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Listen to your gut when it comes to relationships. Is it true all the time?

Listen To Your Gut When It Comes To Relationships. Is It True All The Time?

You have got gut instinct in relationships that there is something wrong? Or someone cheated? Let’s find out what are the truth behind your inner voice with BestLifeTips.

We are often told to trust your gut, but what does it really mean and how does gut instinct in relationships work? Join BestLifeTips to learn more about it in the article right below.

What does gut instinct in relationships mean?

We’ve all had the sensation of something strange in our gut, a pull trying to warn us, an almost instinctive decision made by the body. It’s an immediate, unquestionable comprehension, a sixth sense, where you just know.

Your gut instinct, gut feeling warning, also known as intuition, is your intuitive understanding of something; you don’t need to ponder about it or seek another opinion because you simply know. Your intuition manifests itself as a unique sensation in your body. No one else can tell you if you’re in touch with your gut instinct or not since the emotion is so intimate. It is entirely up to you to make the decision. As a result, trusting your intuition is the ultimate act of self-trust.

The gut feeling is an obvious occurrence that we’ve all heard about, maybe felt, and perhaps even paid attention to at some point in our lives. It’s a reality that the mind and body work together more often than we realize—those butterflies in your tummy when you glimpse that special someone. When you’re on the other end of the emotional range, when you come across something traumatic or life-changing, nausea and twitches take over.

Is your gut instinct always right in relationships?

What does gut instinct feel like? Have you ever experience a sudden feeling in a situation? Or felt suspicious about someone you have just met? Somehow you can’t explain it by logic mind but you know something isn’t quite right.

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Or in the middle of a tough situation or decision, a calm feeling or a rush of affirmation appears and eases your mind. They make you feel like you are doing right things. Some people describe gut instinct as a small inner voice, and they often hear that voice in every tough situation.

These are signs of gut feeling:

  • Tension or tightness in your body
  • A flash of clarity
  • Stomach butterflies or nausea
  • Goosebumps or prickling
  • Sweaty palms or feet
  • A sinking sensation in the pit of your stomach
  • Feelings of peace, safety, or happiness (after making a decision)
  • Thoughts that keep returning to a specific person or situation
gut instinct in relationships

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When it comes to relationship, your gut instinct is reliable? To answer the question, it’s vital to separate between gut feeling and paranoia, anxiety or old patterns. Because gut feelings and anxiety share similar bodily symptoms, it can be difficult to distinguish between the two. You might be concerned that your mistrust of someone indicates paranoia.

  • Anxiety: If it’s the anxiety feeling instead of gut feeling, you tend to focus more on the future and often have less definition. You might find yourself worrying about all manner of the concerns, your mind will look for the potential solution not the current situation itself.
  • Paranoia: The irrational distrust of others and their behavior is known as paranoia. You may believe that someone is attempting to harm you, despite the fact that you have no cause to suspect them and no evidence to back up your suspicions.

Gut feeling can be real, grounded in observation and experience. But you don’t need to reply to that on every decision you make. Here’s how you can trust an intuitive feeling in any situation, including your relationship.

  • Make it clear between gut feeling and wishful or fearful thinking.

Wishful thinking or fearful thinking happens when you want or are scared about something or someone so bad. It’s easier for you to misinterpret words, situations and behavior and choose to think about it in line with your own thinking.

  • When you need to make a quick decision.

It’s proven that the experience already cataloged in your brain can serve you back when you need to solve something quickly. It will base on what you have gone through to make the final decision.

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  • When you don’t have enough information.

If you don’t have enough fact to make a decision, gut feeling can help. Your emotion plays an important role in decision. Choose the thing that sounds resonate with your sense of self more.

Trusting your gut feeling about someone

Trusting your gut is especially true if you are hurt in the past. You thought you could trust someone, but they turned to be untrustworthy. You thought they were loyal but then found out that they cheated on you. My gut is telling me something is wrong or gut feeling for breakup are the real feeling of many people in a relationship. Is it true to trust your gut feeling about someone or relationship?

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When you interact with someone, you take in all information about them. Their outlook, their style, their behaviors. You will notice about their tone of voice and their body language. When something doesn’t go along, an alarm goes off within your brain and your heart, which is trying to tell you there is something wrong about this person.

However, gut feeling is also about your past experience. Your past has defined of your point of view of yourself. For you, your past also determines other people. It shapes your opinion of if others are generally safe, and whether they will care about your pain and wants.

All of this will play a role in influencing your gut feeling about someone.

Some tips to check if your gut feeling for someone is accurate:

  • Check with others: The other person will not be affected emotionally by that person or events, they can see things more clearly than you. The more people you can take reference on, the better. You even can ask for professional help to see what really is going on.
  • Read the untrustworthy signs: You know you can’t trust them. Instead of facing the truth and solve problem in a healthy manner, they turn it toward you and blame on you. Sometimes, they gas-lighting you and make you trust the problem is rooted from you, not them. What’s more, they aren’t trying to comfort you and care about you. They don’t want to fix problem that cause you stress or anxiety.
  • Listen your fear: Are you so scared when entering into a relationship? Are you scared that nobody will accept you for who you are? Do you think that you are incapable to be loved? If your heart is full of fear, chances are your gut intuition will be off balance.

Gut instinct in relationships quotes

Here’re gut instinct in relationships wise words that might help you to understand more about your inner voice.

If your eyes can not cry, then your gut will. The head and heart may be in denial of your human needs, but the gut will always carry the wisdom of your needs met and unmet, and thusly respond.―Martha Char Love

Red flags are moments of hesitation that determine our destination.― Mandy Hale

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Sometimes you just have to trust your instincts; it may be all you have to trust.― Jocelyn Murray

Your worst battle is between what you know and what you feel!― Alex Haditaghi

Learn to hear your inner voice, be led by your heart and never stop giving back—this way you shall always walk the right path and shall never be walking alone.― Aleksej Metelko

Don’t go against your inner knowing. Just don’t. Trust yourself.― Maria Erving

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Believe nothing, question everything, assume nothing.― vincent de paul

Believe nothing, question everything, assume nothing.― vincent de paul

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When you feel something isn’t right, you’re probably right. Listen to your gut instinct, it’s, sometimes, smarter than your heart.― Zara Hairston

I hate being right, about something that is wrong.― De philosopher DJ Kyos

Creative minds don’t follow rules, they follow will.― Amit Kalantri

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Be thoughtful when it comes to gut instinct in relationships as it might remind you of something you already experience in the same situation. Besides of that, don’t forget to check the accuracy of your inner voice as sometimes it also speaks out your fear or wish towards a person or situation. If you find it help, give us a thumb up and return BestLifeTips more often for more useful article.