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Making Money from Your Pictures Doesn’t Have to Be Hard. Read This!

Making Money From Your Pictures Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read This!

If you are planning to sell your photos for money, don’t miss this article. BestLifeTips will share with you how to get paid for pictures of yourself.

If you want to make money from your own photos, it’s totally possible. Join BestLifeTips to find out how to get paid for pictures of yourself right in this article.

Can I sell pictures of myself for money?

There are a lot of platforms where you can get paid for pictures of yourself, including websites and mobile apps. There also stock photography websites that pay you when clients download or purchase your photos.

Aside from those, you can start your own websites and join social media platforms to sell your pictures as well.

Is selling pictures of yourself illegal?

It is perfectly legal to sell pictures of yourself as long as your photos are not of explicit content and you are not showing any nudity.

You have the total copyright for selfies or any pictures of yourself.

So how to get paid for pictures of yourself? Keep reading to find out!

How to get paid for pictures of yourself via websites and apps?

get paid for pictures of yourself

Here are some websites and apps where you can get paid for pictures of yourself:


Scoopshot is one of the best apps to get paid for pictures of yourself online. You can upload your photos here, and people have to pay to use them. The app will send you a notification when someone has purchased your images, and your balance will be adjusted accordingly. Scoopshot also runs contests and winners’ll get paid for their images as well.


How can you get paid for your pictures on Stylinity? You’ll get paid by Stylinity by taking a selfie wearing the clothes from Stylinity’s partner shops. Each pic comes with a link that directs the visitors to the shop where they can purchase the products. Each purchase will earn you points that you can redeem as cash or products.


Another app that you can get paid for pictures of yourself is Foap. When someone makes a purchase of your photos from the app, you get to split the earnings with Foap mid-way. You can take part in Missions, where brands and advertisers send out a brief about specific photos they need. You can send your pictures for these missions, and if your pictures are selected, you’ll get $100-$500 in cash prize.


500px is also a website where you can get paid for pictures of yourself. You can add relevant keywords to your images to help them appear more prominently in searches. How much you earn per photo depends on the file size. You can earn as much 60% in royalties for exclusive photos, and 30% for non-exclusive ones.

Pay Your Selfie

You need to follow the instructions provided in the app, take your selfies, and load them up in the app. Each selfie pays between $0.20 to $1, and you can redeem your earnings once you’ve reached $20.


SmugMug is a website allowing you to showcase, share, and sell your photos. However, it has a monthly subscription plan that costs $12.50. But you’ll get 85% of the markup price. Moreover, you can keep people from stealing your work since you can put custom watermarks on them, limit display size or and keep copyright.

How to get paid for pictures of yourself using stock photo websites?

How to get paid for pictures of yourself using stock photo websites

Another way to get paid for pictures of yourself is to use stock photo websites.

Getty Images

You can get paid for pictures of yourself with Getty Images. This is a British-American visual media company. They own an exclusive rights to their photos and have a very restrict rules and tools to scan the internet for any copyright infringements.


You can make a good money if you invest some time with photography courses. You can get paid for pictures of yourself or best sceneries from your local areas or while you travel. If you are taking pictures of yourself or other people, you must submit a signed model release form.


iStockphoto is another stock photo website to get paid for pictures of yourself, and it is free to join. Just upload your photos and wait for their team to review and approve. However, you only receive 15% of your photos sales. But you can opt for exclusive status which pays you 45%.


You can earn 50% to 70% from your sold images on Alamy. Once you reach $50, you can withdraw your money through Paypal, Skrill, or bank transfer.


Sign up as a free contributor and finish your tutorial. You can upload your photos and wait for their team to review.


Depositphotos is a free platform where you can get paid for pictures of yourself. However, you have to pass a brief examination test by uploading your best files. Once you pass the test, you can earn between 44% and 52% royalties for each photo.


You can set your own price for your pictures on Picfair. You decide how much your pictures are worth and they take 20% from your price.


You can earn 60% of any images sold on their 123RF website.

Adobe Stock

With Adobe Stock, you can get up to 60% commission and minimum is 20%.


Based on your sales, commission will range from 20% lowest to 40%. You should add keywords to your images to facilitate your buyers to search for the desired images.

Build a professional photography blog to get paid for pictures of yourself

Aside from using apps and websites, you can get paid for pictures of yourself by building a professional photography blog.

This is a slow way on how to make money selling photos of yourself. You can build your own blog while selling your photos to all the above websites and apps.

How to take good pictures of yourself?

get paid for pictures of yourself

Source: Tailwind

To take good pictures of yourself, you must improve your photography skills and have the right equipment to take great pictures. You don’t always need the most expensive or advanced cameras, but you need to use the right gear. You can find lots of smartphones with fantastic camera features at a decent price. Consider getting a great selfie stick as well.

You should invest in editing softwares as well to make your photos perfect. You can invest in photo editing software even if your pose is good. It is highly recommended to use different touches and upload all of them.

Some of the best photo editing software are:

  • Adobe photoshop
  • Adobe lightroom classic
  • Affinity photo
  • Lumiar Al
  • InPixio photo editor

When it comes to upload pictures on social media, they have to be of very high quality. You have to reduce all pictures size before uploading them to your own blog. But this rule does not apply to social media.

Things to consider before selling pictures of yourself

License for your photos

All licenses have different prices, so you have to know the difference between them. And you should know where your pictures are being used for.

Some licenses you should be aware of:

  • Rights Managed (RM) License – buyers should define where the pictures will be used and length of time.
  • Editorial Use License – buyers cannot use pictures in any form of advertising or commercial.
  • Royalty Free License (RF) – default in stock image where image is purchased once and used in unlimited applications – buyers purchase images once and use it in an unlimited application and also on different publication like Calendar or T-shirt.
  • Royalty Free Extended License – similar to the above but with extended usage to be used in derivative products like mugs and website template.
  • Creative Commons License – setup by non-profit organizations to help photographers license their work.
  • Public Domain – to be used by anyone in whatever publications.

Your terms and conditions

If you are making money selling photos on your own blog, make sure to set your terms and conditions on where to use your images and for how long. You should also provide different prices for different licenses.

If you sell your pictures to stock photos sites, read their terms so you don’t get surprised to find your own pictures listed on websites, where you don’t want to work.

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It’s easy to get paid for pictures of yourself. You can sell your own pictures on websites and apps along with building your own blog. Visit BestLifeTips regularly to get more information.