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The Ultimate Guide to How Often Should You Highlight Your Hair
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The Ultimate Guide To How Often Should You Highlight Your Hair

If you are going to have your hair highlighted or you’ve already had it, this article is for you. BestLifeTips will share with you tips on keeping your highlighted hair healthy and how often should you highlight your hair.

Highlights are a great way to dye your hair. It helps you to be both personality and very fashionable. One of the most issue that we all care about is how often should you highlight your hair? How to keep highlighted hair healthy? Read this article of BestLifeTips to learn about them.

Do highlights ruin your hair?

Do highlights ruin your hair

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Before finding out how often should you highlight your hair, let’s talk about one of the biggest problems and fear of most ladies in the quest for hair beauty: Do highlights ruin your hair?

If your hair is strong and healthy, highlights won’t damage your hair since it will be well-equipped to undergo the bleaching process. If your hair is weak, then highlights might damage your hair more. In that case, there is a possibility that you could experience hair loss because of the damage.

Highlights do damage hair, obviously, when the whole process is done wrongly or in excess. So, you should evaluate your hair’s health before you get the highlights to make sure that it won’t cause your hair any harm, and have a professional colorist to highlight your hair.

An experienced colorist can bypass damages during highlighting by using the right technique. Aside from coloring, a trained professional colorist applies coloring techniques that will help maintain your hair health and strength.

Keep reading this article to see how often should you highlight your hair.

Common highlight mistakes

There’s so much information out there that deciphering which advice to follow can be overwhelming. Most of us are not professionals after all. Should you wash your hair every day, or ditch shampoo altogether? Do regular trims really make your hair grow faster? How often should you highlight your hair? Am I making hair highlight mistakes?

Highlighting your hair is more complicated than what you thought. Deciding which shade to go proves a lot more difficult than it looks. And then, knowing how to care for your colored hair is crucial, but it’s so often overlooked because you think once the color is done, it’s good to go.

Common highlight mistakes

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Here are the most common mistakes people make when highlighting their hair:

  • Go bleach blond right at the first time

If you have a dark hair, and you are going light for the first time, consider going ombré, or just trying a darker shade of blonde first. Making the switch from dark to light can be shocking, so try to avoid any regret.

  • Not consider the different types of highlights

Aside from foils, balayage and painted highlights are becoming increasingly popular for its sun-kissed look. Balayage allows for a more natural grow out, and it’s less severe than going ombré. Plus, it’s healthier for your hair. But if you want to be full, all-over blonde foils are your best choice.

  • Not consider a base color

You have to consider your natural hair color. For instance, you have red undertones in your hair, highlights could end up looking brassy or orange. You should do a neutral base color first, and then highlight on top of that to ensure the right shade of blonde results.

  • Pick the wrong shade of blonde

If you have blonde hair and fair skin, stick to lighter shades, but go with darker shades of blonde if you have olive, tan, or dark brown skin tones. If you have pink undertones in your skin, avoid warmer blondes. Instead, go for a cooler blonde.

  • Use the wrong shampoo

Make sure to use a shampoo specifically for color-treated hair to protect your highlights, and try to use a purple shampoo once a month to neutralize brassiness.

  • Wash your hair with hot water

Hot water will turn your highlights yellow or orange, so wash your hair with cold water to protect your color.

  • Not deep conditioning

Highlighting will dry your hair out. To prevent breakage, use a deep conditioner once a week, and don’t over do it on the hot appliances.

  • Get highlighting too often

Some people rush to the salon every six weeks, or every time a root peeps its dark head out. But notice that going too often can result in your color looking too over-processed, and it’s damaging to your hair and expensive.

Wait a little longer to go to the salons, maybe eight weeks, twelve, or longer if you can. If you can embrace a little natural grow out, it’ll save money, time, and keep your hair looking more natural.

The next thing you should notice is how often should you highlight your hair?

How often should you highlight your hair?

Highlights should be completely redone every two months. The amount of time depends on many factors, such as the frequency of hair-washing and the products you use, the quality of products used to do the highlights, and how fast your hair grows.

How often should you highlight your hair

Keep reading to learn more about how often should you highlight your hair, whether you have partial or full highlights.

Full highlight

It’s not a good idea to get a full highlight every time. You can do partial and flashe in-between the full thing.

You should get a full highlight every 12 weeks or every third color service.

Partial highlight

A partial highlight hits the top of the head as well as the sides and maybe a few hairline framing pieces below. The body of the hair throughout the back is left out.

So how often should you highlight your hair if you get partial highlight? Time frame of it is every 10 weeks.

Flash highlight

A flash highlight is the top of the head as well as a few face framing pieces up front on the sides. This service is a great choice for in-between your full and partial highlight services.

Recommended every 8-weeks.

How to keep highlighted hair healthy?

Now you know how often should you highlight your hair, let’s move to tips on how to keep your highlighted hair healthy.

How to keep highlighted hair healthy

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How to moisturize highlighted hair?

When you add highlights to your hair, your hair becomes prone to getting dry. This is especially true if you went for blonde highlights. Bleach can be really harsh on the hair. Dry hair is more prone to breakage, which can cause frizz.

If you want to maintain the beauty and glory of your highlighted hair, you should use a conditioner with potent moisturizing prowess on your hair several days in a week.

People who have very dry hair should also deep condition their hair at least once a week and also use a conditioner regularly.

Hair masks are great for restoring weakened hair strands caused by brushing too hard, processing, hot tools, and sun exposure. Apply your mask to clean, damp hair, and let it soak into your strands for about 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm water.

For intense hydration, cover your hair with a shower cap to allow the heat and steam to open up the cuticles.

How to revive highlighted hair?

  • Use a shine enhancing gloss

Use a shine enhancing gloss to give your dull highlighted color a boost. You can use Rita Hazan Ultimate Shine Gloss, for example, which is an in-shower treatment that takes five minutes to process. Simply apply to wet hair, wait, and rinse.

  • Remove buildup with ACV

Your hair color could be looking a bit lackluster may be because of excess product buildup. Cleanse your hair naturally by using equal parts water and apple cider vinegar.

  • Rinse with champagne

Treat your blonde highlights to the good life by rinsing your hair with champagne. According to Town And Country, champagne helps to bring out the golden tones in blonde hair, and boosts the hair’s overall radiance.

  • Restore pigment

Give your highlighted hair a dramatic makeup in under three minutes by using a color restoring hair treatment. A hair mask by Roux, for instance, uses special colored pigments to boost your hair’s color, while deeply nourishing the strands.

How to protect highlights?

  • Pick the right shampoo and conditioners for color treated hair

Always make sure you use a professional shampoo and conditioner that is specifically made for color treated hair.

  • Protect your hair from sun damage

Wet your hair with fresh water before going into the pool or ocean so your hair is saturated and will absorb less chlorine and salt water. Try using products with UV protection.

  • Install a shower filter

Another secret to preserving your highlights is a shower filter. It will help remove chlorine and minerals that strip protein and highlights from your hair.

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Above is all about how often should you highlight your hair and some tips on how to keep your highlighted hair healthy. You should consider different factors to have a perfect highlighted hair for yourself. Please Like & Share this article of BestLifeTips if you find it interesting and helpful.