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How often should you do Yoga for the best result?

How Often Should You Do Yoga For The Best Result?

How often should I do Yoga? If this is what you are looking for, check the recommendations right below with BestLifeTips.

Is it true that we should do Yoga everyday just like the 8,6 million photos on hashtag #YogaEveryDay on Instagram? Or are there any fit schedules for Yoga practice? Let’s find out the answer for question “how often should I do Yoga” right below with BestLifeTips.

What are Yoga benefits?

People of all ages can benefit from Yoga’s physical and mental health benefits. Yoga can also be an important part of your treatment if you’re injured, recovering from surgery, or living with a chronic condition. It can help you heal faster.

Patients can work with a Yoga therapist to create tailored schedules that complement their medical and surgical treatments. As a result, Yoga can aid in the healing process by allowing the person to experience symptoms with greater calmness and less anxiety.

What are Yoga benefits

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Here are some of Yoga benefits you can gain through a regular practice.

  • Yoga improves your physical health.

By slow movements, deeper breath and various poses that require you to hold longer, Yoga build up strength, balance and flexibility.

  • Yoga heals your back pain.

The American College of physicians recommends Yoga as a top choice treatment for chronic low back pain. By stretching, Yoga eases the pain and improves flexibility and mobility in people with lower back pain.

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  • Yoga strengthens your heart.

Regular Yoga practice reduces the level of stress, anxiety and body inflammation. Besides, Yoga practitioners also benefit from weight loss a lower blood pressure.

  • Yoga helps you with better sleep.

Many studies have linked Yoga to better sleep quality. Accordingly, breathing is one of the most important part of Yoga practicing. You would be instructed to be focus and observe your breath along with movements in Yoga class. By doing so, you can sooth your mind and relax your body, which is good for sleep.

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  • Yoga brightens your moods and enhances your energy.

After getting into a Yoga practice, you may experience an increase in mental and physical energy, a boost in concentration and enthusiasm, and fewer negative feelings.

Yoga benefits

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  • Yoga brings you to a supportive community.

To many Yoga practitioners, joining in a group of healthy people with same mindset is an exceptional experience. Besides, practice Yoga together can ease loneliness and motivate open healthy communication.

How much Yoga is too much

When Yoga becomes a habit, it becomes a way of life. There is no such thing as too much Yoga at this point.

If you practise Yoga for several hours each day and are happy and satisfied, that’s fantastic! But don’t feel horrible about yourself if you know someone like this and don’t do the same, even if this frequency doesn’t fit your life. What works for one person might not work for another.

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So keep your cool. It is not normal to experience constant muscle soreness after doing Yoga. Furthermore, if you experience pain or extreme discomfort as a result of the activity, you’re not doing your body any favors.

Moderation is the key to practice any kind of sports. Listen to your body needs and define your goals in doing Yoga. Approach the practice as something positive and pleasure than forceful. So don’t make it too hard on yourself on amount of time for practice. The longer time on practice doesn’t mean the better result you will get.

How often should I do Yoga?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question. It depends much on your purposes and goals in practicing Yoga. Whether it’s stronger mind, healthier body or a new mindset, there are different flows that require different amount of practise. Simply check the suggestions below and find out what you really want to gain in practicing Yoga.

How often should I do Yoga

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How often should I do Yoga for better balance?

When it comes to finding balance, the frequency of your yoga practice is just one thing to consider. Balancing is something you do on a regular basis. It varies according to the quality of your sleep and what you did during the day. Tadasana, or mountain position, will help you establish a foundation for how to feel the floor and your legs. After that, eagle position is the ideal balancing stance for testing your stability and improving your balance. The binding of the arms and legs challenges your mind while working the sensitive and intricate muscles of your body.

So integrating yoga into your life in any way, as well as strengthening your core in other aspects of your training routine, can help with balance.

How often should I do Yoga for stronger muscle?

If your goal is building up a sharp body or at least, lose a bit of weight. It will be more about which class you sign in than how often you get on your Yoga mat. Focus more on strength class such as Power Vinyasa or Power Yoga. Additionally, make sure that you give your body enough time to recharge from powerful practice. So 3 times per week is a reasonable frequency for practicing.

In case body strength classes are not available in your place. You could alternatively hold full-body poses such as warrior 2, warrior 3, chaturanga, plank pose or chair pose for one or two minutes for maximum benefits.

How often should I do Yoga for a calmer mind?

If you want to calm your mind, this is a good news, you can practice Yoga as often as you need, even on a daily basic. Moreover, there is no need to take a full class to feel good. Even 2-3 minute of breathing practices can also benefit. Hold some poses such as child’s pose, pigeon pose, goddess pose or put your legs up the wall and keep practicing deep breath for the best result.

How often should I do Yoga

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How often should I do Yoga for more flexibility?

Some people are naturally extremely flexible and nail the split at the first time while others need to spend longer time to do so. So it really depends when it comes to flexibility. Listen to your body and choose the most suitable frequency to practice. The most important thing is everyone has their own limitation, don’t force yourself to do the same with others in Yoga class.

How often should I do Yoga?-FAQ

Is 20 minutes of Yoga a day enough?

Without a doubt, having an hour or more to devote to our practice allows us to go deeper, but many of us do not have the time to do so on a regular basis. Is it possible to reap the advantages of yoga in just 20 minutes? We don’t have many large-scale studies to depend on because the rising amount of yoga research tends to focus on its therapeutic potential in smaller clinical groups of people.

According to the study of frequency of Yoga practice, practitioners find that their home Yoga practice makes the difference in their level of mindfulness, BMI, vegetarian status, sleep quality and fatigue. This frequency appears even effects more than the number of time they’ve spent on Yoga studio.

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Another study of over 700 participants discovered that doing yoga poses for 12 minutes every day enhanced their bone health. A small-scale study also discovered that 20 minutes of yoga increased focus and working memory.

So it’s not all about how long you practice but how frequently you take it. Specifically in Yoga, it’s not required to take an entire long session for the best benefits. Make up a routine and tailor your own practice program that suits you the most is a wise choice.

What happens when you do Yoga every day?

If you do Yoga every day, you will have a life-changing experience from inside out. Your health gets better and better every day, it’s good for your bones, sleep, heart health and more. Your bones will be stronger because you’re working against gravity which encourages new bones to grow. Especially, for women, who are more likely to develop osteoporosis, Yoga helps them fight against bone loss.

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You will look more energetic and brighter when doing Yoga every day. Doing Yoga is a beneficial way to reduce stress, anxiety and loneliness. Meeting up in your studio provides a huge sense of community and opens up healthy communication.

You enhance your muscle strength and flexibility. The longer you practice Yoga, the more flexible you become and the fewer injuries you will sustain over your timeline. In addition, doing Yoga boosts your energy level and there is no need for you to have caffeine every day to keep energetic vibrational frequency high. The more energetic you are, the more capable you can do. And the more accomplished you are, the happier you will feel.

Do you need rest days from Yoga?

Even though Yoga comes with various benefits for your body, mind and spirit, it’s vital to have rest days, at least once a week. A break day is a day that you take a break from Yoga practice. Give your body a chance to relax and recover from physical practice that you have done in the entire week. Doing Yoga on a daily basic can be demanding on both of your mind and body.

In Ashtanga Yoga, Saturday is the rest day. In case you are practicing different style, check with your Yoga teacher on a rest day and plan to have one on your schedule. On the other flip side, you could also choose any dates in the week that suits you the most as your rest day. The most important thing is you have at least one day to rest no matter what date it is.

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Yoga isn’t only a kind of exercises but a beneficial practice that effect positively on practitioners’ body, mind and spirit. BestLifeTips hopes this article help you answer for the question “how often should I do Yoga”. Like us if you find it helps and return often for more Yoga tips.