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Turn Your Christmas Tree into a Favorite Disney Theme with These Ideas

Turn Your Christmas Tree Into A Favorite Disney Theme With These Ideas

If you are finding away to turn your Christmas tree into a favorite Disney theme, join BestLifeTips to find out the some of the amazing Disney Christmas tree ideas.

If you or your kids are a huge fan of Disney, don’t miss these Disney Christmas tree ideas. In this article, BestLifeTips will give you some ideas to turn your festive tree into your favorite Disney movie or character.

Mickey and Minnie ornaments

This is an easy way for Disney Christmas tree ideas.

Feature the famous mouse couple on your tree with Mickey and Minnie ornaments. All you need are some ornaments and a small bow.

Sven ornaments

Disney Christmas tree ideas

Kids will love creating Kristoff’s best bud from Frozen, the reindeer Sven. It’s crafted from felt.

Glitter Mickey mouse ornaments

This simple and shiny Mickey ornament will add a bit of glitz to your Christmas tree. It only takes a little glue and glitter.

Moana inspired ornaments

Show your inner warrior with this Moana-inspired ornament. This tree decor is easier to make than it looks.

Created Moana’s skirt using four different trims and adding them to the ornament with hot glue.

As an optional embellishment, you can create her necklace out of polymer clay with a little blue clay and a little white clay. Just bake and paint on some pearl glaze.

Paper Mickey mouse ornaments

There are tons of Disney-inspired ornaments for Disney Christmas tree ideas with this project. There are four different Mickey designs for you to choose.

All you need to make these ornaments are black, red and white paper or Mickey Mouse printable; scissors; glue stick; and bakers twine for hanging.

Disney Christmas tree ideas

Source: Red Ted Art

Cut out 8 circular shapes approximately 6cm in diameter in the desired colour (red, black). Use S small cup to trace.

You can make some white circles using a hole punch and stick on to your red circles.

Fold all your 6cm circles in half. If using the mickey mouse printable, make sure the fold goes down the centre of the black and red circle with either side mirroring each other.

Add glue to the top of one half semi circle. Place a second on top.

Repeat until you have stuck together the first 4 semi circles. Position the smaller (4cm) circle on the top left. This will be the ear.

If using the printable, cut out two of the black circles and glue together so they are black on both sides.

Now add the remaining 4 semi circles.

Next, add the second ear. Tie a little bakers twine. Add lots of glue to the spine of the circles as well as the remaining semi circle.

Fold the circles open and bring together and stick. Make sure the bakers twine is nicely lined in the centre.

Monster Inc. ornaments

Your favorite monsters from Monster Inc. deserve a spot on your Christmas tree. Mike and Sully come to life in these simple and adorable ornaments.

DIY Disney Christmas wreath

Take one craft store wreath apart to create two smaller wreaths. Affix as ears to another large wreath to create a Mickey Mouse decoration.

Beauty and the Beast Disney ornaments

Disney Christmas tree ideas

Fill empty ornaments with gold tinsel and faux buds to bring the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast to life on your Christmas tree.

Start by separating the plastic ornament. Trim your miniature rose to fit the diameter of the ornament. Apply a small amount of hot glue to the bottom edge to secure the rose in place.

Take some of the gold crinkle filler and cut into smaller pieces. Then add a small amount to the ornament.

Close the ornament and run the gold rhinestone trim around the opening to seal both sides. You can also glue in place to secure.

Finish the ornament off with a pretty gold bow at the top.

Up house Disney Christmas tree topper

This must be one of the most creative tree toppers for Disney Christmas tree ideas.

Decorate your tree with the house tree topper from “Up” and hang the characters from the movie to the tree to complete it.

Snow White Christmas ornaments

You can make a Christmas ornament for nearly every Disney princess, including the Snow White.

Disney Christmas tree ideas

Frozen snow globe centerpieces

This cute and clever mason jar centerpiece inspired by snow globes and the kid-favorite “Frozen” will be a perfect decoration for your Christmas.

Mickey and Minnie Christmas tree toppers

Whether for a mini tree in a child’s bedroom or a themed tree for the whole family, this Disney tree topper is sure to make onlookers smile.

Frozen candy cane sleigh gift idea

Disney Christmas tree ideas

Source: TracEy Monster

This adorable candy cane sleigh inspired by the young Queen Elsa from Frozen will light up your Disney Christmas tree.

Put them under the tree with other types of gift boxes.

DIY Disney stockings

These Mickey and Minnie Mouse stockings are really cute. Your kids might just be more excited about them than the gifts stuffed inside.

Disney Christmas tree

Don’t stop at just making Disney ornaments. You can even decorate your whole Christmas tree to turn it into the Mickey mouse.

Or you can decorate your Christmas tree with Mickey ornaments, Mickey tree skirt, and put the Christmas Mickey and Minnie Mouse statues next to the tree.

DIY Frozen Olaf snow globe

Disney Christmas tree ideas

A DIY Frozen Olaf snow globe is a perfect decor for your Disney Christmas tree ideas.

All you need for this is a plastic snow globe; Disney Frozen Olaf figurine; miniature trees; buffalo snow or glitter snow flakes; white or iridescent glitter; hot glue or e6000; and blue glitter tape.

Use hot glue to attach Olaf and trees to the base of the snow globe. However, you should use a stronger glue like e6000 to have them fixed.

Then pour enough faux snow and glitter into the globe to cover the bottom of the trees and Olaf.

Once the glue has dried, hold Olaf and trees and turn the base upside down to attach to the globe. Make sure that it’s on tight and turn right side up.

Finally, add blue glitter tape to the lid to finish.

Olaf pompom ornaments

Another easy-to-make Olaf tree decorating is Olaf pompom ornament. This will get your kids excited about decorating the tree.

Mickey rope lights

Add Disney style to your front yard by incorporating Mickey into your light display.

DIY Baymax ornaments

Disney Christmas tree ideas

Source: Mom Endeavors

This is one of the easiest Disney ornaments to make for Disney Christmas tree ideas.

Start with a white ornament and a few quick steps later, you’ll be able to hang Baymax from Hero 6 on your tree.

Mickey mouse Christmas tree

Using Mickey’s hands, Mickey’s slippers, and a Mickey’s hat for a tree topper to create your own Mickey Christmas tree.

Frozen inspired Disney Christmas tree ideas

This Christmas tree idea is popular among young kids. Light blue ribbons around the tree with silver ornament. You can buy these Frozen ornaments from Amazon.

Christmas tree idea with train tracks around

Disney Christmas tree ideas

This is a tradition for your Disney Christmas tree ideas. It’s a real treat to kids. You should you this train set for the winter wonderland effect.

Decorate your tree with Disney ornaments.

Disney Little Mermaid Christmas tree ideas

This next decoration for Disney Christmas tree ideas is more under the sea theme. If you are a fan of princess Ariel, this idea will make a great DIY project.

Just use Ariel as a Christmas tree topper.

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In short, it’s not that hard to make your Disney Christmas tree ideas come true. Hope that these ideas from BestLifeTips can help you gain a wonderful Christmas tree this year.