, it will give you a reason to get up every morning. Sometimes, striving towards something like your dream can bring you energy, focus to be productive compared to those who lack their own direction.

  • Push Yourself

Similarly, whatever you do for your body always makes you feel good, actually. Whether mental or physical, working or just walking, the more productive you are, the more you are pushed. This could be because it activates a lot of working skills and informs a more well-rounded approach to tasks.

How to Be Productive When You Have Nothing to Do

Productive Ways to Spend Time

  • Reading Books

Reading books is one of the most productive ways to spend time you should be starting. Nothing better than immersing yourself in a book. Reading books not only builds your vocabulary, lowers stress, but also enhances your creative imagination. You can choose whatever kinds of books you like.

how to be productive when you have nothing to do

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Besides, if you prefer listening, don’t forget to think of listening to audiobooks. It’s a perfect alternative for how to be productive when you have nothing to do during relaxing days.

  • Enroll An Online Course

Recently, there is a wide range of online foundation-level courses to enrol for free. You can learn every essential knowledge from their catalogue of courses in history and the arts to society, politics and law.

Let’s enroll in a proper course and successfully pass tests and assignments. It works not only well for building up your knowledge-base and your resume, but also accessing your personal learning profile and record of achievements that you earn while you study.

  • Watch A Documentary Series

The important thing is watching documents instead of films. It will never be boring. Just pick some stimulating documentary series on Netflix about your favourite subjects to enjoy.

You can do so in a more productive manner than ever before and you might find yourself binge-watching programmes that will really help you by someway, like learning. You may find watching a documentary series which you have never taken an interest in before, which is great.

  • Meditate

Surely, if you want to get positive energy, it’s important to be mindful of your surroundings as well as your wellbeing. Most of them, meditation would help you seek a bit of peace of the inner mind in times of uncertainty or when you have nothing to do.

For preparing appropriately, find a quiet space dot with some candles. All around air will clear your mind with some therapeutic meditation music. It seems like how to contact your spiritual guides for relieving stress and improving your mental wellbeing.

Indeed, it’s also a wonderful method for someone who has to deal with how to be productive when you have nothing to do.

How to Keep Yourself Busy And Productive

Actually, being busy is a signal of effort, while being productive is fueled by purpose. Being busy is good at everything thanks to working harder. Meanwhile, feeling productive gets from working smarter.

how to be productive when you have nothing to do

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It may be a good reason for your question of how to be productive when you have nothing to do. You are always busy all the time, but do you wonder whether it might give the results you want? If not, then you might not be busy with the right things. So, it’s really important to match both keeping busy and productive.

Many variables determine your overall productivity. Tools, apps, or any hacks, you know, don’t work if you lack the right mindset. Because doing something productive is basically a way of living.

Focus on these things which help you keep yourself busy and productive all of day, even if while not working.

Things To Be More Productive

To find out secret things to a more productive workday, follow and train these effective habits to achieve your target by keeping yourself busy and productive:

  • Know Your Objectives

Even when you have no idea about how to be productive when you have nothing to do, take a look at yourself? What are your strengths or weakness? When you have a clear objective up to date, you will imagine what important things you need to do for your targeted performance.

Do you know a funny line from the City Slickers where one of the characters says, “We’re lost, but we’re making really good time.”

how to be productive when you have nothing to do

Source: Adecco Canada

Never mind if someone says you’re on the wrong track or you are wasting your time. Identifying your forward goal and turning busyness into productivity is an important thing you need to do.

  • Cut Your To-do List

Not everything is important to handle together at a certain time or especially in the sanctioned eight hours. Let’s check your list of tasks again and wonder whether you really need to do all tasks on this list. If not, surely, cut it in half and just focus on accomplishing things that matter.

  • Follow the 80/20 Rule

Do you know this typical rule of success? It refers to only 20 percent of what you do each day will produce 80 percent of your results. It’s a charming tactic, isn’t it?

Sometimes, you need to eliminate the things that don’t matter during your workday and break it down into steps. Continue to remove systematically until you end up with the 20 percent that gets the 80 percent of results. Over time, a long list of tasks may never make you stuck anymore.

  • Take More Breaks

Many successors have proved this. Whether you find out how to be productive when you have nothing to do or while working, you can’t let the ache in your brain affect your work ability. It’s essential to take a break after several long hours of work.

how to be productive when you have nothing to do

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More than that, when your brain has recharged and ready to achieve greater efficiency.

  • Check Email Twice A Day

Well, it doesn’t seem related to your productivity. But this habit may play a hand in training yourself to make you feel more productive. Why so? Every time you check your email, you always approach a rush of dopamine. It causes a rush, you know, especially when you’re on the go.

Too much unread mail can make you feel tired at the end of the day, while you have not been productive. To minimize that, turn off notifications, and check your email only twice a day automatically on set times.

How To Focus When You’re Bored

You need to find out how to be productive when you have nothing to do? Is it necessary to stay focused on your boring task?

Here, if you want tricks to deal with distracting, try to apply these useful tricks below:

  • Arrange Your Task Order

Your willpower will decrease over time during the working day. Doing a boring task first in the morning before it depleted your willpower may work for you. When it’s your turn of task you’re interested in, you will work well without effort to stay focused.

  • Discuss

Keep your accountability with the boring tasks by checking in with a supportive person regularly. The more that task will be discussed, the more you might find it exciting.

how to be productive when you have nothing to do

Source: Spring Professional

  • Reward for Yourself

Don’t forget to reward yourself as soon as possible along the way after working for a certain amount of time or completing a certain amount of work. It’s simple, but really essential. Fews of rewards can boost your willpower unbelievably. Don’t wait until the end to reward yourself.

  • Make It Fun

True, not everything can be fun, but cranking up the music or radio might make it a little less boring. Note that it’s always for multitaskers.

  • Change Work Environment

how to be productive when you have nothing to do

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If your task is too boring, consider working in an extra space that doesn’t have too many distractions, but enough stimuli to suit your needs. It could be a cube in a library, coffee shop, your office or even your home balcony.

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Sometimes, we forget that productivity is not exclusive to a high-powered career. Let’s apply these above tips and habits of how to be productive when you have nothing to do from BestLifeTips. Do it on your boring days.