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Things about Solar Nails You May Not Know
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Things About Solar Nails You May Not Know

Solar nails are very popular among other artificial nail types. Read this article to find out how long do solar nails last as well as other related information about this kind of nails.

If you are a fan of artificial nails, you will love this article of BestLifeTips about solar nails. Keep reading to see what are solar nails, their benefits and how long do solar nails last.

What are solar nails?

What are solar nails


Before getting to know how long do solar nails last, let’s take a look at what are solar nails. Solar nails are not the newcomers among the artificial nails. They have been around since the 70s. Solar nails are a kind of acrylic nail manufactured by Creative Nail Design. They are superior to regular acrylic.

Solar nails are about 10 times thicker than our natural nails. They come in white and pink color, which are similar to the French manicure.

This kind of nails may be a great idea for a wedding, birthday, or any other formal occasion. You can surely wear them for a casual date as well.

So how long do solar nails last? Keep reading to find out!

Benefits of solar nails

Benefits of solar nails

Here are some main benefits if you choose to get solar nails:

They are better than extensions

Solar nails are not extensions. Extensions can cause damage to the natural nails, especially when you use have worn them for a long period of time. But solar nails are embedded into the natural nails. That’s why they can maintain their luster.

They are strong

Solar nails are very strong and do not break easily under pressure, while most artificial nails can break under just light pressure. If you apply solar nails, your regular and natural nails will become stronger and tougher.

No worries of discoloration

When using nail polish on natural nails, they may turn yellow. But that is not the case with solar nails. Solar nails will maintain their nail polish for an extended period of time.

No worries of UV rays

If you apply acrylic or gel nails, you need to avoid spending too much time in the sun due to the UV rays. These can cause damage to your artificial nails.

As for solar nails, you don’t need to worry about this problem.

No need of replacement

If you get acrylic nails, you have to go to the salon every 2 weeks regularly, or at least every 3 weeks. Otherwise, your nails will grow and they will show a gap between the acrylic color and your nail.

If you use solar nails, you can avoid all the replacement processes. You don’t need to replace the artificial nails. All you have to do is to refill the nails every 3 weeks.

Easy to remove

You don’t need to worry about the removal process. If not refilled, they fall off on their own. In cases they don’t fall off, you can easily remove them at home.

Cheaper than most of artificial nails

Solar nails are initially a bit expensive, but their low maintenance cost covers it up.

How long do solar nails last?

When it comes to solar nails, one of the most frequent questions is how long do solar nails last.

It has been found that the solar nails last for three weeks. In most cases, they last up to 4 weeks before they need a refill.

When your natural nails grow over time, you will see your solar nails are parting from the cuticles. At that time, you can refill them or take off them.

Sometimes, your solar nails can come off even without you noticing. That process is painless, and there is no damage to your nails. Just know that your natural nails will be weaker for a week after the solar nails fall off. You have to be prepared for some flaking and cracking in the natural nails.

How to apply solar nails?

After knowing the benefits of solar nails and how long do solar nails last, you might wonder how to apply them? Does it hard? The process of applying solar nails is actually quite easy.

How to apply solar nails

If you want to apply them yourself, it can be hard. You can have other people to do it for you at home or at a nail salon.

Things you need to apply solar nails

  • Solar nail powders and liquid
  • Applying brush
  • Fake plastic nails
  • Nail drill machine
  • Nail-tip clipper
  • Nail smile line trimmer

Applying process

Step 1: Wash your hands and groom your nails. Use a nail drill machine to make the nail plates a bit uneven.

Step 2: Add the plastic nails on your nail tips so that they don’t incline so upward. Priorities to make them straight. Then set the length by chopping off the fake nails with a nail tip clipper.

Step 3: Apply the solar white and pink acrylic powder with the nail brush. Put the white powder from the tip of your nails to your nail plate.

Use the nail smile line trimmer to make a smiley break at your desired length. Then put the pink nail powder with the nail brush to the rest of your nail paint.

Step 4: Use the nail drill machine to give them your desired edges and shapes and a fine-tune finishing.

Step 5: Apply a quick dry transparent nail color to make your solar nails look glossy.

How to remove solar nails?

How to remove solar nails

Source: Nail Art Mag

The best method for removing solar nails is by soaking your hands in a bowl containing acetone. Soak your hands for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes to make them exposed to the impact of acetone.

Then use a cotton wool ball soaked in acetone to rub your nails gently and your solar nails will easily come off.

Your nails may be a little weaker after removing your solar nails since acetone is bad for nails, but don’t worry. You can get back your natural nails with in a few days by nourishing them with clear nail paint and moisture them regularly.

Do solar nails damage your nails?

Like all other artificial nails, solar nails will eventually harm your nail bed if you use them for a long time. They have chemicals, and you should not use them when expecting a baby.

What is better solar or gel nails?

What is better solar or gel nails

Here are some benefits that solar nails have over gel nails:

  • Easier to remove

You can easily remove your solar nails by using the acetone soaking method. Or just wait for 3 or 4 weeks and they will fall off themselves if they’re not refilled.

  • No UV exposure

When applying solar nails, there’s no need to hold your hands under potentially harmful UV light like you would have to if you were getting gel nails.

  • Gentler on nail beds

Solar nails are easy to remove with only an acetone soak, while gel nails need to be soaked in acetone and then also filed off, taking some of the natural nail with them.

  • Longer lasting

As mentioned in How long do solar nails last part, solar nails can usually last around 3-4 weeks before you need infills.

Gel nails generally last around a couple of weeks and have to be completely removed and redone to maintain them.

Additionally, solar nails are much harder and more resilient due to their thickness, whereas gel nails are prone to shattering.

On the other hand, solar nails also have some negatives over gel nails:

  • Look less natural

Solar nails can tend to look less natural than gel nails due to their thickness.

  • Contain more chemical fumes

Gel nails have less of an odour and emit less chemical fumes, so they are better for the environment and your lungs.

  • Take more time to dry

Since solar nails don’t need to use UV light, they take more time to dry.

So it depends on your health status and your favor to choose one of these two types of artificial nails. If you want to get a strong and longer lasting nails set, you can get solar nails. But is you’re pregnant or planning to have a baby, you should choose gel nails instead.

It’s quite important to find out how long do solar nails last before applying them. Another thing you should notice is that solar nails are a higher quality and safer formula than acrylic nails. So make sure you’re getting the right nail tech, which is “Radical Solar Nails” by CND.

Solar nails price

A full set of solar nails will set you back around $30-$40. And when getting them refilled, solar nails will cost around half the initial price.

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Now you know how long do solar nails last as well as their benefits. You can consider getting them since they are stronger and longer lasting than most of the artificial nails. But if you’re pregnant, you should apply them.