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Thorny Mission: Being Friends with Someone You Love

Thorny Mission: Being Friends With Someone You Love

In this article, BestLifeTips will share with you about how to be just friends with someone you love and how to maintain that friendship.

If you have unrequired love for someone but want to stay as their friend, read this! BestLifeTips will help you on how to be just friends with someone you love.

Can you be friends with someone you’re romantically attracted to?

We’ve seen a lot in the movies where a guy meets a girl, they become best friends, and then, they develop a secret crush on one another and eventually fall in love.

And then, the friend who is in the relationship finally realizes that the best friends should be in a relationship after all.

Is being friends with someone you are romantically or sexually attracted to, without these romantic entanglements, possible in real life?

It is inevitable that men and women will interact with one another. At school, people tend to form their own groups and mingle with people who have similar interests to them.

When puberty hits, people start to look for potential partners, and romantic feelings begin to form for some people of the opposite sex.

When people are looking to form friendships with others, they tend to want to spend time with someone more than others. It may because of common interests, shared activities, or other qualities or traits.

These may become the reasons for wanting to start a romantic relationship with someone.

So, the question is, if there is a romantic or sexual attraction present between friends, are they just friends? Can you be friends with someone you’re romantically attracted to?

Can you stay within the boundaries of friendship without it turning into a romantic relationship?

A friendly attraction is a bond devoid of lust and sexual relations. It remains a friendship throughout the relationship but can become a romantic or sexual relationship if one of the friends crosses the line.

So, “Can you be friends with someone you’re romantically attracted to?” isn’t a yes or no question. It depends on the parties involved and whether they decide to cross that line.

If both friends choose not to cross the line between platonic friendship and romantic relationship, then yes, they can still be friends. But beyond that, it will get more complicated.

If you have a crush on someone, you can’t be their real friend until you deal with your feelings and stop wanting a romantic relationship.

Keep reading to find out how to be just friends with someone you love.

how to be just friend with someone you love

Can you be friends with someone who loves you?

It depends on you in this situation. If you two have just met, and you don’t have the same feelings for that person, you may don’t want to be friends with them.

But if you two have been friends for a while, is it worth throwing away a good friendship just because they have told you they love you?

So it depends on the way you think and how important is that person to you, even though you don’t have any romantic feelings for them.

Can you be friends with someone you once loved?

It’s difficult to be friends with someone you once loved, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You can’t truly be friends if either of you feel anything but amicable love.

Friends love each other as friends, no other way. You will be able to be friends only if both your feelings fade and you both think the feelings have no chance of returning.

If you still have feelings for them, you likely can’t become true friends.

So how to be just friends with someone you love? Read on to see the solutions!

How to be just friends with someone you love?

How to be just friends with someone you love

Be upfront and honest

The first step in how to be just friends with someone you love is to be honest. A true friendship is rooted in honesty. And the first step in being a genuine friend to anyone is to be trustworthy.

It may be uncomfortable to speak openly about the way you feel towards him or her, and you don’t want a friendship that is built on secrecy.

You can’t control how they will react to your open honesty, but it’s the best choice you have at creating a fulfilling friendship where both of you are on the same page.

Accept the reality

Maintaining a friendship with someone you love will hurt at first. We can’t always have the things we want, and that’s a tough reality to handle.

Try to consider taking a step back to acknowledge how lucky you are to have such a good friend. This step in how to be just friends with someone you love will lead you to inner peace.

The sooner you can accept the reality and stop trying to change it, the sooner you will find peace and liberation.

Prioritize yourself

Last but not least, the important step for how to be just friends with someone you love is to prioritize yourself and love yourself.

You will be the one being hurt in this friendship. Whether circumstances change in the future is something only time will tell. But now you need to prioritize yourself.

Instead of spending your time wishing you could develop something more than a friendship, think about what you deserve.

Do what you love, find a new hobby, and keep loving yourself first. It will make you become much better of a friend towards them.

How to be friends with someone you like?

how to be just friends with someone you love

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It’s hard to become friends with someone you love. Here are tips on how to be just friends with someone you love without losing your mind:

Do not have an ulterior motive

Being friends with someone you like is not easy, but it does not have to be hard. What makes it hard is trying to convince them to like you.

You shouldn’t remain your feelings for them if you’ve decided to be just friends with them. It will take time for the feelings to fade away, and you’ll get hurt. But that’s the best way on how to be just friends with someone you love.

Putting effort into that friendship as if you are wooing them is not a good idea.

Be respectful

There are a lot of ways to deal with rejection. You may be bitter or upset, but you have to remain respectful.

You can’t control their feelings for you. You should respect them instead of getting angry or question them why.

Try to let go and move on

Don’t spend time on suffering in silence. If you decided not to tell your friend that you like them, it is time to let go and move on.

Take your personal space

Another tip on how to be just friends with someone you love is to take some space away from them. Seeing someone you like continuously can make things even harder for you.

Treat them like any other friends

Don’t go above and beyond for this friend because you like them. If you have decided to be friends with them, just treat them like your other friends.

If you want to be friends with this person, you have to actually be friends with them.

Do not treat them badly

Do not take out your emotional frustration on them. It is not their fault that you like them. And it’s not their fault that they don’t have special feelings for you as well.

If you can’t treat them with kindness, you are not capable of being their friend.

Accept their relationships

Don’t be rude to their significant one. Do not diss their partner in front of them or behind their back. This is a taboo in how to be just friends with someone you love.

If you want to know how to be friends with someone you like, realize you are just friends. That means they can date who they choose and your jealousy cannot be involved in that.

How do you stop loving someone but stay friends?

how to be just friends with someone you love

Allow yourself to grieve

It is normal to feel grief, anger, denial, and all the other things a person might feel after loss.

If the person you love isn’t interested, keep pursuing them is hurtful to you. It’s okay to mourn.

Remember that these feelings are normal and healthy. Just allow yourself to grieve for a while. Then just let it go and move on.

Keep your distance

It’ll be helpful to create some extra space between yourself and the one you love while you work on healing from the loss.

Reduce the time you spend talking to them. It can take a few weeks or even months not to see them at all.

Take that time to take care of yourself and focus on other relationships, other activities, anything but them.

Find non-romantic media to consume

There are so many good things in life that have nothing to do with either romance or sex.

While dealing with romantic loss, you should avoid romantic media as much as possible. You can listen to funny or vibrant music, watch movies with topics about friendship, family, war, and so on.

It’s best to go easy on the love stories while you’re working on healing.

Treat your feelings like a third person in the relationship

Imagine your feelings for the person you love are like a third person who keeps coming to hang out with the two of you, whether you’ve invited them or not.

You may wish they’d go away and never come back, and maybe you also like the spice they bring.

It’s helpful to think of your feelings as a separate person with their own agenda. It helps you deal better when they show up.

Maybe, someday, those feelings will go away completely and leave your friendship in peace. Only time will tell that.

Let your feelings inspire you

An unrequited loss can be a tremendous source of energy. Think of other things you can do with it.

Making art, whether it’s writing or music or visual, for example. It can also drive you to accomplish other things, such as to learn a new skill; to seek out new experiences; to travel and expand my world.

Your feelings can’t make the person you love loves you back. However, you can listen to them and see where else you might be able to channel their energy.

How to maintain friendship with someone you love?

How to maintain friendship with someone you love

Let yourself to grieve

The pain of loving someone who doesn’t love you back breaks your heart. The best thing that you could do at the moment is to allow yourself to feel that pain.

Scream and cry as much as you like. There’s nothing wrong with doing that.

Put a distance between both of you

Putting a space between you and the one you love doesn’t mean that you have to block them or entirely ignore them.

This distance will just protect you from hurting too much without completely pushing that someone away in your life.

You can create excuses to not see them for a while. This will help you in your healing process.

You will be more focused on other things, especially on yourself.

Love yourself more

This will be the right time to focus on yourself and learn to love it even more. Have a new hobby or travel to that place you eagerly want to go to.

Distract yourself by doing the things you love will give you the time to breathe in this heartbreaking moment and help you heal faster.

Meet new friends

Meet new people and make friends with them. Build a friendship with others so that the attachment will lessen and you still have other friends to rely on.

Talk about your feelings with someone you trust

Have a talk with someone about what you feel and your thoughts. It could be a friend or your family member who you can trust. Ask them for advice on what you should do.

Maintain your friendship

To maintain your friendship with someone you love, the first thing you do is to cut off your feelings for them. Or you can’t be a true friend to them.

You can choose to tell them about your feelings for them. Don’t let your feelings break your bond as friends.

Accept that your relationship is nothing more than a friendship

This is the most important thing to do but also the toughest one. You must accept the fact that your relationship with each other will be nothing more than a friendship only.

Respect these boundaries between the both of you to avoid crossing the line and hinder your healing process.

If your friend doesn’t want to level up your friendship, respect that. Be happy no matter what their decision is.

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Above are all about how to be just friends with someone you love that BestLifeTips want to share with you. Hope that this article can help you overcome unrequired love loss and maintain friendship with the person you love.