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How do you know if they also miss you? 8 secret signs when someone is thinking about you that you never knew

How Do You Know If They Also Miss You? 8 Secret Signs When Someone Is Thinking About You That You Never Knew

Is it possible to feel when someone is thinking about you? In this article, BestLifeTips will explain why it is possible by psychic sign as well as science.

Have you ever experienced that feeling when somebody is trying to get your attention? Is it possible to feel when someone is thinking about you? BestLifeTips will list down several signs someone thinking of you right below.

How do you know if someone misses you?

It’s not an easy feeling when you miss someone. Sometimes all we want to do is to stop the feeling but we just end up missing them more. Do they think of you as often as you do? Knowing this doesn’t help you in any way, but if you do, it takes you both physically and emotionally.

How do you know if someone misses you

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If you are looking for specific signs with respect to someone you miss a lot, check these signs and see if your relationship can be healed.

  • They check on social media

If someone wants to end the relationship, most of the time they choose to delete all pictures, unfollow or even block you on their channel. But in case they aren’t doing that, it probably means they still want to keep track of you. They keep all posts and pictures and have that connection with you, so they can get in touch with you whenever they want and make it possible for you to do so.

How do you know if someone misses you

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On the other flip side, doing all the things above is also signs he is fighting his feelings for you and can’t face with the truth how your relationship ended up.

Another sign someone thinking of you through social media is that they are posting a lot about their new life as they know that you will see. They want to draw your attention to their life, social activities, refresh trips or even their new partner. Or you know they are clearly jealous and miss you when they are making snide comments about you and your new partner.

What’s more, they keep posting picture at your favorite places and using your gifts for them. They want to drop an evidence that they are still missing you and treasure what you have given to them. They clearly are taking a trip to memory land, thinking about what you two have together. By posting these, they try to get you to miss them too.

  • They check other people around you and still talk about you.

All of their friends and relatives that know about you try to win you back. They still keep saying nice things about you and the relationship and show that they miss you greatly.

Is it possible to feel when someone is thinking about you 4 scaled

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They also check up on your friends to know what you are up to, who you are hanging out with and whether you mention about them. If your friends leaked out that your Ex ask them about your life or even subtly mention about you, it’s definitely a sign that they miss you a lot. Or they are trying to keep in touch with your family, your parents or your siblings, it’s likely because they love you.

  • They seek for your attention.

The most obvious sign that they miss you is that they say it straight. Yes, some people don’t try to play game and want to speak out their true feelings. It’s you to decide to what to do with that.

Late night call or texts mean they are feeling miserable and miss you so bad. Especially after consuming alcohol, they tend to call or give long messages to you.

Is it possible to feel when someone is thinking about you?

It’s said in parapsychology that “a phenomenon that appears to contradict physical laws and suggest the possibility of causation by mental processes”. In the other word, telepathy, second sight, clairvoyance, and extrasensory perception are all terms used to describe this phenomenon.

The feeling that someone is thinking about you is hard to be fully explained by using existing scientific knowledge. In fact, you just… feel so.

As we know, everything in this universe is an energy, and that’s vibrating at varying frequencies. Accordingly, our thoughts and feelings are energy vibrations. So if someone is missing out, they send out the energy vibration that is clear to us as a sign. Here’s a list of psychic signs that someone is thinking about you.

  • You’ve got goosebumps.

Goosebumps appear when you are remembering some happy and exciting incidents from the past. If it’s not the case, probably someone is thinking positively about you. That person might find you attractive and is drawn to you.

When somebody is missing you, their thought reach your subconscious mind as energy transmissions. Apart from other physical factors, getting goosebumps is a sign that someone loves you and secretly misses you.

  • You keep dreaming about them.

If you ever thought that why I keep dreaming about the same person, it’s a sign that the person is thinking about you. The intensity of the person’s thoughts about you will cause your subconscious mind to receive a powerful energy transmission. This is processed by your mind, which manifests itself in your dreams.

Is it possible to feel when someone is thinking about you

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It’s hard to confirm the thoughts about you are positive or negative. You are the only one who know best. If you are tuned in, you will be able to catch the vibes that you get from your dreams.

  • You’ve got strange feelings

While feeling angry or upset or sad, you are suddenly finding yourself calming down to a peaceful state of mind. The shift of energy is unexplaining and sometimes a bit threatening.

There’s no need to be scared; there’s a simple explanation for this behavior. The energy vibrations from another individual are interrupting your emotional flow. When someone is thinking or talking about you, they send forth energy vibrations to you in both good and unpleasant ways. This will interfere with your mind’s usual operations, depending on the severity of their thoughts.

  • Butterfly landing on you.

In many cultures, butterflies are spiritual animal. They are believed to transfer energy from person to person. So whenever a butterfly lands on you, it means the butterfly is bringing the energy from another one to you.

Is it possible to feel when someone is thinking about you 1 scaled

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However, be conscious about this sign as you can find butterflies easily in the nature. It might be true if you are in an uncommon place where butterflies are not supposed to appear.

  • You’ve got the itching or twitching in your eyes.

If you get a feeling of itching or twitching in your eyes suddenly, it’s a sign that someone is thinking about you. It’s either positive or negative thinking and differs from men and woman.

A man’s right eye twitching is considered positive, whereas his left eye twitching is considered negative. In women, the situation is reversed. Twitching or itching of the left eye shows that someone is complimenting you, while itching of the right eye indicates that someone is criticizing you.

  • You’ve got hiccups.

When you’ve got hiccups that can’t be physically explained, it’s usually a sign that someone complained about you. Especially if you keep getting hiccups around certain people, it’s likely that there’s a source of negative energy around that you are unaware of.

  • You’ve experienced synchronistic encounters.

Have you ever been thinking about someone and then suddenly receive a phone call or a text message from them? Or you are in a place outside and have someone in your mind and then you bump into them?

This sign is a 2-way ticket. You may think about them before meeting them in person, or vice versa. The next time that you see someone that you haven’t seen in a while, chances are they may have you in your mind for some time in advance.

  • You’re sneezing.

In Asian culture, people believe that when you sneesze out of the blue, it means that someone is thinking of you or missing you. Actually, the thoughts trigger an uncontrollable itching of your nose, resulting in recurrent sneezing.

Though there are certain circumstances where you should ignore this phenomenon:

  • You might be sick.
  • You are around allergens that might trigger sneezing.

Telepathy mind to mind communication

Is it possible to feel when someone is thinking about you? Science says it is, through telepathy, which is known as the process of transferring thoughts from one mind to another.

Telepathy mind to mind communication

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Telepathy is a term that refers to communication that occurs outside of the five senses. We can “read” other people’s minds, according to many studies, since we have neurons that operate as automatic mirrors. In reality, we can automatically understand the intentions and feelings of others. In 2007, psychology professor Gregor Domes and his colleagues discovered evidence that oxytocin, a hormone that improves trust and social approach behavior, can improve the ability to detect subtle social cues. It’s not so far-fetched to believe that we can sense the emotions and intentions of those around us, but can we do so when people are separated by great distances?

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You can test this out with your closed friends if what you sense they are feeling is their actual feeling. And ask them to feel about your feeling in reverse. A tip when doing so, improve your level of oxytocin by hugging them for example.

Play a game of e-mail. Guess who might be sending you an email every four hours. Make a note of how often you are correct. Because higher dopamine levels are linked to more irrational ideas, conduct the previous trials after engaging in a pleasant activity that boosts dopamine levels. Check to see if your prediction abilities have improved after working out, for example. Experiment with long-distance experiments and check in with people to see if you can sense their emotions.

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All in all, you will not be able to generalize the truth by running these experiments. Is it possible to feel when someone is thinking about you? Yes, you can know it by psychic signs or they might send you a message through telepathy. If you find it helpful, give BestLifeTips a thumb up. Return often for more relationship tips.