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The 9 best careers for Enneagram type 3

The 9 Best Careers For Enneagram Type 3

You can surely find a suitable job based on your personality traits and your strengths as well as weaknesses. Here in this article, BestLifeTips will guide you to Enneagram type 3 careers.

Are you an Enneagram type 3 and you are looking for a suitable job for yourself? This article is for you. BestLifeTips would like to share with you about Enneagram type 3 careers. Keep reading to find out more about this.

What is Enneagram type 3?

What is Enneagram type 3

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People of Enneagram type 3 are defined by their desire to be significant and to distinguish themselves through their achievements. To others, Threes appear confident, ambitious and goal-oriented.

They tend to adjust their roles, actions, and expressions to every setting or people-group in order to best fit each environment.

They can also be status-conscious and highly driven for advancement. They often have problems with workaholism and competitiveness.

  • At their best: self-accepting, authentic, they seem to be role models who inspire others.
  • Basic fear: being insignificant or a failure.
  • Basic desire: Feel valuable and worthwhile.
  • Key motivations: People of type 3 are motivated by a need for attention and admiration. They strive to be successful and significant to avoid feeling worthless.

Key personality traits of the Enneagram type 3

  • Acutely aware of social niceties
  • Have impressive accomplishments
  • Extremely busy and on the go
  • May have interests in improvisation or acting
  • Charismatic and makes good first impressions

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Enneagram type 3 strengths and weakness

Enneagram type 3 strengths

  • Drive to succeed

They will do whatever they must in order to be successful and become the best at whatever they do. This inner drive is something which motivates them in ways which most people struggle to succeed at.

  • Motivating and encouraging people around them

People of this type care about inspiring others. They don’t just want to succeed themselves, they want to help others reach their goals and motivate them to become better versions of themselves. This is part of what drives them to be so successful, they want to impress the people they truly care for.

  • Being charismatic and confident

They are confident in themselves and their abilities. This makes them very attractive to others. They rarely express this in arrogant ways. Instead, they enjoy inspiring others and care about helping them achieve their goals.

  • Ability to understand and connect with others

They know how to connect with people easily. They are good at understanding the expectations of others and they can adapt to different social environments.

  • Efficiency and practical thinking in the workplace

This type has a practical mind which helps them to accomplish tasks and figure out ways to problem solve. They are good at getting the job done, especially when other people might struggle to find solutions. They are accomplished and driven people who believe in working towards their goals and achieving success.

Enneagram type 3 weaknesses

  • Focusing too heavily on personal image

Enneagram type 3 tends to dress well and enjoy materials and experiences that project an image of wealth or success. They are typically very image-focused. It is important to them that others see them as successful.

  • Difficulty accepting failure from themselves or others

They don’t want to feel as if they have failed or are weak in any way. They value being able to overcome their struggles and accomplish their most important goals.

  • Being perceived as insensitive or overly competitive

They are ambitious and will do anything to be successful, so sometimes they are seen to be overly competitive.

Enneagram type 3 careers

Best Enneagram type 3 careers


Since Enneagram type 3 is energetic, challenging, and ambitious, they can excel in many fields and bring the best out of themselves. Here are some best Enneagram type 3 careers.

  • Lawyer

There are different type of law, they are business law, family law, criminal law and so on. Being a lawyer is full of challenges and complications which test their abilities.

They are confident and represent their clients during any legal matters. This job suit the Enneagram type 3 very well. They are very concerned about winning so that they would help their clients win a legal case they are in.

  • SEO Strategist

People of type 3 are extremely competitive. They will try their best to make their website to rank the highest on search engines based on the relevant keywords.

  • Entrepreneur

A type 3 person would make a great entrepreneur as well. He knows how to deal with the public and is quite likable as it is. People of this type are extremely motivated to be successful and will do what it takes to own a thriving business.

  • Coach

This is one of the best Enneagram type 3 careers. This job can be very interesting as it allows them to lead others and give them some excellent opportunities to show and implement their skills.

The things they teach the team and how they observe their performances allow them to take control and see the consequences of collective teamwork.

  • Financial Analyst

People of type 3 are great with money and know how to make it well. They know how to assess the performance of bonds, stocks, and any investment types around. Therefore, they would do well as financial analysts.

  • Investment Banker

Investment banking is another in the best Enneagram type 3 careers. It’s about winning and gaining. The investment bankers will help their clients have monetary gains in capital markets.

They are also known to make a huge amount of income each year. Those who have the Enneagram type 3 personality would be the natural fit for this career.

  • Actor

This career option is all about being confident with your skills and achieving success as one progresses in this path. Type 3 can make great actors for their energetic and charismatic confidence. Their ambition will motivate them to reach their goal.

  • Producer

This job seems to be one of the most suitable Enneagram type 3 careers. It allows them to take control over a certain project and engage themselves in other works of art. And once they are done with their work, their reward comes as validation from the audience.

  • News Journalist

This job is about confidence and is also full of challenges. It pushes type 3 to work better to achieve success. Presentable, confident, ambitious, and ready to learn from new experiences, people of this type can do this job pretty well.

Worst Enneagram type 3 careers

Besides best Enneagram type 3 careers, there are some worst Enneagram type 3 careers that type 3 should avoid.

Enneagram type 3 should avoid careers that require sensitivity. Type 3 is insensitive or overly competitive. When not in the right environment, they can overwork themselves and may become impatient, overly critical, non-adaptable, and resentful.

People of this type are unlikely to thrive in slower, less sociable and non-competitive careers, such as accountancy or childcare workers. They will be drained by repetitive failure or being perceived negatively.

Also, they will not thrive in careers where they have little authority, they are not given credit for their work and where they cannot make their own decisions. They should avoid freelance work and admin work.

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Above are all the things you should know about Enneagram type 3 careers. You can choose a suitable career for this type based on its personality traits as well as strengths and weakness. Come back to BestLifeTips to get more useful information.