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Enneagram 1 101: How to know these idealists are deeply in stress and ways to pull them out

Enneagram 1 101: How To Know These Idealists Are Deeply In Stress And Ways To Pull Them Out

What to do to help an Enneagram 1 in stress? Get an insight about them to understand the cause of their anxiety and what the best to do to help them. Join BestLifeTips in the right below article.

Ones, The Perfectionist, who have a great desire to improve the world in different ways and spend their lives to strive after the higher values. What will happen when an Enneagram 1 in stress? Let’s find out with BestLifeTips.

What is Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a personality type categorization system based on how people perceive and respond to the world, information they receive, and their own emotions. These ideas are what drive each kind and may also be restricting at times, which is why it’s so vital to understand them. It isn’t intended to lock individuals into their flaws or limits; rather, it is intended to assist them in improving and finding methods to preserve a healthy balance in their life.

It also aids in gaining a better knowledge of what inspires the surrounding people, as well as comprehending why they sometimes contradict themselves. Knowing the enneagram helps you understand your inner drives and anxieties.

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Enneagram 1 in stress

Type 1s have to work really hard to achieve their goals that go in line with their values. However, when life becomes so stressful, Type 1s find themselves developing gradually unhealthy patterns of thinking. Here are some significant signs that Enneagram 1 is falling into a stressful place.

Enneagram 1 in stress

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They feel moody and emotional

Type 1s always find new ways to improve things and give no room for mistakes, which causes them a huge pressure. When things become overwhelming, the lock-down emotions they keep inside come to the surface. The emotions will be their big source of stress and make them appear unlike themselves as usual.

They feel a deeper connection with arts

Enneagram 1s may be concerned about arts and creative by nature. So they find arts relatable to themselves in some ways. When they are sad or depressed, some kinds of arts such as movies, books, sad music, TV shows do appeal to them. When they are experiencing inner turmoil, It’s easier to see life through arts. It’s totally fine until they choose art to express their wounds or negative feelings. They find themselves basking with depressing music, movies or media. It’s a red flag.

They pull away friends and family

You can see them suddenly silent on social media, avoid phone call or texting, turn down all social engagements when they are stressed. Type 1s may not want to talk about how they are feeling because they don’t want to face it. Their heart might be filled with intense emotions, emptiness and pressure, so they feel there will be no one can understand what is going on inside of them. Another reason for their isolation is that they are afraid of other’s judgement for their sadness.

They get overthinking

What will happen if a perfectionist doubts about their core values, beliefs, behaviors and moral compass? It will be an internal crisis, which is full of thoughts, anxieties and self-doubt. They spend much time on analyzing and overthinking about their choices, behaviors, achievements and tend to repeat the circle over and over again. Sometimes this might sound destructive but somehow will teach them to value and accept themselves for who they are, embrace their uniqueness instead of weakness.

Enneagram 1 in stress

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They are procrastinating

Healthy type 1s will always try really hard to meet deadlines, while unhealthy ones delay the best of them. The negativity eats their spirit up, which prevents them from getting things done as they are overwhelmed with intense emotions.

They are zoning out

When Enneagram 1s begin to feel something drain their energy, it can lead to self-destructive thought patterns and behaviors because they feel exhausted. If Type 1s feel their best, they strongly believe in their core values and beliefs, others’ opinion are not the key problem. However, unhealthy Type 1s will fall into a state that they keep wondering why they are so different from others.

Why Enneagram 1 in stress

The source of stress might come from different reasons. Ones perceive world events as right or wrong according to their internal moral compass, since they are equipped with a set of moral standards. This polarized attitude does not allow for anything in between in their drive to make the world a better place. This personality type is unable to relax until everything is exactly as it should be. The sense of being surrounded by carelessness can cause stress. Every waking hour, this type’s inner critic is a loud voice berating them for slacking off or making mistakes.

Here’re other sources of Type 1s’ stress:

  • Being regarded as inflexible or hard.
  • Being criticized by those they respect.
  • Feeling they can’t make a difference.
  • The existence of corruption in the world.

How to help an Enneagram 1 in stress

At some point in their lives, all Enneagram types may find themselves in an unhealthy situation from which they are unsure how to recover. It’s usually a natural part of life, and everyone may learn to see the bright side of their difficulties.

Type 1 people are prone to putting themselves in high-stress circumstances. They are perfectionists who believe in chasing their goals and working hard to achieve them. The constant desire to have everything done perfectly may create a stressful environment and place much too much weight on the shoulders of type 1 people. That’s why you need to let them know when to take a step back and actually allow themselves to relax. It’s crucial for type 1 people to learn how to make time for the present moment.

Type ones don’t pay attention to their emotions and instead attempt to be practical. While spending time on their own emotions may be difficult, it is something they must do. You may remind them to set a time for themselves whenever feeling exhausted to prevent getting overwhelmed by their inner feelings. They must allow themselves to feel them and perhaps even express them if they are worried or underappreciated by others. Create a safe space for them to express those emotions can help them in working through them in a much healthier way.

How to help an Enneagram 1 in stress

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Let them know that the sky will not come down if they misspelled a word on their social media. Ones tend to overthink about their mistakes, so ease their mind that it’s totally fine to make mistakes. Besides, you can encourage them to practice self-love more regularly to make friend with their inner critic.

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That’s how you could help an enneagram 1 in stress. They tend to procrastinate and pull everyone away, so don’t get offended by their action but make them feel safe to open and set their mind free. If you find this article helpful, give us a thumb up and return BestLifeTips often for more useful tips.