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Little Known Ways to See How an Enneagram Type 1 in Love

Little Known Ways To See How An Enneagram Type 1 In Love

Each Enneagram type has their own way to fall in love. So does type 1. In this article, BestLifeTips will talk about an Enneagram type 1 in love and how to love them.

If you’re having a relationship with an Enneagram type 1, this article is for you. BestLifeTips will share with you about how an Enneagram type 1 in love as well as how to love them.

What is Enneagram 1?

Enneagram type 1 likes to do things correctly with high standards. They are sticklers for rules and pay close attention to detail. To other people, they appear perfectionistic, responsible and exacting.

Enneagram 1 gets frustrated easily when things don’t live up to their very high standards.

  • Basic fear: They’re afraid of being corrupt, evil, defective.
  • Basic desire: They want to be good, balanced; to have integrity.
  • Key motivations: They want to be right, to strive higher and improve everything, to be consistent with their ideals, to be beyond criticism.

Here are some key personality traits of the Enneagram type 1:

  • Serious and straightforward
  • Attuned to practicality and frugality
  • Hardworking and diligent
  • High internal standards
  • Rigidity in plans and decisions
  • Intense ability to concentrate
  • Natural talent for teaching and instructing

Enneagram type 1 in love

Who are the natural partners of Enneagram type 1?

When Enneagram type 1 in love, they can pair well with the following Enneagram types.

Type 1 with type 2, 7

People of the Enneagram type 1 are drawn to those who can help them lighten up and find beauty in the imperfect moments of life.

In the 1-2 partnership, type 1 can feel rigid. Type 2 can bring warmth to the 1 and encourage them to soften and relax. Likewise, type 1 brings consistency and security to type 2, who struggles with abandonment issues.

The 1-7 partnership is considered a complementary relationship since they share an Enneagram line. People of type 1 are attracted to type 7’s adventurous and irreverent spirit.

Type 7 can remind the type 1 to let loose and not feel guilty about having fun. Type 1 infuses type 7 with a sense of purpose and direction.

Type 1 with type 5

This partnership can build a strong foundation for dependability and trust. The 5 finds value in the 1’s independence, curiosity, and similar mutual interests. Type 1 appreciates type 5’s lack of judgment and steadiness, which gives them comfort.

Type 1 with type 9

Type 1 hugely benefits from the easygoing nature of the 9. The gentle and agreeable Nines can reduce Ones’ anxiety about always having to be right. Ones can impart structure and clarity to Nines.

Keep reading to find out how the Enneagram type 1 in love.

Enneagram type 1 in love – How they fall in love?

Enneagram type 1 in love - How they fall in love

Source: Unsplash/Taylor Deas-Melesh

When Enneagram type 1 in love, they tend to be a perfectionist. They care deeply about maintaining their relationship and don’t want to let anything to jeopardize it. They want to become the best version of themselves for their partner.

People of type 1 want to always be supportive of their partner and help them improve their lives. Type 1 person will spend time with their partner, making sure that they feel loved and important to them.

When the Enneagram type 1 in love, they also have a playful side in relationships. When things are going well, they want to make their relationship fun and create something to bring a positive light to the rest of their lives.

People of type 1 care about others and want to be someone who can make their lives better and more rewarding.

Enneagram type 1 in love – Relationship struggles

While an Enneagram type 1 in love, they can put pressure on themselves. They become stressed because they go out of their way to ensure that everything is perfect.

People of type 1 simply want to feel valued and like they are making a difference. They care about being good and sincere, wanting everything to follow a sense of morals which they value deeply.

Just like any other Enneagram type, you are bound to face some problems when an Enneagram type 1 in love with you. Here are some of the most common struggles:

  • Wanting to be perfect

As mentioned above, when the Enneagram type 1 in love, they want to be perfect. They often beat themselves up or become too obsessed with it. This can sometimes make their partners feel inferior or put a strain on their families.

  • Always being right

When Enneagram type 1 in love, they often live and die by a code of conduct. For an unhealthy type 1, They are always right and others are wrong. Thus, this can be a headache problem if type 1 takes this to their heart.

  • Judgmental

When Enneagram type 1 in love, they have their own set of morals and they want everyone close to them to abide by these rules as well.

If people choose to follow their own path, this can make type 1 critical of these persons. They might even become downright judgmental.

How does an Enneagram 1 show they love you?

Enneagram type 1 in love

Source: Unsplash/@monroefiles

When an Enneagram type 1 in love, this is how they show that they love you:

They make time for you

A type 1 person is always busy. However, if an Enneagram type 1 in love with you, they will make out time for you. They will carve out lots of time from their busy schedule just to talk to you.

You become their priority

When Enneagram type 1 in love with you, they will make you a priority. They will shift and change their daily schedules just to make time for you.

They will strive to meet your standards

When Enneagram type 1 in love, they expect a lot from their partners. Type 1 might take steps to improve and become better people to make sure that the person they like is comfortable.

Extremely supportive

People of type 2 are extremely supportive of their partner. If they stand by you and help you through tough times, that’s definitely a good sign showing that they are in love with you.

They actually relax

Enneagram 1 is often the worst critic of themselves. So it can be very difficult to bring out their playful side. However, an Enneagram type 1 in love with you will be willing to do that.

When Enneagram type 1 in love, their unhealthy traits tend to reduce.

They want to commit

When an Enneagram type 1 in love, they are often looking for a committed relationship. They won’t just get close to anyone if they don’t see them as a potential long-term mate.

How to love an Enneagram 1?

How to love an Enneagram 1

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When an Enneagram type 1 in love with you, how to show that you love them? Let’s see if the following tips can help you in this situation.

Follow their morals when you can

For type 1, this makes you more appealing and attractive. It shows how supportive you are. They’ll derive great pleasure from knowing that their partner shares the same beliefs with them.

Words of affirmation and acts of service

If an Enneagram type 1 in love with you, you should integrate this into your relationship. They also love when people do things for them.

They are always under a lot of pressure and often think that they are not doing well enough. A word affirming their efforts can comfort them a lot.

Don’t point out their flaws

Enneagram type 1 is acutely aware of their flaws. They know where they have done wrong and often beat themselves up for it. When you feel like they are stressed and making mistakes, find ways to make them relaxed instead of giving them some constructive criticism.

Be more accountable

Do the things you promised. This will make them trust you even more, which solidifies your bond. Type 1s are very responsible and accountable people. So you can take some pressure off them by being more responsible and accountable.

Find ways to make them relax and have fun

People of type 1 hardly have any fun. So, when an Enneagram type 1 in love with you, make sure that they take time out to actually relax and have fun. This will keep them refreshed and you’ll have a better relationship in the end.

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So when an Enneagram type 1 in love with you, you may face a few struggles in your relationship due to their personality. If you know how to deal with it, it won’t become an obstacle in your partnership. Follow BestLifeTips to get more information.