Guest Post Policy

We welcome fellow website owners, bloggers or writers to take advantage of the growing popularity of BestLifeTips. Currently, we have a policy of accepting guest posts that include external links to specified websites.

Guest Post Policy
During April, more than 1000 clicks per day have been recorded. Traffic is still growing steadily.

We offer two options: Paid guest post and Guest post exchange.

Paid Guest Post

We have a set fee for guest posting of $200. Payment is via Paypal before the post is published.

Our Paid Guest Post Requirements:

  • Only add maximum 2 links (Do-Follow) in a guest post, which can be your blog homepage links or links to specific posts.
  • Your post must contain minimum 2 headings and a SEO-friendly title.
  • A post should include at least 2 images, depending on content length. An image must be included for every 300 words.
  • Images: The digital size of file should not exceed 300 KB each and the resolution must be 800 pixels width.
  • Posts must be 800 words or more in length.
  • All submitted content must belong to you, be 100% unique, and have never been published elsewhere. When quoting others, you must cite the source. You cannot post the same content on more than one blog. A guest post will defeat its purpose if you do so, as Google will penalize the sites involved. Duplicate content will not be shown in search results. All posts are checked with Copyscape beforehand to prevent this.
  • The content must cover the topic in detail, as we do not accept incomplete content.
  • I will edit the post for SEO purposes.

Note: We only accept your 5 posts/month maximum.

What you get?

  • Ensuring It Remains Published

Every your posts will be ensured to remains published on a healthy site. We will get them published right according to the content plan. Articles are available for 2 years on BestLifeTips, after that, it is necessary to renew the post according to the current price at the time of renewal. You can be supported to edit and update after completion (charges apply).

  • Editing for Quality Assurance

Our editors will thoroughly check and edit articles to make sure they are up to the standards of guest post writing policies of the BestLifeTips.

  • Link Building

When becoming a guest poster on BestLifeTips, you will have an opportunity for including backlinks to your website and social media accounts, which will be embedded in the end of every your post. From backlinks, you can increase the authority of the domain and make your sites rank up on SERP.

Please use the following contact form if you are interested in these above programs. In case you’re interested in writing for us.

Submissions will be via Google Docs with editing rights.