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What everyone ought to know about an Enneagram 5 falling in love

What Everyone Ought To Know About An Enneagram 5 Falling In Love

When it comes to love and romance, understanding more about someone’s Enneagram can be a useful way to gauge compatibility. BestLifeTips will talk about an Enneagram 5 falling in love in this article. There are interesting things are waiting for you to discover.

You may be curious about someone’s Enneagram personality type and how they are when they are in love. In this article, BestLifeTips will share with you something about an Enneagram 5 falling in love.

What is Enneagram type 5?

What is Enneagram type 5?

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Type 5 is one of the 9 Enneagram types. People of type 5 personality tend to be curious, independent, and observant in their behavior.

They love pursuing knowledge and seeking a deeper understanding of the world around them. They prefer privacy and time alone to think, which may lead them to withdraw from others.

  • At their best: They are visionary pioneers, often ahead of their time, and able to see the world in an entirely new way.
  • Basic fear: Being annihilated, invaded, or not existing; being thought incapable or ignorant; having obligations placed on them or their energy depleted.
  • Basic desire: Being helpful and competent. They express this by passionately pursuing knowledge and working to gain new skills and abilities.
  • Motivations: Type 5 wants to possess knowledge; understand the environment; have everything as a way of defending the self from threats from the environment.

Key personality traits of the Enneagram type 5

  • Extremely difficult-to-crack inner world
  • Has deep knowledge on specific subjects of interest
  • Gives insightful, well thought responses
  • Thinks extensively before speaking
  • Has clear boundaries between family, friends and work
  • Withdrawn and extremely independent

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Enneagram 5 falling in love

Enneagram 5 falling in love

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Type 5 individuals can be calm, helpful partners when with someone who is supportive, patient, and gives them plenty of space to think.

When people of Enneagram 5 falling in love, they are often creative and passionate, but they aren’t the most emotionally expressive people.

They are much more focused on information and logically understanding things, and so they might even try to make sense of emotions in a more direct manner.

They prefer to focus on their inner minds and intellectual practices, which can make certain aspects of a romantic relationship challenging at times.

People of type 5 will bring loyalty, creativity, and problem-solving abilities to a relationship. They will want to do whatever they can to help their partner improve their lives and be happy.

What does Enneagram 5 need in a relationship?

As falling in love, Enneagram type 5 tends to want a partner that can explore both the esoteric and practical with you.

For them, their time and energy are worth more than anything else in their life. Here is what they need in a relationship:

  • New, interesting insights to problems and theories
  • A place to let their guard down and doors open
  • Witty and well-thought out gifts and cards
  • Ample space to learn and grow together
  • An easy and comfortable feeling of familiarity
  • They need their private space

What it’s like to love an Enneagram 5?

Fives can be powerhouses in the intellectual realm, but they are not good at emotional aspects. They don’t want to form relationships and are not good at maintaining them.

They may spend so much time on reading and improving their knowledge base that they tend to neglect relationships.

Generally, people with this personality will choose relationships that they can wrap their mind around and justify intellectually, such as someone who meets some of their physical needs but does not require a deep emotional engagement.

They don’t like feeling strong emotions, and if they are afraid of something, they will cower from a blossoming romance or commitment and run away from conflict.

What you’ll love about type 5 partner:

  • They can absolutely dazzle you with their brilliance and their commitment to knowledge.
  • They have a strong, quiet center that implies exceptional wisdom and confidence.
  • What you see is what you get; there are few surprises.
  • They can be real homebodies and make few demands on your time.
  • They can be witty and entertaining.

What drives you crazy about type 5 partner:

  • They would rather bury their heads in a book than talk, especially when you’re upset.
  • They may think they know better than you or anyone else, constantly correct you, or imply that you are dumb.
  • They often become very fixed in the way they think and live.
  • They may not like social occasions and rarely want to do anything adventurous.
  • They can demand so much privacy that you will feel neglected or even shut out.

Not all people of Enneagram type 5 are the same, some of them may also slow to connect but in a healthy way. When they decide on someone, they make long-term commitments and remain faithful and trustworthy.

They may find it hard to express their feelings verbally or physically, but they show their undying affection and appreciation in quiet ways.

How to attract an Enneagram 5?

How to attract an Enneagram 5?

Source: Tamara Gak

People of the Enneagram type 5 are often attracted to people who are capable of keeping them on their toes and challenging them in new ways. Someone who comes up with new ideas and theories which they can explore together.

They are drawn to people who are curious and enjoy learning new things. They want to be free to learn and grow. Having a partner who helps challenge them in this way and continues to come up with new ideas is truly rewarding for them.

They are attracted to those who are open-minded, but also value facts and uncovering the truth. Someone who allows them to be themselves, encourages them to explore the unique parts of who they are.

Finding someone who is an intellectual match is sometimes hard but important for them. They are appealed to someone who is intelligent, witty and enjoys working on their personal growth.

To attract a person of type 5, you can take a look at the above types that they may be attracted to. You should understand their personality traits as well as what they want in a relationship so that you can give them what they are looking for.

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Getting to know someone’s Enneagram type and their personality traits is a good thing for you when you are in a relationship with someone. BestLifeTips hope that through this article, you can understand more things about an Enneagram 5 falling in love.