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Your back pain keeps sending you mixed signals? Here’s everything you need to know about your pain

Your Back Pain Keeps Sending You Mixed Signals? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Your Pain

Experiencing back pain and why? Does ovulation cause back pain? Join us at BestLifeTips in finding the truth about it and how can we manage the pain.

Ovulation is the essential part of reproduction. Not every menstrual person will feel ovulation when it happens, but it can be extremely painful for others. Does ovulation cause back pain? Join BestLifeTips getting to know what we shouldn’t ignore about it.

What is Ovulation pain?

Ovulation pain, so-called mittelschmerz, can feel like a one-sided pain for a few minutes or longer, sometimes it lasts for hours on the day of suspected ovulation.

After a surge in luteinizing hormone (LH) passes through your body, a follicular cyst swells and then ruptures to release the egg.

Once the eggs are released, the fallopian tube contracts to assist it in reaching the awaiting sperm for fertilization. During this process, blood and other fluid from the ruptured follicle may enter the abdominal cavity and pelvis, causing irritation.

A dull ache with sharp twinges are common sensations. It could be accompanied by spotting or another type of discharge. Consult your doctor if your pain becomes severe or happens at other times of your cycle.

Does ovulation cause back pain?

Little-known fact: Does ovulation cause back pain

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The answer is yes. According to Endotext, there is a rise in estrogen just before ovulation and a rise in estrogen and progesterone right after ovulation. The problem with estrogen and progesterone is that they cause havoc throughout your body, not just your reproductive system. According to the medical journal Spine, hormonal and reproductive factors in adult women are associated with chronic musculoskeletal pain. The increase of estrogen levels may raise the risk of chronic lower back pain.

That means that the back pain you experience every month could be caused by the hormonal changes that occur during ovulation. It affects the joints, ligaments, and muscles that aid in spinal support, causing twinges of pain and downright annoying aches, according to the researchers.

Why does ovulation cause back pain?

Ovulation pain varies from woman to woman and cycle to cycle. Many women do not experience any pain during ovulation, while others are bedridden due to the pain. Because the ovaries are located in the center of the pelvis, it’s understandable that this process could cause lower back pain. This can be sharp and sudden, or it can be a dull ache.

Women who have a retroverted uterus have more back pain during their menstrual cycles. The condition of retroversion of the uterus is common, affecting approximately one in every five women.

How long does ovulation’s back pain last?

Little-known fact: Does ovulation cause back pain

Source: Women’s Health

The answer really depends and varies from woman to woman. Most cases report that their ovulation lasts from 6 to 12 hours. Most people who track ovulation pain do so for only one day. Others track it for two or more days, but it’s unclear how much other factors, such as endometriosis-related ovulatory pain, play a role.

All in all, the back pain caused by ovulation doesn’t last so long. In case you struggle with it for longer or the pain gets worser, go to see your doctor at your soonest.

How do you know whether you’re feeling ovulation pain?

Back pain is also the symptom of other health issues, so how we can know if it’s an ovulation pain.

Track the pain’s timing in your cycle

When some people first start menstruating, they may experience ovulation pain for the first time. Others experience it later in life, but it is most common in people under the age of 30. Some people experience ovulation pain at the same time each cycle, while others find it more unstable. This is determined by the regularity of ovulation. The pain mostly happens right before the ovulation. Besides of that, ovulation bleeding sometimes accompanies ovulation pain in some women.

Track pain location

Little-known fact: Does ovulation cause back pain

Source: Integral Physical Therapy

Ovulation pain is usually felt on the side of the ovary that is releasing an egg at the time.
Ovulation alternates between the left and right ovary in about half of women, which may explain why some people experience it alternates from side to side.

In the other half, ovulation is more random, which means it doesn’t just go back and forth. Despite this, each ovary usually ovulates just as much as the other.

Most people experience pain on either side, but some have reported experiencing pain on both sides at the same time, with more pain on one side than the other. Some also reported that they have equal pain on both sides in some cycles.

Therefore, the pain location itself cannot be the confirmation of your issue. You need to consider other factors before jumping into conclusion for your pain.

Track pain duration

As mentioned above, a regular back pain may last from 6 to 12 hours. It’s also possible to last longer for 1 and more days. If your ovulation pain lasts for the same particular time in every cycle, it may not a serious sign. However, in case you find it suddenly changes, let consider it with other factors and go for medical check.

Track the pain’s sensation or severity

The sensation or severity of the pain differs greatly from people to people. There is no standard for ovulation back pain, in which “how much” it hurt is considered as a serious pain. Listen to your body and remember how it hits you, then compare cycle to cycle to realize if anything strange happens to you.

How to manage ovulation’s pain

Little-known fact Does ovulation cause back pain

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There are no official treatment recommendations for ovulation pain, and for most people, it isn’t painful enough or lasts long enough to warrant pain medication.

If this is not the case for you, an over-the-counter pain reliever may be of help. Some people may benefit from a hot compress or a bath to relieve pain. Speak with your healthcare provider if the pain is severe enough. Hormonal medications are sometimes used to stop ovulation if other methods have failed and the pain is interfering with someone’s daily life.

Or you can try lower-back stretches, recheck your posture and make sure that you take enough rest in a comfy bed. If the pain doesn’t stop, take an anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen or naproxen. Warm compresses or natural remedies can also help.

There are several simple Yoga poses for period. Give it a try with calm breath and relax more in these irritated days.

Little-known fact Does ovulation cause back pain

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Does ovulation cause back pain? Definitely yes. But it’s not necessary to make you suffer more than you are supposed to. Hopefully, this article will help and come back to us at BestLifeTips for more.