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Enneagram Type 7 101: What might drain an enthusiast 7?

Enneagram Type 7 101: What Might Drain An Enthusiast 7?

What can stress an enthusiast 7 out? They seem to be the most energetic individuals. Let’s find out what to do when an Enneagram 7 in stress in the article below with BestLifeTips.

Sevens, the Enthusiast, a playful high-spirit and spontaneous people can be anxious by their own tendencies. Get to know what might cause an Enneagram 7 in stress and what’s best to help them out with BestLifeTips.

What is Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a personality type classification system based on how people perceive and respond to the world, information they receive, and their own emotions. This outlines nine different enneagram or personality types, each of which is driven by a set of basic beliefs. These ideas are what drive each kind and may also be restricting at times, which is why it’s so vital to understand them. It isn’t intended to lock individuals into their flaws or limits; rather, it is intended to assist them in improving and finding methods to preserve a healthy balance in their life. It also aids in gaining a better knowledge of what inspires the surrounding people, as well as understanding what motivates you.

When an enneagram type disintegrates, they begin to resemble a whole new kind. They no longer act like themselves, and as a result, they are easily mistyped. Their strongest characteristics are frequently displayed as something that is inherently unfamiliar to them. Instead of focusing on their comfort zone or the qualities that they are most familiar with, this personality type will begin to adopt new behaviors. They are frequently lured to more harmful forms of these activities, and they appear anxious and out of place.

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Enneagram 7 in stress

Extroverted, optimistic, versatile, and spontaneous, that is what we can describe Sevens. They may be playful, high-spirited, and practical, but they can also waste their numerous skills, becoming over-extended, scattered, and undisciplined as a result. They are always looking for new and interesting experiences, yet being on the go might cause them to become distracted and weary. Impatience and impulsiveness are common difficulties for them.

Enneagram 7 in stress 4

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When faced with periods of extreme stress, the type 7 personality might begin to disintegrate. This causes them to act very differently than they normally would, which can be mystifying for both them and their loved ones. The typically outgoing and gregarious seven may begin to become more focused on completing tasks. They begin to desire to catch up on some obligations that they may have ignored for the sake of enjoying themselves and living in the moment.

They might become a lot harsher with loved ones, eager to show them how to accomplish things more efficiently. They may appear to be controlling or attempting to teach children the “proper” ways to behave. The majority of folks aren’t used to this with them since they anticipate the seven to be more laid-back. They want to keep things lighthearted and avoid being harsh with others. They behave more seriously and appear to truly want to get things done when they are in disintegration mode.

They may get irritated, stuck between the want to find distractions to divert their attention away from their problems and the desire to become laser focused on completing the task. It can make them look all over the place, from immersing themselves in activities they like to just wanting to go to work and accomplish their essential chores as quickly as possible.

Why an Enneagram 7 in stress?

What will cause Sevens to stress out? As an enthusiast, Seven always seeks new and exciting experiences but gets distracted and exhausted by staying on the go at the same time. Let’s see what affects them inside out.

Why an Enneagram 7 in stress

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They have a tendency to indulge in everything, including eating, drinking, and socializing. They typically take more than they can digest since they can’t control their desires. They live by the slogan, “Work hard, party harder.” They can also burn out if they overextend themselves. Caution: There’s a chance they’ll become addicted to alcohol, stimulants, or psychotropic drugs.


Impatience, cravings, self-indulgence, and escapism are all unpleasant feelings experienced by Enneagram 7. They may be prone to Histrionic problems or have bi-polar (manic-depressive) tendencies due to their impulsive nature.


The Enneagram Type 7 sees the world as abundant, but only for a short time; as if its pleasures will be taken away if not taken right away. They are especially afraid of being starved or in pain.


They feel left out and starved when they lose touch with the natural cyclical unfolding and abundance of Presence. Their ego copes by becoming too involved in life’s possibilities while avoiding suffering.

How to help an Enneagram 7 in stress?

The  7 can benefit by taking a step back rather than being impatient and jumping from one activity to the next. It’s essential to decipher their emotions and thoughts before leaping into anything when they’re overwhelmed and suffering greater stiffness. Rather than allowing boredom to take over, 7 individuals should analyze their circumstances to ensure that they are not avoiding something that is upsetting or worrying them out.

How to help an Enneagram 7 in stress

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Jumping into new activities can sometimes be the source of their tension, as it drives people to avoid situations and enable stress to build up over time. Remind 7 to take a minute to look at themselves and their own feelings, they will be able to determine whether they have issues in their lives that need to be addressed.

Last but not least, to avoid overwhelmingly stressful situations, help them slow down once in a while. Being an enthusiast individual makes 7 exhausted and keeping moving and turning into new experience. Stop and give them kind reminder that they may drain their energy out.

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Here’s all you need to know when an Enneagram 7 in stress and how to help. They are outgoing individuals who can’t take enough of life and sometimes this stresses them out. If you find this article helpful, give us a thumb up and return BestLifeTips often for more Enneagram tips.